Games mailing list

We all need some way to relax after escaping the lab or library, so why not indulge in a little gaming playing? The MCR has a wide selection of board games, as well as a wide selection of computer games. Hopefully there’s something for everyone, whether you fancy the political intrigue of Diplomacy or the anarchy of Mario Kart (Wii or 64). We’ve recently starting a mailing list for people interest in games. You may subscribe here:

Sign up if you interested in getting a group together for playing games or you are interested about hearing of upcoming events. It should be a good way of meeting new friends. The list is for everyone, whether you are interested in improving your vocabulary with a friendly game of Scrabble; are looking for someone to practise Chess with; want to set up some Churchillian online gaming, or really fancy a Poker night. Friends from outside the MCR are welcome too.

Should you want any new games purchasing, remember you can always ask.