Academic Seminar TONIGHT 7:30

Hi Everyone!

We’re Jan and Sonke, your new academic officers for this year! We’ve just taken over from Yvonne and will be hosting the seminar this Wednesday at 7:30pm in the MCR’s TV room, so we’re looking forward to meeting anyone who comes along! We’re both PhD students and are extremely excited to bring you great seminars and speakers this year!

Tomorrow’s seminar will be by Yiming Shen, and it will be on SANSKRIT AND ITS GRAMMATICAL TRADITIONS!

We will, as always, provide wine and cheese afterwards, so do come along!

Here’s the abstract for the talk:
The ancient Indians had an immense interest in language which has no parallel in the other ancient civilizations of the world. Countless works on philosophy of language, etymology, phonetics, metrics and grammar were composed in Sanskrit in pre-modern India. The Paninian grammatical tradition, with the seminal grammatical work Astadhyayi
of Panini, is the Indian grammatical tradition par excellence and the major focus of the modern scholarship in this field. My research is on a non-Paninian work named Katantra grammar. In the presentation I will cover both the general aspects of Sanskrit the
language and its grammatical traditions of Panini (Astadhyayi) and Katantra.

We look forward to seeing you there!

All the best,
Jan & Sonke