Academic Seminar, Next Wednesday, 7:30

Your MCR is happy to bring to you another fascinating MCR academic

It will be next Wednesday the 29th of January at 7:30pm in the TV room
as usual (email sh767 or jf420 for more info). And of course wine and
cheese will be served afterwards in the MCR common room. Here are the
talk’s details:



Laura Loyola Hernández (Department of Geography)


Between catrinas and mestizas: gender and ethnic performativities of
Mayan women politicians in Yucatecan municipalities


This research tries to understand the relationship between gender,
ethnicity and space in indigenous municipalities through the experience
of Maya women in Yucatan, Mexico. Body, race, ethnicity and gender
identities are not fixed concepts but malleable and are influenced by
the spatial context they are in (urban, rural, white, Maya settings).
The production of specific gendered and ethnic bodies is intensified in
small communities because bodies are more visible and hence under more
gendered and ethnic surveillance. Bodies that fail to live up to the
“mestizo/a” body/identity are physically pushed to the outskirts of the
municipality (comisarias). This means that bodies that are identified as
Maya are located in these comisarias, because they are rejected bodies
that have been partially constructed by the municipality. Identities are
constructed and rearticulated within this power regime, which reproduce,
confront and negotiate discourses and practices of the feminine and
indigenous. Within this power structure, city hall has historically not
been a space for indigenous gendered bodies, as it has rejected these
bodies in numerous ways. This study concentrates on the effects and
affects that this relationship has when Maya women are chosen as mayors.
In other words, when these women are elected as the local authority,
they transform this male/white dominated space. Through fieldwork
material I will explore these themes.

We really hope to see many of you there, the talks are always
interesting and the setting is really friendly. Come down and check it