MCR Election Results MT2013

The election results are in! We had some super close races. I’m really sad you guys can’t all be on the committee because you all had such great manifestos and some excellent ideas for the positions at hustings! But don’t forget about the next set of elections that will be coming up near the beginning of next term. Here are the results:

Academic Officer:
Winner: HEE, Sonke & FREYBERG, Jan (30 votes)
MOORING, Eric (26 votes)

Bar Secretary:
Winner: GRIFFITH, Kent (33 votes)
LANIO, Marcos (30 votes)

Computing Officer:
Winner: HORVAT, Matic (47 votes)
ZHANG, Meng (9 votes)

Equipment Officer:
Winner: KANG, Mike (30 votes)
ZIELINSKI, Arthur (16 votes)
COLLETT, Thomas (12 votes)

You can check these results here:

And of course, we have the uncontested positions of:

First Year Officer: Suzan OK & Lisa Volpatti (jointly)
Environment Officer: Jenny Mills

The committee is very pleased to welcome you all aboard! We’ll be changing email addresses over, contacting you, having handover meetings, and holding our first meeting with the new committee next week.
Once again, congratulations to the winners of this round of elections and thanks to everyone who stood. Our gratitude also for those who are stepping down from the committee – Yvonne, Steve, Ben, Nassos, Suzanne, and Liwen, you all did excellent work in your roles!