Over the years the MCR has amassed copious amounts of stuff. These are stored in the MCR’s rooms. Most of the equipment is stored in one of two cupboards:

  • The Sports/Games Cupboard is in the Sandy Ashmore Room (next to the left hand window). This contains mostly sports equipment and board games, but also contains gowns and bicycle repair equipment.

  • The Electronic Cupboard is in the TV Room. This is the black cabinet underneath the TV, which contains the Wii and DVD player.

  • The Bookcase is at the back of the TV Room, and contains many books.

To access either of the cupboards you can obtain the relevant key from the Porters’ Lodge.

The MCR’s small collection of books may be read by members of the MCR and include a range of travel guides, and an eclectic collection of fiction.  If you borrow any equipment, please sign it out (there should be handy sheets on pink clipboards), and return it after use. If anything is broken or missing please email the Equipment Officer or Treasurer. The MCR has a budget for new equipment, if there’s anything you feel we are lacking please email the Equipment Officer or Treasurer, or use the the online request form.

The MCR also has some additional items: digital camera, digital projector, laser pointer, and speaker system, that may be borrowed upon request. Please contact the Equipment Officer if these are required.

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