Individual Ballot Rooms 2020

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The table has been imported in from the official spreadsheet of rooms sent around by the TAS office. It can be found here, or in your email inbox, for reference.

Pictures of these houses can be found here.

Room info key:
A = 36A Storey’s Way
AB = 36B Storey’s Way
B = 70 Storey’s Way
F = Wolfson Flats (plge=Large, psm=Small)
RR = Rock Road
PS = Priory Street
S =72 Storey’s Way
HR = 11 Halifax Road
OX = 53 Oxford Road
OR = 49 Oxford Road
V =76 Storey’s Way
W = Whittinghame Lodge
WC = Whittingehame Cottage
X = 64 Storey’s Way

p=postgraduates only
u= undergraduates only
a=small size single room
b=larger size single room
i=facing into court
o=not facing into court
n,s,e,w = orientation of principal window
g=ground floor
f=first floor
h=any higher floor
y=private shower
z=private bath



Map and photos

Further information and exterior photography is available on the main college website. For some interior pictures, please visit the MCR room photos page. In the below map, please note that 49 and 53 Oxford Road have the same pin, and the big red arrow gives instructions to find 25 Rock Road.

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