Churchill Does Lent Bumps!

As you may have heard, the famous Cambridge Lent Bumps are currently running. This is a 5-day long rowing event held between the colleges of Cambridge in which each boat tries to ‘bump’ the boat ahead and avoid being ‘bumped’ by the boat behind it. Find out more from

This year Churchill has 6 boats in the race (4 men’s boats; 2 women’s boats) including many MCR members. You can check out how they’re doing at

We will be heading to the river to watch our Churchill crews compete on Saturday, March 2nd. If you’d like to join me, please meet us in front of the Porter’s Lodge at 11:15AM to cycle to the river. If you’d like to join us later, ring me at 07741089555 and I can tell you where we are! This site should tell you where you can watch them: Don’t forget to dress warm and bring food, drinks, etc.

Come and support Churchill during  Lent Bumps!