Over the years the MCR has amassed copious amounts of stuff. These are stored in the MCR’s rooms. Most of the equipment is stored in one of two cupboards:

  • The Sports/Games Cupboard is in the Sandy Ashmore Room (next to the left hand window). This contains mostly sports equipment and board games, but also contains gowns and bicycle repair equipment.

  • The Electronic Cupboard is in the TV Room. This is the black cabinet underneath the TV, which contains the Wii and DVD player.

  • The Bookcase is at the back of the TV Room, and contains many books.

To access either of the cupboards you can obtain the relevant key from the Porters’ Lodge.

The MCR’s small collection of books may be read by members of the MCR and include a range of travel guides, and an eclectic collection of fiction.  If you borrow any equipment, please sign it out (there should be handy sheets on pink clipboards), and return it after use. If anything is broken or missing please email the Equipment Officer or Treasurer. The MCR has a budget for new equipment, if there’s anything you feel we are lacking please email the Equipment Officer or Treasurer, or use the the online request form.

The MCR also has some additional items: digital camera, digital projector, laser pointer, and speaker system, that may be borrowed upon request. Please contact the Equipment Officer if these are required.

MCR Equipment 2016

A (selective) table of equipment held by MCR. The table is sortable and searchable.
Die Harddvd1TV Cupboard
City Lightsdvd1TV Cupboard
Facher Teddvd1TV Cupboard
Monty Python:Flying Circusdvd1TV Cupboard
Notting Hilldvd1TV Cupboard
the Guarddvd1TV Cupboard
The PhD Moviedvd1TV Cupboard
Earthdvd1TV Cupboard
The World At Wardvd1TV Cupboard
Travels with Palindvd1TV Cupboard
Ealing Studio Collectiondvd1TV Cupboard
Immortal Beloveddvd1TV Cupboard
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nestdvd1TV Cupboard
The Artistdvd1TV Cupboard
the Commitmentsdvd1TV Cupboard
The Descendantsdvd1TV Cupboard
The Italian Job/Alfie/Zuludvd1TV Cupboard
The Titanicdvd1TV Cupboard
Leatherface:The Texas Chainsaw Massacredvd1TV Cupboard
Arrested Development 1(15-22)dvd1TV Cupboard
Arrested Development 1(7-14)dvd1TV Cupboard
Chaplin Collection City Lightsdvd1TV Cupboard
Family Guy 4dvd1TV Cupboard
Father Teddvd1TV Cupboard
Hot Fuzzdvd1TV Cupboard
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels/Snatchdvd1TV Cupboard
Pink Floyd in Concert: Pulsedvd1TV Cupboard
Resident Evildvd1TV Cupboard
Romantic Comedy Box 6 Moviesdvd1TV Cupboard
Roundersdvd1TV Cupboard
Hulkdvd1TV Cupboard
Starship Troopers 3dvd1TV Cupboard
TV Cupboard Ministerdvd1TV Cupboard
24(Seacon 5)dvd1TV Cupboard
24(Season 4)dvd1TV Cupboard
Lost 1dvd1TV Cupboard
Soldier Soldierdvd1TV Cupboard
The Sweeneydvd1TV Cupboard
1066 and all thatbook1MCR room bookcase
1999 Europebook1MCR room bookcase
250 tours of Britainbook1MCR room bookcase
A Clash of Kingsbook1MCR room bookcase
A Concise Encyclopedia of Astronomybook1MCR room bookcase
A guide Book to intellectual Propertybook1MCR room bookcase
A meeting by the riverbook1MCR room bookcase
a theory of everythingbook1MCR room bookcase
A Yellow Raft in Blue Waterbook1MCR room bookcase
Abide with mebook1MCR room bookcase
After Hitlerbook1MCR room bookcase
Allotment throughout the yearbook1MCR room bookcase
Alpine Experiencebook1MCR room bookcase
Alternate Generalsbook1MCR room bookcase
American Dinerbook1MCR room bookcase
American Godsbook1MCR room bookcase
Amtrak warsbook1MCR room bookcase
Andromache and other playsbook1MCR room bookcase
Animal Spiritsbook1MCR room bookcase
Anita And Mebook1MCR room bookcase
Atlantic Canada Handbookbook1MCR room bookcase
Best of Europebook1MCR room bookcase
Big Business and the Wealth of Nationsbook1MCR room bookcase
Black Holebook1MCR room bookcase
Black Sun Risingbook1MCR room bookcase
Brilliant Ideabook1MCR room bookcase
Britain Pub Guidebook1MCR room bookcase
Cambridge dictionary of Englishbook1MCR room bookcase
Cambridge Explorer Mapbook1MCR room bookcase
Canalettobook1MCR room bookcase
Chapter House Dunebook1MCR room bookcase
Charitybook1MCR room bookcase
Christian Theologybook1MCR room bookcase
Cities in Flightbook1MCR room bookcase
Confusions of an Eco-Redneckbook1MCR room bookcase
Copenhagenbook1MCR room bookcase
