Conference on Everything

The Conference on Everything is the pinnacle of academic life in College. MCR students are invited to present their research through talks and posters to an audience composed of the other Churchillians – students and fellows. As the title suggests, we get a truly wonderful variety of topics at the conference that aims to please the curios among us. Usually we invite a famous speaker who has a connection with College for the keynote talk. Previous speakers have included: Iraqi Ambassador Salah Al-Shaikhly; Michael Green; Julian Huppert, and David Spiegelhalter. A poster competition is held before dinner, and the best poster gets awarded the Alex Mischenko Prize. The best presentation is awarded the Sir David Wallace Prize.

The nature of the conference is to share in the collective creativity and ingenuity of Churchill’s research students, and so the conferences are free to attend and guests from outside of Churchill are more than welcome. Breaks for refreshments and wine during poster displays are also included for your enjoyment.


In tribute to academic achievement at Churchill, the 2017 CoE will feature a keynote speech given by Professor Jenny Nelson of Imperial College, followed by short presentations given by Churchill graduate students. Posters highlighting student research will also be on display. The participants will be considered by a panel of Churchill fellows and alumni for the Alex Mischenko Prize for Best Poster and the Sir David Wallace Prize for Best Presentation. Registration will take place in the SCR corridor, the talks will be given in the Fellows’ Dining Room, and the poster sessions will be held in the Cockcroft Room. For the benefit of alumni and students abroad, a live-stream of the talks will be provided here (please try a different browser if the video stream does not load).

Here is the booklet of abstracts for the conference presentations and a more detailed version of the programme.

13:00 Registration for presenters
13:30 Plenary Talk – Professor Jenny Nelson
14:15 Quick Break
14:25 Talk Session 1
15:25 Poster Exhibition 1 (tea/coffee and biscuits provided)
16:00 Talk Session 2
17:00 Poster Exhibition 2 (wine/cheese provided)
17:35 Talk Session 3
18:35 Closing Address- Dame Athene Donald

Conference on Everything 2016 – Saturday 23rd April

This year’s Conference on Everything will take place on Saturday 23rd April in the Fellow’s Dining Room and the Cockcroft Room. It will be celebration of research carried out by our own Churchill MCR students; 14 talks and 10 posters will be judged by a panel of Churchill fellows and alumni. There are two prestigious prizes available:

The Alex Mischenko Prize for Best Poster
The Sir David Wallace Prize for Best Presentation

We are also glad to welcome former Churchill student Dr Ramsey Faragher, who will be giving an inspirational Plenary Talk on his research and his role as the CEO and Founder of Focal Point Positioning Ltd.

13:00 Registration* (SCR Corridor)
13:30 Plenary Talk – Dr Ramsey Faragher (FDR)
14:15 Quick Break
14:25 Talk Session 1(FDR)
15:25 Poster Exhibition 1 (Cockcroft Room- tea, coffee and refreshments will be served)
16:00 Talk Session 2 (FDR)
17:00 Quick Break
17:10 Talk Session 3 (FDR)
18:00 Poster Exhibition 2 (Cockcroft Room- cheese and wine will be served)
18:35 Closing Address- Dame Athene Donald

* Please note that registration at 13:00 is primarily for conference speakers and poster presenters. Attendees do not have to register to attend the conference.


Abstracts for the talks are available here. We also have pdf copies of the Programme and Flyer.


Conference Presentation Workshop, Saturday 16th April


In the lead up to the Conference on Everything, the MCR were fortunate to play host to a former Churchill student David White, a Senior Technology Officer at Schlumberger. He led an informative, inspiring workshop to equip future presenters with useful tools to disseminate their research into posters and presentations for both general and technical audiences. The slides for his presentation can be found here.”


Conference on Everything 2015

This year’s Conference on Everything will take place on Saturday the 25th of April in the Fellow’s Dining Room, the Cockcroft Room, and the SCR corridor. There will be 18 talks and 11 posters given by our very own Churchill MCR students, judged by a panel of Churchill fellows and alumni for the Alex Mischenko Prize for Best Poster and the Sir David Wallace Prize for Best Presentation. This year we are bringing back the plenary talk with the help of Prof. Ian Stewart, a widely celebrated mathematician, science writer, and science fiction writer.

13:00 Registration* (SCR Corridor)
13:30 Plenary Talk – Prof. Ian Stewart  (FDR)
14:30 Quick Break
14:40 Presentation Session 1 (FDR)
15:35 Poster Session 1 (Cockcroft Room)
16:05 Presentation Session 2 (FDR)
17:00 Poster Session 2 (Cockcroft Room)
17:30 Presentation Session 3 (FDR)
18:30 Poster Session 3 (Cockcroft Room)
18:45 Awards Reception (Cockcroft Room)

* Please note that registration at 13:00 is primarily for conference speakers and poster presenters. Attendees do not have to register to attend the conference.



