Churchill MCR Goes to Ely!

Date: 15 November 2014

RSVP by 13 November 2014 23:59PM @

Combined museum/cathedral tickets will be subsidized by the MCR (final price to be announced sometime on Friday hopefully).  Note that you can join us if you sign up after
Thursday midnight, but this will not guarantee you subsidized
cathedral/museum admission tickets.

– Bikes: Meet in front of the p’lodge and aim to leave by 8:30AM.
– Train: Aiming for either the 10:01AM or 10:12AM train (~15 minute
train ride). Please indicate on the google doc form whether you intend
to walk or cycle to the train station so we can organize a group to walk
at 9:00AM and cycle at 9:30AM. Train tickets (with the 16-25 railcard)
roundtrip cost £5.80 (£3.80).
– If you want to cycle one way and take the train the other way, a
single trip between Ely and Cambridge should be (with the 16-25
railcard) £3.00 (£2.00). We are traveling at off-peak times so your
cycle should be allowed on the train.

Everyone buying a combined admissions ticket should meet outside the Ely
Cathedral ~11:00AM to collect them from a member of the MCR committee.


More information in your email!