SCR Seminar- Emilie Capron: Unlocking secrets about past climate from Greenland and Antarctic ice

March 11, 2015 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
MCR TV room

Join us for Emilie Capron’s SCR Academic Seminar- wine and snacks to follow!

ABSTRACT: To predict how the climate will evolve in the future, we need to reconstruct and understand the climatic changes that the Earth experienced in the past. I will provide insights on how ice cores drilled in polar ice sheets record the past evolution of the climate and the environment and how they have dramatically advanced our understanding on the changes that the Earth is capable of. I will present one of my research projects which involves combining climatic reconstructions from ice cores and marine sediment cores which retrieved at the bottom of the oceans. The purpose is to learn about the mechanisms involved in climate changes during the previous interglacial period (130 000 years ago). This is of particular interest as temperature changes during this time period are comparable to the changes predicted for the future. Drilling ice cores requires scientists to do fieldwork under extreme and cold conditions. I was involved in two deep ice core drilling project and I will share my experience working and living in Greenland and Antarctica.