MCR Gazette / Easter Week 1

Hello Churchillians,Gazette

Hope you all enjoyed Conference on Everything and the Advanced Student Dinner yesterday. Thanks to everyone who have supported and made these possible. We do have an amazing college and a fantastic MCR!

This week’s Gazette features a range of events as usual, plus the Veggie Bag Scheme, the Big Cambridge Survey, and some paid opportunities for teaching/volunteering.

If you have questions or suggestions or items to add to the Gazette, please email me at





College and University/Society Events

[Weekly] Scoop Veggie Bag Scheme

The Scoop Veggie Bag Scheme is an arrangement with Waterland Organic Farm near Cambridge. Every week you can order a bag of seasonal organic vegetables for £7, delivered to Churchill College MCR or the Cambridge SCA office on Friday afternoon. The bags contain a variety of freshly picked vegetables, usually enough for one person for a week. If you have an interest in local organic produce, sign up for the mailing list to receive the weekly order form, no commitment:


[ASAP] CUSU’s Big Cambridge Survey

The Big Cambridge Survey is to give students a chance to feedback on a variety of areas of student life, and give CUSU and campaign groups including CRs data with which to conduct campaigns more effectively. So far we’ve been able to provide data from the survey to help with several college rent negotiations, and campaigns to provide better welfare in colleges. The survey allows us to provide college specific data, and compare colleges on issues so you can demonstrate how your college fares against others in the university. We’ve also been taking data to the first ever University-wide working group on work-related stress, where it has helped us give a real picture of welfare issues in the University.

Take a look at last year’s result if you are interested:

Take part in this year’s survey – the Common Room with the highest level of response in proportion to college population will win £100, and all participants will also be entered into a £100 prize draw!


[03/May/2015] Oxford vs Cambridge eSports Varsity Match 2015

Welcome to the Oxford vs Cambridge eSports Varsity Match 2015 – the oldest university rivalry in the world meets the modern world of eSports.

Starting at 10am on Sunday 3rd May, Cambridge University’s finest gamers take on the best from Oxford in an all-day eSports pentathlon featuring:

– League of Legends
– Dota2
– StarCraft 2
– Counter Strike: Global Offensive
– Hearthstone

Come to watch in person at the Cambridge Union Society on Bridge Street, or watch online at


[Summer/2015] Cambridge Hands-On Science (CHaOS) Summer Roadshow

Our Summer Roadshow (affectionately also called Summer Tour) takes place from the first week of July and will run for 5 weeks, with an extra week mid-August. We pack up our hands-on science experiments along with camping equipment and volunteers in a few vehicles and tour around schools, public events and Scout jamborees across the UK (exact locations can be found on the sign-up form). Food (including lots of BBQs!), accommodation during tour and travel expenses to join tour are all covered by CHaOS. More details on tour can be found at:

Tour is a lot of fun and a great way to spend a week or so in the summer (we don’t expect anyone to do all 6 weeks! Anything from a weekend to a couple of weeks is usual). We hope to see you there!

** Sign-up is now open at:

** Please indicate all dates you are available for – flexibility is greatly appreciated! In addition, if you are 21+/23+ with a full, clean license and happy to drive an MPV/van respectively then please indicate that on the sign-up too. If you’re not sure about driving a larger vehicle, then this year we are hoping to have a couple of driving practice sessions with the van and MPV after exams this year, which you can sign up for on the form as well.

We are aiming to email out your tour allocation dates in week 2/3 of Easter term. If you have any more questions feel free to email us at 🙂


Conferences and Grants

[01-02/May/2015] Registration open for the annual Human Welfare Conference at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford

The theme of the conference this year is Human Welfare in Conflict and will feature Keynote speeches from Professor David Keen, Professor Richard Rubenstein and Michael Morton; a wide range of student presenters from across the UK and abroad; and talks from notable practitioners, such as the war photographer Paul Conroy. It is a very multidisciplinary event and we will be covering topics relevant to economics, the social sciences, medicine, education and many others.

HWC takes place on May 1st – 2nd at GTC. The conference is free to attend, but we ask delegates to pay a £10 deposit which will be refunded upon arrival. There are also a limited number of formal dinner places available for delegates and speakers on the Friday night, which is charged separately at £27.

Please see the HWC website for further information:


Work/Volunteering Opportunities

[Apr-May/2015] Paid Psychology Study on Downing Site: £8 – £12 for one hour

A PhD student in the Department of Psychiatry is recruiting participants for a study investigating how personality differences in the general population may be associated with different learning styles. There are slots available in April and May.

If you would like to take part, you will be invited to come to the BCNI on Downing Site (in the centre of town – see map,0.122472,17) for a single visit lasting approximately one hour. During the visit, you will fill out some questionnaires on your experiences and behaviour, and play a computerised learning task.

You will be reimbursed £8 for your time, and in addition to this you will have the opportunity to also win some extra money on the task (up to a maximum of £4).

If you are interested in participating, or if you would like to know more information, please contact myself, Juliet Griffin, at


[Apr-Jun/2015] Participants needed for attention and distraction study (up to £17.5 for 2-2.5 hours)

The MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit is recruiting participants for an attention and distraction study. Participants will be asked to perform a computer-based task that involves focusing attention on some words while ignoring other distracting words. The task will take around 2-2.5 hours.

To be eligible to participate, you should be a native English speaker aged 18-50 years with normal/normal-corrected vision. You should not be colour blind or have learning/language/attention deficits or any other psychological or neurological impairments.

If you are interested in participating or need further information, please contact


[Summer/2015] Oxford Summer College is recruiting for July and August 2015!

Oxford Summer College is a not-for-profit education company that runs summer schools in Pembroke College, Oxford. Our summer programmes are  for students aged 16-18 from all over the world looking to apply to top UK universities. We are running two, two week programmes (between 4th July-1st August) for international students and a series of shorter, more intensive programmes primarily aimed at British students (50% being scholarship students ) from the 10th-22nd August.

We are looking for undergraduates and postgraduates from Oxford and Cambridge to lead students in small group classes (in both subject specific lessons as well as study skills workshops), complete general pastoral tasks and accompany students on excursions and activities around Oxford. The role will be varied and is a great opportunity to work with bright students from the UK and around the world.

We will require applicants who are available for the entire session however, there will also be some part time work and shorter sessions available.

We can provide some accommodation and all meals will be included. Pay will be up to £500 per week.

If you would like to find out more, please email us at or apply by clicking on the link below:



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