Manifestos for MCR Elections 2021

Here are the manifestos of the candidates running for positions on the Committee for Lent 2021:

Executive Roles
President (Sam Turner)
General Secretary (Rebecca Heath)
Treasurer (Michaela Taylor-Williams)

Non-Executive Roles
Women’s Welfare Officer (Elre Oldewage)
Men’s Welfare Officer (Ivan Harkins)
Families Representative (Audray Harkins)
LGBTQ+ Officer (Jack Hughes)
Equality and Diversity Officer (Osarenkhoe Ogbeide, Youzheng Ning)
Disability Access officer*
Internal Social Secretary (Samin Moghimiasi)
External Social Secretary (Richard Bowen)
Bar Treasurer (Conor Williams)
Computing Officer*
Equipment Officer*
Communications and Publicity officer*

*For these roles, no one has yet run, please contact if you, or someone you know, is interested.