Individual Ballot Rooms 2019

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The table has been imported in from the official spreadsheet of rooms sent around by the TAS office. It can be found here, or in your email inbox, for reference.

Pictures of these houses can be found here.

Room info key:
A = 36A Storey’s Way
AB = 36B Storey’s Way
B = 70 Storey’s Way
F = Wolfson Flats (plge=Large, psm=Small)
RR = Rock Road
PS = Priory Street
S =72 Storey’s Way
HR = 11 Halifax Road
OX = 53 Oxford Road
OR = 49 Oxford Road
V =76 Storey’s Way
W = Whittinghame Lodge
WC = Whittingehame Cottage
X = 64 Storey’s Way

p=postgraduates only
u= undergraduates only
a=small size single room
b=larger size single room
i=facing into court
o=not facing into court
n,s,e,w = orientation of principal window
g=ground floor
f=first floor
h=any higher floor
y=private shower
z=private bath

 RoomRoom infoFacingArea Sq mBasin in roomInfoRent
Staircase 33Apbosfr15Yes£141
Staircase 33Bpbinfr15Yes£141
Staircase 33Cpbosfr15Yes£141
Staircase 33Dpboshr15Yes£141
Staircase 33Epbinhr15Yes£141
Staircase 33Fpbinhr15Yes£141
Staircase 33Gpboshr15Yes£141
Staircase 3434Cpbowfr15Yes£141
Staircase 3434Dpbiefr15Yesdouble bed£141
Staircase 3434Epafr15Yes£141
Staircase 3434Fpbowhr15Yes£141
Staircase 3434Gpbiehr15Yes£141
Staircase 4949Bpbiegy17.8007shower£165
Staircase 4949Cpaing13.5464Yes£105
Staircase 4949Dpaoeg13.6Yes£105
Staircase 4949Epbosg16.2Yes£105
Staircase 4949Fpbosf13.5464Yes£141
Staircase 4949Hpaiwf11.2569Yes£105
Staircase 4949Jpbiwf13.524Yes£141
Staircase 4949Kpbiefm16.8168Yes£141
Staircase 4949Lpaief11.256Yes£105
Staircase 4949Mpbinf13.5751Yes£141
Staircase 4949Npbosh13.452Yes£141
Staircase 4949Qpaiwh10.8783Yes£105
Staircase 4949Rpbiwh16.6404Yes£141
Staircase 4949Spbinh13.8996Yes£141
Staircase 4949Tpaieh11.2065Yes£105
Staircase 4949Upbinh13.7275Yes£141
Hawthorne Hse61ApbnwgyrN & E16.96shower£165
Hawthorne Hse61BpbnegyrN & W16.96shower£165
Hawthorne Hse61CpbsegyrN & E16.96shower£165
Hawthorne Hse61DpbswgyrN & W15.81shower double bed£165
Hawthorne Hse61EpbnefyrS & W12.21shower£165
Hawthorne Hse61FpbsefyrS & E15.12shower£165
Hawthorne Hse61GpbnehyrN & W19.95shower£165
Hawthorne Hse61HpdsehyrN & E22.8shower double bed£180
Hawthorne Hse61JpbswhyrS & E22.68shower£165
Hawthorne Hse61KpbnwhyrS & W13.92shower£165
Bondi House62ApbnegyrN & E13.94shower£165
Bondi House62BpbsegyrS & E15.9shower double bed£165
Bondi House62CpbsgyrS17.49shower£165
Bondi House62DpbngyrN16.8shower£165
Bondi House62EpbnefyrN & E11.52shower£141
Bondi House62FpbsefyrS & E16.12shower£165
Bondi House62GpbswfyrS & W16.43shower£165
Bondi House62HpbnwfyrN & W14.76shower£165
Bondi House62JpbsehyrS & E17.67shower£165
Bondi House62KpdswhyrS & W20.35shower double bed£180
Broers House63ApbnegyrxN & E13.02shower£141
Broers House63BpbnwgyrxN & W15.9shower£165
Broers House63CpbnefyrN & E15.9shower£165
Broers House63DpbnwfyrN & W14.7shower£165
Broers House63EpbswfyrS & W15shower£165
Broers House63FpbsefyrS & E14.84shower double bed£165
Broers House63GpbnwhyrN & W16.2shower£165
Broers House63HpdnehyrN & E22.1shower double bed£180
Broers House63JpbsehyrS & E16.43shower£165
Broers House63KpbswhyrS & W14.88shower£165
36A Storeys WyA02p grS9.75Yes£105
36A Storeys WyA03p grW12.92Yes£120
36A Storeys WyA04p rE15.2Yes£120
36A Storeys WyA05p rS & W10.75Yes£105
36A Storeys WyA06p rW8.58Yes£80
36B Storeys WayAB1p grS6.6Yes£80
36B Storeys WayAB2p grW10.5Yes£105
36B Storeys WayAB4p rN8.68Yes£80