Crisis Economicsbook1MCR room bookcase
Deaverbook1MCR room bookcase
Debt of Bonesbook1MCR room bookcase
Deighton Charitybook1MCR room bookcase
Diamonds and Daisiesbook1MCR room bookcase
Divine Moments for studentsbook1MCR room bookcase
Drawing Parallelsbook1MCR room bookcase
Economics for ASbook1MCR room bookcase
encyclopedia of chess openingsbook1MCR room bookcase
England by Bikebook1MCR room bookcase
English Heritage handbookbook1MCR room bookcase
Enviromental Chemistrybook1MCR room bookcase
Fahrenheit 451book1MCR room bookcase
Faithlessbook1MCR room bookcase
Farewell Cambridgebook1MCR room bookcase
Football Confidentials 2book1MCR room bookcase
French Cambridge Guidebook1MCR room bookcase
French-English Dictionarybook1MCR room bookcase
Giant Book of Crosswords 21book1MCR room bookcase
God Emperor of Dunebook1MCR room bookcase
Great Britain 2009book1MCR room bookcase
Great Britain Eyewitness Travelbook1MCR room bookcase
Heidibook1MCR room bookcase
I know This much is truebook1MCR room bookcase
I'm just here for the foodbook1MCR room bookcase
I've Got Your Numberbook1MCR room bookcase
Illustrated Guide to Britainbook1MCR room bookcase
in Defense of Globalizationbook1MCR room bookcase
Intellectual Property Lawbook1MCR room bookcase
Intellectual Property Law(Q&A)book1MCR room bookcase
Introducing Foucaultbook1MCR room bookcase
IQ puzzlesbook1MCR room bookcase
Jorvikbook1MCR room bookcase
Kicking Away the Ladderbook1MCR room bookcase
Lady Catherine's Necklacebook1MCR room bookcase
Lake of Annecybook1MCR room bookcase
lessons in taxidermybook1MCR room bookcase
Let's Go Britainbook1MCR room bookcase
Let’s Go Italybook1MCR room bookcase
Life of Pibook1MCR room bookcase
Lincoln: His Speeches and Writingsbook1MCR room bookcase
little lord Fauntleroybook1MCR room bookcase
London 2011book1MCR room bookcase
London Street by Streetbook1MCR room bookcase
London(Christopher Hibbert)book1MCR room bookcase
lonely planet: South Indiabook1MCR room bookcase
lonely planet: USAbook1MCR room bookcase
Lonely Planet:Francebook1MCR room bookcase
Making Globalization Goodbook1MCR room bookcase
Making Globalization Workbook1MCR room bookcase
Maniacs,Panics and Crashesbook1MCR room bookcase
Me before Youbook1MCR room bookcase
Misunderstanding Financial Crisisbook1MCR room bookcase
Morden Land Lawbook1MCR room bookcase
Murder in the Housebook1MCR room bookcase
Never Go Backbook1MCR room bookcase
New Testament & Psalmsbook2MCR room bookcase
No Crystal Stairbook1MCR room bookcase
old glorybook1MCR room bookcase
on the Beachbook1MCR room bookcase
One Daybook1MCR room bookcase
One Half of Robertson Daviesbook1MCR room bookcase
Othellobook1MCR room bookcase
Oxfrod American Dictionarybook1MCR room bookcase
Oxygen: 20book1MCR room bookcase
Panorama Monthlybook1MCR room bookcase
Paris For Youbook1MCR room bookcase
Paris Shopping Bookbook1MCR room bookcase
pocket Oxford Dictionarybook1MCR room bookcase
Prelude to Dune:IIbook1MCR room bookcase
Prelude to Dune:IIIbook1MCR room bookcase
Reliable Knowledgebook1MCR room bookcase
Revolutionary Europebook1MCR room bookcase
Richard IIIbook1MCR room bookcase
Robinson Crusoebook1MCR room bookcase
Royal Historical Society Transactionsbook1MCR room bookcase
Scimitar SL-2book1MCR room bookcase
Secrets from the Eastbook1MCR room bookcase
state of warbook1MCR room bookcase
Staying putbook1MCR room bookcase
Strategies for Successbook1MCR room bookcase
Strategies For Successbook5MCR room bookcase
Tales of the Marvellous and News of the stangebook1MCR room bookcase
The Acupuncture HandBookbook1MCR room bookcase
the Alienistbook1MCR room bookcase
the autobiography of Ronniebook1MCR room bookcase
the bad beginningbook1MCR room bookcase
The bike Bookbook1MCR room bookcase
The Book of Grank Herbertbook1MCR room bookcase
The chemistry of deathbook1MCR room bookcase
the Cobra Trilogybook1MCR room bookcase
the Communist Manifestobook1MCR room bookcase
The consolation of Philosophybook1MCR room bookcase
the Corporationbook1MCR room bookcase
the End of the Certain Worldbook1MCR room bookcase
The extinction Clubbook1MCR room bookcase
The Family Orchardbook1MCR room bookcase
The fault in Our Starsbook1MCR room bookcase
the Favoured Childbook1MCR room bookcase
the generalsbook1MCR room bookcase
