Rooms Ballot 2020

This information is applicable to students continuing to study at Churchill for the 2020/21 academic year. For all returning students, rooms are allocated through this ballot, by order of priority as defined below. There are approximately 170 rooms for 2020/21 (excluding the Wolfson Flats) available for Advanced Students, of which around 60 are to be allocated in the ballot.

The deadlines below are strict. If you do not enter the Ballot it will be assumed that you do not want to live in a College room next year. TAS will contact us once the ballot is over. Possible moving out dates are at the end of June/July/August, though they can be a little more flexible if needed.



There will be two ballots. The first is the group ballot, where groups of four to five students can put in a joint bid on an entire outer hostel. Following this, there will be an “individual ballot”, where students will be able to bid on the remaining rooms individually. You can find more details here and below. Links to the entry forms and the dates for each ballot are as follows:

NOTE: these links will not work until the ballots open.

In the group ballot, each group member will need to complete the entry form separately. Groups must appoint a leader who will be responsible for entering the choice of houses on behalf of the group, and will be the point-of-contact for the group.

The Priority List

The Priority List for the Advanced Students has been drawn up from the following categories. One each of the MCR Bar Treasurers, President and Mens’ and Womens’ Welfare Officers will be considered as a priority and then:

  1. Ex Churchill BAs, Ex Part III and Ex MPhil in first year of new course
  2. Anyone with no more than 3 terms in graduate accommodation as of October 2018
  3. Anyone else who will be going into the second year of a PhD as of October 2018 (usually people who have previously done MPhils) and anyone else who will be in the third year of a PhD funded for a full four years, as of October 2019
  4. Anyone else with more than 3 terms in graduate accommodation as of October 2018

Students may be given a college room irrespective of their categories if they have extenuating circumstances. Such students need to write to the TAS or MCR President with the reason for approval (before 17th April). Suitable reasons would include medical grounds, or a student who is away in Easter term on Leave to Work Away.

If you would like a double bed, and you are over 6ft 4”, (verified by the College nurse) please make sure you bid for a room already housing a double bed. See the room rents table for details. These rooms are also single occupancy. Double beds will not be provided in other bedrooms.


Full details, such as rental rates and the size of each room are available on a separate page. The list is a guide on what rooms are available (and will be updated post-groups ballot):

Graduate Rooms

And a selection of pictures for the various rooms/hostels can be found (alongside links to the official College housing information) here:

Graduate Room Pictures

Occupants are responsible for keeping their own rooms and the common areas clean. Room agreements are signed for the period ending 30th June 2018 as a minimum. Note that only the outer hostels are available in the group ballot.

Additionally, if you wish to search for private accommodation outside the College, a helpful guide is available here.


Further Queries

For more information about any aspect of the ballot, please direct your queries to the Postgraduate office ( or MCR President (