70 Storey's WayB01p grS25.8Nodouble bed£141
70 Storey's WayB03p grW & N17.64No£141
70 Storey's WayB04p rE12.62Yes£105
70 Storey's WayB05p rS12.47Yes£105
70 Storey's WayB06p rS12.47Yes£105
70 Storey's WayB07p rS & W22.14Yesdouble bed£141
70 Storey's WayB08p rN18.49Yesdouble bed£141
Boyd HouseCV11queen bed£180
Boyd HouseCV12queen bed£180
Boyd HouseCV13queen bed£180
Boyd HouseCV14queen bed£180
Boyd HouseCV15queen bed£180
Boyd HouseCV21queen bed£180
Boyd HouseCV22queen bed£180
Boyd HouseCV23queen bed£180
Boyd HouseCV24queen bed£180
Boyd HouseCV25queen bed£180
Wallace House CW11queen bed£180
Wallace House CW12queen bed£180
Wallace House CW13queen bed£180
Wallace House CW14queen bed£180
Wallace House CW15queen bed£180
Wallace House CW21queen bed£180
Wallace House CW22queen bed£180
Wallace House CW23queen bed£180
Wallace House CW24queen bed£180
Wallace House CW25queen bed£180
36C Storey's WyCX01queen bed£180
36C Storey's WyCX02queen bed£180
36C Storey's WyCX03queen bed£180
36C Storey's WyCX04queen bed£180
36C Storey's WyCX05queen bed£180
36C Storey's WyCX11queen bed£180
36C Storey's WyCX12queen bed£180
36C Storey's WyCX13queen bed£180
36C Storey's WyCX14queen bed£180
36C Storey's WyCX15queen bed£180
Sheppard flatsF19Ap fW & S16.25Nodouble bed£165
Sheppard flatsF19Bp fS12.3No£141
Sheppard flatsF19Cp fN & W11.05No£120
Sheppard flatsF1Ap gS15No£141
Sheppard flatsF1Bp gS15Nodouble bed£141
Sheppard flatsF1Cp gS14Yesdouble bed£141
Sheppard flatsF2Ap f16.25Nodouble bed£165
Sheppard flatsF2Bp f12.3No£141
Sheppard flatsF2Cp f11.05No£120
Sheppard flatsF7A~16.25Nodouble bed£165
Sheppard flatsF7B~12.3No£141
Sheppard flatsF7C~11.05No£120
11 Halifax RoadHR1p gE13.41No£120
11 Halifax RoadHR3p fE15.89No£120
11 Halifax RoadHR4p fW8.48No£105
11 Halifax RoadHR5W6.17No£80
49 Oxford RdOR1p gSE12.82No£120
49 Oxford RdOR3p fSE15.72No£120
49 Oxford RdOR4p fNW8.05No£80
49 Oxford RdOR5p fzSW &NW13.84NoBath£141
53 Oxford RdOX1p gSE12.2No£120
53 Oxford RdOX2p gNW5.67No£80
53 Oxford RdOX3p fSE15.71Nodouble bed£120
53 Oxford RdOX4p fSW9.41No£120
53 Oxford RdOX5p fNW10.11No£120
13 Priory StPS1p gSE14.21No£120
13 Priory StPS2p gNW10.22No£105
13 Priory StPS3p fSE14.21No£120
13 Priory StPS4p fNW9.14No£105
13 Priory StPS5p fNW10.12No£105
25 Rock RoadRRApaingrW19.35No£120
25 Rock RoadRRBpaingrE14.96No£105
25 Rock RoadRRCpainfrE16.17Yescheck room IDs 1st and 2nd floor£105
25 Rock RoadRRDpainfrE12.96No£105
25 Rock RoadRREpainfrW14.8No£105
25 Rock RoadRRFpainfrW6.3No£80
25 Rock RoadRRGpagrqW18.15No£120
25 Rock RoadRRHpagrqE12.16Norestricted under eaves£105
72 Storey's WayS01paingrN15.36Yes£141
72 Storey's WayS02paingrS18.04Yesown private door£141
72 Storey's WayS03painygrxS & W15.6Shower, own private door£165
72 Storey's WayS04paingrS22Yesdouble bed£141
72 Storey's WayS05paingrS16.8Yes£141
72 Storey's WayS06paingrS & W15.84Yes£141
72 Storey's WayS07paingrN7.75Noemergency room£80
72 Storey's WayS08painfrN & S24.57Yes£165
72 Storey's WayS09painfrS14Yes£120
72 Storey's WayS10painfrS15.2Yesdouble bed£120
72 Storey's WayS11painfrS12.8Yesdouble bed£120
72 Storey's WayS12painfrS & E18Yes£141
72 Storey's WayS13painfrW11.4Yes£105
72 Storey's WayS14painfr7.04Yes£80
76 Storey's WayV01paingrN & E9Bath, own private door£141
76 Storey's WayV02painfrE18.86£141
76 Storey's WayV03painfrE17.64£141
76 Storey's WayV04painfrE17.64£141
76 Storey's WayV05painfrE17.86£141
76 Storey's WayV06painhrN & E13.16Yes£141
76 Storey's WayV07painhrE9.1£105
