MCR Gazette / Easter Week 1

With Easter term in full swing, a range of events are happening around the university soon. In fact, one of the MCR’s most important events of the year is happening right now! Head to the Wolfson Hall to catch the Conference on Everything.

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Have an exhilarating week!

Make This Space (Closes Apr 28)

Do not miss out on ‘Make this Space’, a free interactive contemporary art exhibition, in the heart of Cambridge, consisting of both established and emerging artists. We here at 6-16 gallery have also organised a host of events to supplement the main show, which includes: poetry, film, live music and life drawing classes. Come along to our opening on 25 April from 18:00–21:00, enjoy a beer and catch up with friends to sample what we have in store.
Look forward to seeing you all there.
Make This Space Team
6-16 Gallery
Kings Street

have a look at our promo video

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read the preview of our show


Cambridge Union: What Does Feminism Mean Today? (Apr 29)

Open to non-members. With Speakers from the Huffington Post

Monday 29th April, 7.30, the Union


Architectural Projections (Apr 29 to May 2)

From the 29th April to the 2nd May, the University of Cambridge Department of Architecture and the Arts Picturehouse are proud to present ‘Architectural Projections’, a festival of architecture and film, highlighting the links between the two fields, and bringing together leading academic thought and arts cinema experience.

Each screening will include a short introduction on key themes and things to look out for. The programme includes a poetic environmental documentary classic, a stylish, dark & humorous cross between George Orwell and Monty Python, and an Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece:


The 10th Technology Ventures Conference (Deadline May 1)

Join us at the Technology Ventures Conference (TVC) 2013, where we bring together entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, academics, and students to connect, learn and innovate.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the TVC, we explore together the phenomenon in which the accelerating nature of technological progress is leading to profound changes in society. Since the industrial revolution, we have already witnessed the decoupling of economic output and population demographics. With emerging technologies such as 3D printing and whole genome sequencing, will we see the same magnitude of transformation of our society as that of the steam engine? What are the significances of these technologies to our economy, to businesses, and to our everyday lives? With panels on Rapid Prototyping, Synthetic Biology, Big Data and Emerging Technology Markets, the TVC draws upon concrete examples of how entrepreneurs are systematically disrupting industries and paving the way for new sectors to emerge.

We welcome you to contribute your thoughts and look forward to hosting you at the 10th Technology Ventures Conference.

To attend, please purchase your ticket at:

For more information on speakers and agenda visit:


CUTEC: Legal Basics for Startups (May 1)

Join CUTEC for a short session covering the legal basics of starting a company.

Date: Wednesday May 1st 2013

Time: 18:30 – 20:00

Location LT 4, Department of Engineering.

Further details:

In this two part session, Mark Daly, a company commercial partner at Greene & Greene solicitors will discuss the different legal structures for your startup, including private companies, partnerships and not for profit enterprises.  He will address the pros and cons of choosing each business entity and address the different provisions that make up the core legal documentation, while giving an explanation of their importance.  This will include the role of directors, the contents of articles of association and the need for a shareholders’ agreement.  During the second part of this session there will be an opportunity for the audience to ask targeted questions.

This session will be followed by the weekly CUTEC meeting, which you are also more than welcome to join.


Peter Singer at the Union (May 1)

Open to non-members.

Wednesday 1st May, 7.30, the Union


Photography Workshops and Art Class (May 1, 5, 13)

1) Photography Workshop with professional photographer Jane Goodall
( Jane will be helping you to get to know your
camera (SLR and compact), improve your technique and take better photos.
She will also include a special on how to take good pictures with mobile
phone cameras. May 5th, 11am-2pm, at Homerton (Room tbc). Places limited to
15, tickets £5.

2) Photography Workshop with professional photographer Gilbert Park,
covering SLR and compact camera technique, different approaches to shooting
(studio, surreal, portrait,..) and basic photo editing skills on photoshop
and GIMP. May 13th, 2-5pm, at Homerton (Room tbc). Places limited to 20,
tickets £5.

3) Art Class, 5 consecutive weeks starting on Wed 1st May, 3-5pm, at the Education Faculty’s Art Room with local artist Jeremy Mulvey ( Structure and topics will be based on participant’s wishes. All art materials (drawing pads, acrylic paint, brushes) will be provided for a contribution of £20. Places limited to 18.

Please contact to sign up.


Volunteer In The Philippines

In the Philippines, schools are for free. However, still many families cannot afford to pay for materials, books and uniforms. This means that a large percentage of children never get to complete primary school and have no chance of getting a good job. Following this, they often end up trying to make a living with selling drugs or stealing, not just damaging their own lives and futures, but also the ones of their future families and children.

In order to break into this vicious circle, ‘Art relieves Poverty’ offers financial support to enable children in need to go to school and organises regular art workshops to inspire and transform the way they view their lives and futures. We depend on generous volunteers who give up their time freely to support our work on location and we would love to welcome you at one of our bases this summer! Make a difference for people who need it the most and apply at:

Also check out our Facebook page for some recent pictures and information on our work:


Pantanal Music Exchange 

The Pantanal Music Exchange (PME) is an initiative at the Nazaré orphanage in the Pantanal region of Brazil to develop a music education program and a youth orchestra. We hope to also build on the energy and excitement that music brings out of the kids to improve their community and educational opportunities. This summer four other musicians and I will be spending about 2 months at the orphanage teaching music and expanding the local support network for the program. For more information about the project, cute pictures and videos of the kids playing music, or to support our fundraising campaign, visit And do find me in the MCR, as I love to talk about Brazil, music, and any ideas you might have!
Alex Carney


Psychology Experiment (Earn £3)

The study takes between 15-20 minutes, and pays £3.

AIM: The aim of the study is to investigate the influence of memory content, emotional and sensory states on performance. PROCEDURE: You will be asked to recount a memory, report your emotional states and complete a physical precision task while receiving sensory information in terms of water temperature. PRACTICAL DETAILS: The study takes place in room 409 in the Psychology Department on Downing Site (map via link below).

If you would like to take part, you can either email me back, or sign up for a free slot using this link:

I really hope you will take part, and that I will see you soon!