CCRFC Meeting Minutes


Minutes of Allocations Meeting of the Combined Common Rooms Finance Committee (CCRFC) held on 3 May 2016

Present: Dr Adrian Barbrook (Chair)

Mrs Jennifer Brook (Bursar)

Ms Clara Tang (MCR President)

Ms Megan McGregor (MCR Secretary)

Mr Bowen Ding (MCR Treasurer)

Mr Mudit Gupta (JCR President)

Mr Patrick Deady (JCR Treasurer and CCRFC Secretary/Treasurer)

  1. Apologies for absence were received from Natasha Michael (JCR Equipments officer), Nick Taylor (former equipments officer) and Dr Pieter van Houten (SCR).
  2. The Minutes of the last meeting held on 11th March 2016 were approved.
  3. Ad-hoc requests for 2015-16 for equipment in the current financial year were considered, after reviewing competitive quotes from suppliers.

    The Basketball Club was awarded £197.34 to increase their stock of jerseys and £176.40 for four practice balls.

    The Games Society was awarded £400 for the games they had listed which would be stored in a cupboard in the JCR Games Room for use by all students. It was suggested that all the games should be labelled to state their ownership by the Games Society.

    The Boat Club was awarded an extra £400 to help with insurance costs in the current year, which had been under-budgetted.

  1. The annual allocation request from the Gym Society for £731.81 in 2016-17 to replace sundry equipment was granted as an ad hoc request in the current financial year instead.
  2. Annual Allocations for 2016-17

The applications for annual allocations for the clubs and societies were reviewed by the CCRFC and awarded as follows:

JCR £7,500

MCR £6,820

Law Society £500 (new society)

Boat Club £9,000 for operating costs, £3,000 for equipment replacement

Winston £1,597

Badminton Club £600

Music Society £1,000

Rugby Club £375

Basketball Club £590

The Football Club’s request for £930 was granted subject to their submitting accounts to the Bursar. (note: received and approved 5/5/16).

Mr Deady would contact those clubs which had not so far submitted applications to remind them of the date of the Appeals meeting. No ad hoc allocations would be granted to existing clubs which had failed to produce accounts.

  1. Date of next meetings

The next meetings would take place at 4 pm on 24th May (appeals meeting), 11th October and 15th November.