Bar Rota

The Bar is open most evenings during term, depending upon who has volunteered for the bar rota. Opening hours are usually 7:30-11pm (maybe opening 30 minutes later and closing 30 minutes earlier), on Fridays and Saturdays we may be open until midnight. The best way to keep up-to-date with the Bar’s opening is to follow online (see below). Anyone who is bar trained may open the Bar. If you’d like to become member of the bar staff, please contact the Bar Secretary (

Current Bar Rota

The rota for Lent 2018 is:

Monday: Salvator Galea, Domanic Celiano
Tuesday: Charlie Readman, Salvator Galea
Wednesday: Tom O’Brien, Ben Ashbridge, Angela Harper
Thursday: Charlie Goodman, Reed Geisler
Friday: Ben Ashbridge, Daniel Stanley, Oliver Richardson
Saturday: Charlie Goodman, Craig Lord
Sunday: Anyone available

To see if the bar is open, check Twitter or Facebook, or just stop on by! Of course, if you are bar trained, you can open it yourself.

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