Academic seminar, 22.10., 7:30pm

The MCR is hosting the first Academic Seminar TONIGHT at 7:30, in the MCR’s TV room.

Yvonne Flory will talk about: “Can you tell when someone is lying down from their speech? Changes in the acoustic speech signal in different body orientations.”

The talk will be approximately 20 minutes long + questions, and afterwards we’ll gather in the MCR for some delicious wine and cheese.

When speaking, changes in the configuration and constrictions at different points in the vocal tract are made to articulate vowels and consonants. Differences in anatomy and articulation are also utilised to discriminate speakers in the setting of Forensic Speaker Comparison. However, variation within single speakers is still not fully understood. It has been shown that the vocal tract configuration when lying down in prone and supine body orientation differs from the one in neutral sitting position. However, these experiments have only investigated the physiological differences between these conditions, and largely left out their impact on the speech signal. The goal of my PhD is to show how changes in body orientation influence the speech signal and will attempt an explanation of which mechanism lies behind these changes.