The MCR ChuTalks are informal, 15-20 minute talks given in the Tizard Room (2020 on Zoom!). The talks are usually on the speaker’s area of research, but they can be on any topic that the speaker has an interest in. The speakers are usually invited to a drinks reception after the seminar. These Seminars are an excellent opportunity to learn about the research going on at Churchill College.  If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact the current Academic Officer at mcr-academic@chu.

We also run SCR seminars when speakers from the SCR are available. The format is the same and it is a fantastic opportunity to not only hear interesting talks but also to mingle with some of the talented researchers in the Churchill College SCR. Keep an eye on the calendar for all the talks!

If you ever miss a talk, fear not! The majority of them get recorded and uploaded to the Churchill College CHUtalks page. The CHUtalks provide a fantastic opportunity to record your presentation for personal feedback, dissemination or outreach, so please do get in touch with the current Academic Officer if you are interested!