The MCR Committee are in charge of organising and administrating much that goes on within the MCR. The Committee plans Freshers’ Week, Guest Nights, the Christmas Party, and other social events; organises academic seminars and the Conference on Everything; runs the Bar, and represents the views of the MCR to College through various sub-committees. Please direct any questions or comments to the appropriate committee members listed below. The entire committee may be contacted using the committee mailing list address, if absolutely necessary.

The Committee holds meetings every other week during term. Open meetings are held at least once a term and all are welcome to attend. Also feel free to browse the MCR Constitution or MCR Procedures, which includes official MCR Committee post descriptions, or look through the minutes of previous open meetings.

Manifestos for the 2018 Michaelmas Elections can be found here.

Current committee posts (updated January 2018):

Information and Contact Details

President (mcr-president@chu): 
Malavika Nair (Anonymous Contact)

General Secretary (mcr-secretary@chu): Jack Hodkinson (Anonymous Contact)

Treasurer (mcr-treasurer@chu):  Jannat Ijaz (Anonymous Contact)

Women’s Welfare Officer (mcr-womenswelfare@chu): Marija Pajevic (Anonymous Contact)

Men’s Welfare Officer (mcr-menswelfare@chu): Janosz Dewberry (Anonymous Contact)

Families’ Representative (mcr-families@chu): Bang Ming-Yong (Anonymous Contact)

LGBT+ Officers (co-JCR position: mcr-lgbt@chu): Emma Glennon(Anonymous Contact)

Internal Social Secretaries (mcr-socialsecretary@chu): Julia Allford and Sean Solis (Anonymous Contact)

External Social Secretaries (mcr-externalevents@chu): Tom Winder and Jocelino Rodrigues (Anonymous Contact)

Bar Secretary (mcr-bar-secretary@chu): Austin Klein (Anonymous Contact)

Bar Treasurers (mcr-bar-treasurer@chu): Angela Harper and Ben Ashbridge (Anonymous Contact)

Academic Officer (mcr-academic@chu): Savvas Gkantonas and Chioma Achi(Anonymous Contact)

Publicity Officer (mcr-publicity@chu): Tim Welsh(Anonymous Contact)

Equipment Officer (mcr-equipmentsports@chu): VACANT (Anonymous Contact)

Green Officers (mcr-green@chu): Elra Oldewage and Ashleigh Jugan (Anonymous Contact)

First Year Representatives (mcr-firstyearrep@chu): Jack Hughes (Anonymous Contact)

Ale and Quail Officers (mcr-alequail@chu): Flaviu Bulat and VACANT (Anonymous Contact)

Computing Officer (mcr-webmaster@chu): Matt Leming (Anonymous Contact)


Further information