MCR-Debate: Should Animal testing be banned?

The MCR is organizing its first debate on  Sunday, 27th Nov @ 7:00 pm  on the highly relevant topic of Animal experimentation: Should Animal Experimentation be banned?

The US Congress is currently debating a bill that would ban Medical Testing in Chimps’. The Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act, if passed, would leave the African nation of Gabon as the only country in the world that uses chimps in Medical Testing. (See: Chimps’s Days in Labs are Dwindling. )
Do you think Chimps are a good stopping point? What about Mice, Guinea pigs, Sheep, Horses? or Do you think banning experimentation would seriously hamper drug development?

We will have two panels: one in favor, one in opposition. If you would like to speak for either, just send me your name. Or you can be a member of audience and contribute as you feel!
The debate will be pretty informal. Everyone is welcome to take part. The idea is to have a discussion going. Feel free to bring along your friends!

As always, thee will be nibbles and drinks!