The Good Pub Guide 2002book1MCR room bookcase
the Gospel of Markbook1MCR room bookcase
the Great Britain Festival Guidebook1MCR room bookcase
the Hillingdon Foxbook1MCR room bookcase
the history of the Runestaffbook1MCR room bookcase
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxybook1MCR room bookcase
The Malt Whisky Cellar Bookbook1MCR room bookcase
The murder exchangebook1MCR room bookcase
The music Lessonbook1MCR room bookcase
the Promised Landbook1MCR room bookcase
the Raymond Chandler Omnibusbook1MCR room bookcase
The Shadowbook1MCR room bookcase
the skin Godsbook1MCR room bookcase
The students' cookbookbook1MCR room bookcase
the subprime solutionbook1MCR room bookcase
The Testamentbook1MCR room bookcase
The wilderness Yearsbook1MCR room bookcase
the Wolf Kingbook1MCR room bookcase
UK Clinical Aptitude Test and BMATbook1MCR room bookcase
Von Bekbook1MCR room bookcase
Walden 2book1MCR room bookcase
War Reporting for Cowardsbook1MCR room bookcase
Ward Ethicsbook1MCR room bookcase
Wilful Behaviourbook1MCR room bookcase
Wings of firebook1MCR room bookcase
Youth Hostels in England & Walesbook1MCR room bookcase
Zulu Hartbook1MCR room bookcase
adapterselectronicsseveralelectronics cupboard(commeitte left)
altec lansing amapliferelectronics1electronics cupboard(commeitte left)
another camera (no brand)electronics1electronics cupboard(password)
cambridge audio systemelectronics1electronics cupboard(password)
coffee machine (dolce gusto)electronics1mcr room, next to the sink
digital picture frameelectronics1electronics cupboard(commeitte left)
DVD player(Philips 1)electronics1electronics cupboard(commeitte left)
DVD player(Philips 2)electronics1electronics cupboard(commeitte right)
DVD player(Phoenix)electronics1electronics cupboard(commeitte right)
Extension Leadselectronics3electronics cupboard(commeitte right)
Gambling case(chips&poker)electronics2electronics cupboard(commeitte right)
karaoke CDelectronics5electronics cupboard(commeitte right)
karaoke playerelectronics1electronics cupboard(commeitte right)
kensington presentation controllerselectronics2electronics cupboard(commeitte left)
microphoneelectronics3electronics cupboard(commeitte right)
microwave ovenelectronics1mcr room, next to the sink
Nintendo Wii Boxelectronics1electronics cupboard(password)
panasonic digital cameraelectronics1electronics cupboard(commeitte left)
passport fender audio systemelectronics1mcr room, next to electronic cupboard
PlayStation4 (4 controllers)electronics1electronics cupboard(password)
playstation4 (console)electronics1electronics cupboard(password)
projectorelectronics1electronics cupboard(commeitte left)
routerelectronics1electronics cupboard(password)
Gambling Matgambling2electronics cupboard(commeitte right)
Poker setgambling2electronics cupboard(commeitte right)
30 secondsgame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
Absolute Balderdashgame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
apples to applesgame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
backgammongame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
bananagramsgame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
bullseyegame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
Carcassonnegame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
cards against humangame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
chess set(cachet, transparent, 'not just black and white')game1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
chess set(K&C, mat boards)game1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
chess set(schaakspel,folding boards)game1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
chinese chequers(Gibsons)game1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
chinese chequers(iron)game1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
citadelsgame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
club dominoesgame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
Coupgame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
craniumgame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
Cribbage Boardgame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
crowsgame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
diplomacygame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