76 Storey's WayV08painhrE8.7£105
76 Storey's WayV09painhrS & E14.57£141
76 Storey's WayV10pbegrE14.06£141
78 Storey's WayV11pbiwgrW14.4£141
64 Storey's WayX01gS13.7YES£120
64 Storey's WayX02gS17.3YES£141
64 Storey's WayX03gN11.8YES£120
64 Storey's WayX04gN12YES£120
64 Storey's WayX05gN16.7YES£141
64 Storey's WayX06fN & E14YES£141
64 Storey's WayX07fS & E14.9YES£141
64 Storey's WayX08fS18.5YES£141
64 Storey's WayX09fN12YES£120
64 Storey's WayX10fS11.4YES£120
64 Storey's WayX11fN12.5YES£120
64 Storey's WayX12fS12.5YES£120
64 Storey's WayX13hN15.5YES£141
64 Storey's WayX14hS18YESdouble bed£141
64 Storey's WayX15hN17.5YES£141
Wolfson FlatsF212 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF222 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF232 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF242 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF252 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF262 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF272 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF282 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF292 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF302 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF312 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF322 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF332 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF342 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF352 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF362 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF372 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF382 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF392 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF402 bedroom Maisonette£230
Wolfson FlatsF41Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF42Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF43Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF44Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF45Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF46Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF47Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF48Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF49Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF50Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF51Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF52Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF53Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF54Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF55Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF56Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF57Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF58Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF59Studio Flat£189
Wolfson FlatsF60Studio Flat£189
Boyd HouseCV01ground floor Studio Flat£189
Wallace House CW01ground floor Studio Flat£189
Wallace House CW02ground floor Studio Flat£189
Wallace House CW03ground floor Studio Flat£189
Wallace House CW04ground floor Studio Flat£189


Map and photos

Further information and exterior photography is available on the main college website. For some interior pictures, please visit the MCR room photos page. In the below map, please note that 49 and 53 Oxford Road have the same pin, and the big red arrow gives instructions to find 25 Rock Road.

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