College Sub-Committees

Sub-Committee Members shall represent the views of the Members of the Middle Common Room at the meetings of the College Council Sub-Committee to which they have been appointed. They shall report to the Members at General and Extraordinary Meetings when requested to do so by the President, and shall be invited to attend all Committee Meetings by the General Secretary, at which they may speak but not vote. Committee Members are permitted to hold Sub-Committee Posts, and more than one such post may be held by the same person, save that no person shall have two votes on any one committee.

For a list of scheduled College Committee Meetings (within the next 3 months) please see below. The committee always seeks to represent student concerns, if there is anything you wish us to raise please inform the appropriate MCR Committee Member (or the MCR President, General Secretary or Treasurer) in time for these meetings. A descriptive list of active committees is at the bottom of the page.


Active College Sub-Committees

There shall exist at least the Sub-Committee Members listed below:

CCRFC Representatives:
President, Secretary, Treasurer
The CCRFC (Combined Common Rooms Funding Committee) meets each term to discuss and finalise the funding of all societies including the MCR and JCR in College. The yearly allocation is made in early Lent term.
House, Health, Safety, and Security Committee Representatives:
President, Welfare Officers, Families Representative
The committee meets twice each term to discuss health, safety, and security issues relating to those working and living in College.
Estates Committee Representative:
Green Officer
The Estates Committee meets twice a term to discuss issues relating to the buildings and grounds of College.
Library Committee Representative:
Academic Officer
The Library Committee meets once each term.
Hanging Committee Representative:
Academic Officer
The Hanging Committee meets once each term to discuss College artwork.
ICT Committee Representative:
MCR Computing Officer
The ICT Committee meets once each term to discuss computer-related issues in College.
Small Grants Committee Representative:
MCR President
The Committee meets once termly. The Small Grants Committee gives out small grants (max £150) to individuals to meet the costs of extracurricular activities (such as sport or debating), preferably representing the College or university, who are not eligible for funding from other bodies, or who have sought alternative funding but were refused. Further information is provided on the College website in the Pink Book, which also has further information about student funding.
Welfare Committee Representatives:
Welfare Officer Female, Welfare Officer Male, Families Rep.
The committee is responsible for issues relating to staff and student well-being.
Finance Committee Representative:
MCR and JCR representation on the Finance Committee will begin in Autumn 2003 for a trial period. 
College Council Representatives:
President, Secretary
The College Council meets fortnightly to discuss various College issues.
Governing Body Representatives:
President, Secretary
The Governing Body meets twice a term. It is attended by all fellows of Churchill College.