dirty mindsgame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
Dominiongame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
Dominion (Intrigue)game1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
fairy talegame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
gambling chipsgame1Games/Sports cupboard(3rd)
garden quoits(plastic)game1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
garden quoits(redwood)game1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
gogame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
Monopoly-Cambridgegame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
pandemicgame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
pitgame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
Playing cardsgame3Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
Poker(front porch)game1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
Puerto Ricogame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
quoridorgame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
race for the galaxygame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
riskgame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
rushhourgame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
Scrabblegame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
Setgame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
skip-bogame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
stack'emgame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
taboogame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
tangoesgame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
the Cities & Kinights of Catan 3071game1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
the Cities & Kinights of Catan 494game1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
the Cities & Kinights of Catan(expansion 3072)game1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
the Cities & Kinights of Catan(expansion 495)game1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
the Cities & Kinights of Catan(seafarers 3063)game1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
the settlers of Cantan(Core Set 483)game1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
the Settlers of Catan (expansion 488)game1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
top trumps: Solar Systemgame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
totally outrages drinking Gamesgame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
trivial persuitgame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
Twilight Strugglegame1Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
twister (kids)game2Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
twister(hasbro)game2Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
unogame1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
werewolf(mafia)game1Games/Sports cupboard(top 1st floor)
26 inch inner tubemisc2room across the Plodge
bag of charcoalmisc3Storey Way Shed
batterymiscseveralelectronics cupboard(password)
BBQ cleanermisc1Storey Way Shed
BBQ lighting gelmisc1MCR Shed (Storey's Way 72)
BBQ toolsetmisc1electronics cupboard(commeitte left)
BBQ utensil boxmisc1electronics cupboard(commeitte left)
bike helmetmisc1room across the Plodge
bike pump and needlesmisc1Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
bike tool boxmisc1Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
Bike tool setmisc1room across the Plodge
cricket setmisc1MCR Shed (Storey's Way 72)
croquet setmisc1MCR Shed (Storey's Way 72)
double flat sheetmisc1grey electronics cupboard(1st)
English Abrasivemisc1room across the Plodge
fadeless papermisc1Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
fireworksmisc2Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
flashlight(middle)misc2MCR Shed (Storey's Way 72)
flashlight(small)misc1MCR Shed (Storey's Way 72)
guitar stringsmisc1Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
hairdryermisc1MCR Shed (Storey's Way 72)
hole punchermisc1Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
Instruction Manualmiscseveralgrey electronics cupboard(4th)
Jagwire rear brake cablemisc2room across the Plodge
Jagwire V-brakemisc2room across the Plodge
Kabuto(ancient Japanese helmet)misc1the Sandy Ashmore Room
