St George’s Day Ale Hunt

This Sunday (April 22nd) the MCR commemorates St George’s Day with…an ALE HUNT. That’s right, an ALE HUNT! Clues will be provided as to the location of your favourite ales on Churchill grounds. But make sure you get there first, or you’ll be left with something a little less desirable.  So gather the troops (get a team together, small or large) and come out for an afternoon scavenger hunt, MCR style.

All you need to bring is yourself and a team to help you decipher the clues and find the ale. Although a set of encyclopaedias, an enigma machine, and a shovel may come in handy. Or if you prefer, you can be a lone wolf in your search and keep all the beer for yourself. The ALE HUNT will commence at 3PM in the MCR. For those of you who don’t like ales, we’ll also have a supply of that other English staple Pimm’s, as well as the usual selection of soft drinks.

Hope to see you there!