1. The joint JCR-MCR LGBT+ officer is Vica Germanova (email for welfare issues, or you could also send an anonymous message via the JCR website).

2. The GU will be hosting an EGM (Extraodinary General Meeting) on Thursday February 27 at 1pm to speak about the 2014 GU constitution. For more information, visit

3. A message from CUSU regarding unpaid non-academic student debt

Yesterday the OFT ruled that students will no longer be prevented from graduating if they have unpaid non-academic student debt, including payments like Kitchen Fixed Charges, library fines and rent. You can read more about this ruling here:

CUSU together with Junior and Middle Combination Rooms across Cambridge welcomes the OFT’s ruling. We look forward to seeing how the Collegiate University will review its terms and conditions in light of this decision.