label makermisc1Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
leg levellersmisc1Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
MCR bike tool boxmisc1room across the Plodge
painting set boxmisc1Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
party decorationmisc1MCR Shed (Storey's Way 72)
party decoration boxmisc2on top of Games/Sports cupboard
pillowcasemisc1grey electronics cupboard(1st)
Poker matmisc1grey electronics cupboard(4th)
poster-making toolsmisc1Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
printing paper (churchill)misc4Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
pu super gripmisc4Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
pump needle(in bike tool box)misc4Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
pump(with needle)misc1room across the Plodge
ruler (long)misc1Games/Sports cupboard(4th)
savage BMX front brake cablemisc2room across the Plodge
small Christmas Treemisc2MCR Shed (Storey's Way 72)
Sports medicine boxmisc1MCR Shed (Storey's Way 72)
spray lubemisc2room across the Plodge
staplermisc1Games/Sports cupboard(1st)
supermarket trolleymisc1MCR Shed (Storey's Way 72)
tentmisc1MCR Shed (Storey's Way 72)
torches (small)misc4Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
wrist bandsmisc1Games/Sports cupboard(4th)
yoga mat(blue)misc2Games/Sports cupboard(4th)
flashlightmisc2Games/Sports cupboard(2nd)
chinese caligraphy boxmisc1Games/Sports cupboard(4th)
12 string guitarmusic1the Sandy Ashmore Room
badminton racketssports3Games/Sports cupboard(3rd)
baseball batsports1Games/Sports cupboard(3rd)
footballsports3Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
football training boxsports1Games/Sports cupboard(5th)
football vest (yellow and red)sports2Games/Sports cupboard(above top)
frisbeesports1Games/Sports cupboard(3rd)
Garden boules setsports1Games/Sports cupboard(4th)
golf ballssports11Games/Sports cupboard(4th)
gown(MA)sports2Games/Sports cupboard(4th)
jumping rope(iron)sports1Games/Sports cupboard(4th)
jumping rope(wooden)sports1Games/Sports cupboard(4th)
kitesports2Games/Sports cupboard(4th)
rounders batsports2Games/Sports cupboard(3rd)
shuttlecock(feathered)sports8Games/Sports cupboard(3rd)
shuttlecock(plastic)sports4Games/Sports cupboard(3rd)
squash ballsports1Games/Sports cupboard(3rd)
squash racket(single)sports8Games/Sports cupboard(3rd)
table foosballsports16MCR room bookcase
table tennis ballssports6Games/Sports cupboard(3rd)
table tennis set (3 bats + balls, bats not very good but you may find more in the squash court cupboards)sports1Games/Sports cupboard(3rd)
tennis ballsports1Games/Sports cupboard(3rd)
tennis racketssports3Games/Sports cupboard(3rd)
weighted armwearsports2Games/Sports cupboard(4th)
weighted footwearsports2Games/Sports cupboard(4th)
wiffle batsports2Games/Sports cupboard(4th)
yoga mat(blue)sports2Games/Sports cupboard(4th)
3DHockey(64)video game1electronics cupboard(password)
Controller(64)video game4electronics cupboard(password)
Controller(one handed)video game2electronics cupboard(password)
Controller(wavebird,Wii)video game4electronics cupboard(password)
FIFA11(Wii)video game1TV cupboard
Guitar Hero Guitarsvideo game2electronics cupboard(password)
Guitar Hero-Greatest Hit(Wii)video game1TV cupboard
Guitar Hero-Warriors of Rock(Wii)video game1TV cupboard
Guitar Hero-World Tour(Wii)video game1TV cupboard
IKARUGAvideo game1TV cupboard
Mario Kart(64)video game1electronics cupboard(password)
Mario Kart(Wii)video game1TV cupboard
Mario Party(Wii)video game1TV cupboard
Motion plus(Wii, gold)video game1electronics cupboard(password)
Motion plus(Wii, white)video game2electronics cupboard(password)
New Super Mario Bros(Wii)video game1TV cupboard
Nintendo 64video game1electronics cupboard(password)
Nintendo Wiivideo game1electronics cupboard(password)
Rayman(Wii)video game1TV cupboard
Steering wheel(Wii)video game1electronics cupboard(password)
Super Mario Galaxy(Wii)video game1TV cupboard
Super Mario Galaxy2(Wii)video game1TV cupboard
Super Paper Mario(Wii)video game1TV cupboard
Super Smash Bros(64)video game1electronics cupboard(password)
Super Smash Bros(Wii)video game1TV cupboard
The legend of Zelda(Wii)video game1TV cupboard
Wii Play(Wii)video game1TV cupboard
Worms(Wii)video game1TV cupboard