Equality and Diversity Officer

This role was established in 2020, following the series of events during that summer which led to Churchill College creating a committee on Decolonization and Churchill, as well as addressing our own diversity and access failures as a college. A statement was given by college on their stance on diversity, and this role was created in the MCR, with two MCR members sitting in the role.

The role of Equality and Diversity Officer will have the following duties:

(a) They shall be responsible for promoting the diversity and equality of all MCR Members.

(b) They shall promote and represent the views of minority groups within the MCR .

(c) They in partnership with the Men’s Welfare Officer, Women’s Welfare Officer and Computing Officer shall organise the parenting scheme for new Members of the MCR.

(d) They will work with College Officers in order to ensure that they are promoting access/diversity within college