Congratulations to:
Mingfei Ma – 2015 Alex Mischenko Prize (for best poster) winner
Karolis Misiunas – 2015 Sir David Wallace Prize (for best presentation) winner.
 All photo credit goes to Livia Argentesi Harriman.
Stay tuned for more pictures and videos soon!

Conference on Everything 2014

 2014’s Conference on Everything will be held on Saturday the 26th of April in the wonderful Fellows’ Dining Room. The hall is slightly smaller than the previous venue at the Wolfson Hall, which is inline with the revamping of the conference to be more fast-paced, summative and audience centric. There are talks and posters, with generous prizes and a panel of Churchill’s finest to judge who’s worthy of them! The attached flyer and mini-summary below gives a quick overview of the event, and a book of abstracts is available for a quick and easy read of the presentations’ and posters’ abstracts. (Please note that the key note speech has been omitted this year as part of the revamped format.)

We aim to bring you an entertaining and fast-paced yet refreshing set of 12 presentations, each of 6 minutes (plus 3 minutes for questions), followed by a more relaxed and wine complimented poster session. Prizes will be awarded for both the best presentation and the best poster. It would be our pleasure to see you at the conference, and we hope you will enjoy this great opportunity to take in the hard work of Churchill’s postgraduate students!


A useful flyer to show this year's format and spirit for the anual Conference on Everything.
A useful poster to show this year’s Conference on Everything format and spirit.
Saturday 26th April 2014Where:
Fellows’ Dining Room (Presentations)
Jock Colville Hall (Posters)Timing:
3:30 – Tea and Coffee Reception
4:00 – Presentations Start
6:00 – Judges Break
6:15 – Presentation Award Ceremony
6:30 – Drinks Reception and Poster Session
7:15 – Alex Mischenko Prize for Best Poster
7:30 – Approximate End TimeAbstract:
The events will start at 3:30pm on Saturday the 26th of April with a friendly tea, coffee and snacks reception. From 4pm the presentations start – a mixture of 12 presentations lasting 6 minutes with 3 minutes for questions. The topics are as varied as they are interesting. This year’s competitive prizes will be marked with an emphasis on crowd pleasing – be prepare to be entertained whilst expanding your horizons to take in the creative research here at Churchill! A short break at 6pm allows judges time to convene before announcing presentation prize winners at 6:15pm. The wine and cheese reception will coincide at 6:30pm with the poster session in the Jock Colville Hall – so come and enjoy a glass of wine whilst mingling with researchers in the friendliest of atmospheres that we have become accustomed to here at Churchill. Prizes for posters will be announced at 7:15pm, with the drinks reception closing around 7:30pm as formal hall commences for the graduate student dinner.

Conference on Everything 2013

Last year’s Conference on Everything took place on April 27th 2013 in the Wolfson Hall. The poster session was held in the SCR Corridor.

Here are the photos kindly taken by Giorgio Divitini on the day. Unfortunately the photos of the presenters are a bit dark, because there was no flash used.

Get the flash player here:

CoE 2013 Programme

CoE 2013 Book of Abstracts

The 2013 conference’s keynote was delivered by Prof Leader-Williams, who is the current director of Conservation Leadership. He is interested in applied ecology and endangered species management, law enforcement and illegal use of wildlife, and other interdisciplinary aspects of conservation:

That evening is the Advanced Students’ Dinner. All the graduate students are invited, and this is a great opportunity to dine with College fellows. This Conference is a great opportunity to practice giving academic presentations to an audience with varied backgrounds, and the width of subjects ranges from airport architecture to child migration in Ghana, guaranteeing interesting bits for everyone.

Conference on Everything 2012

2012’s conference was held on Saturday May 5th, 2012  Prof. Nicholas Bingham, Senior Investigator at Imperial College and Visiting Professor of Mathematics at London School of Economics delivered the keynote address.

The Abstracts and Program for the 2012 Conference are available forreference: COE 2012 Program and COE 2012 Book of Abstracts.

Frederik Floether, a First Year PhD Candidate at Churchill College, presenting his work on Quantum Computing
Churchill College Master, Sir David Wallace (Left), Introducing the Keynote Speaker, Nicholas H. Bingham (Right) at the Conference
From Left: The Master, Sir David Wallace; MCR President, Hilary Costello; Winner of Best Oral Presentation Prize, Allison Truhler; Winner of Alex Mischenko Prize, Elizabeth Wagemann; Host of Alex Mischenko Prize, Dr Justin Palfreyman.