MCR Gazette / Easter Week 2

In this issue of the Gazette: June events, risk management and abortion.

This Friday, we’ll be organising the first of our regular MCR formal dinners. Sign up through the college website. There will be free pre- and post-drinks in the MCR bar.

Have a sublime week!



MCR Environmental Bulletin

Dear Churchill green thumbs! Here is an update on environmental and sustainability events coming up in the near future:

WHAT? Churchill MCR Environmental Survey 2013
WHEN? Deadline 31st May
LINK? PART 1 – College performance & activities:
LINK? PART 2 – Recycling & accommodation:
DETAILS: Participate in this year’s MCR Environmental surveys and have a say on the College’s environmental and energy performance. Propose actions for improvement!

WHAT? Student Switch-Off questionnaire
WHEN? Deadline 20th May
DETAILS: Student Switch-Off Easter questionnaire: go into the draw to win one of five £10 Amazon vouchers.

WHAT? GreenBridge seminars + Retrofit Challenge (£1000 prize)
WHEN? Alternate Thursdays throughout term
WHERE? CRASSH, 7 West Road,CB3 9DP

WHAT?   University Environment Office Internships
WHEN? June – September 2013
WHERE? Cambridge and abroad (Yale University + National University of Singapore)

The Environmental Office has two different summer opportunities for students to gain experience in the field of environmental sustainability both within the University and abroad.

In Cambridge the interns will work with the Living Laboratory for Sustainability, a programme that has the goal of improving the sustainability of the University as both a community of people and as a building stock collection. More specifically the Promoting Positive Environmental Behaviours Intern  will look at behavioural change and the communication of sustainability, and the Building Energy Performance Intern will focus on investigating the energy performance of three or four University buildings.

In Yale University and the National University of Singapore (NUS) the interns will work on targeted campus sustainability projects at IARU member institutions.

For more information contact Claire Hopkins at:

Living Laboratory for Sustainability Coordinator
University of Cambridge
74 Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RW
Office: 01223 337781

Have a nice day!

Nassos – MCR Environmental Officer


Footlights/SCA Corpus Smoker (May 6)

Student Community Action has teamed up with the Corpus Smoker to bring you the perfect antidote to exam term. Come along and enjoy a cracking line-up of some of Cambridge’s best comedians compered by Fletcher Players Comedy Rep and Footlight Ben Pope in one of the city’s most intimate and unusually-shaped venues, all for a fantastic cause.

Where: Corpus Playroom
When: Monday 6th May, 9.30pm

Tickets are only £5 for students (£6 everyone else) and all proceeds go to SCA, get them at

Join the Facebook event:


CUEN Film Night (May 7)

We would like to invite you all to the  Cambridge University Energy Network (CUEN) 2nd film night of 2013!

‘SOLAR MAMAS’ -a Jordan woman’s journey to transform her life after being offered the opportunity to become a solar-energy engineer.

Date: Tuesday 7th of May
Time: 8.30PM
Venue: Clare Hall bar (Anthony Low Building)
Clare Hall, Herschel Road

‘An inspiring document about women’s empowerment’-Alissa Slmon

This event is FREE of charge. You may see the details at CUEN website:


Wilberforce Society Event (May 7)

The Wilberforce Society asks you, “Do we live in a Risk Society?”

Tuesday 7th May
Trinity College OCR

Not only a financial phenomenon…Can we perceive risk in our newspaper headlines? Our international politics? Our food or energy? Is risk the necessary reverse of opportunity?

Join us for drinks, a relaxed atmosphere and the termly TWS:ideas factory to engineer a response to the 21st century phenomenon known as The Risk Society.

Beginning with a Risk 101 introduction, we will discuss how technological and scientific progress has transformed our planet and birthed the problem of man-made ‘risk’ that we fight to mitigate.

As ever, this event is free and open to all students at the University of Cambridge, which could interest political scientists, historians, economists, physicists, engineers, and many other subjects besides.

For further details see our facebook event page:


Emergency Meeting of GU Council (May 10)

There will be an Emergency Meeting of GU Council at 6pm, Friday 10th to discuss the situation at the GU and the recent press coverage in the international media. All members of the GU are welcome to attend. If you would like to submit a motion or an item for discussion, please speak to your MCR committee.


CUSU: Let’s Talk About Abortion (May 10)

Come along to a pro-choice workshop led by a trained Education for Choice facilliator and organised by CUSU Women’s Campaign. We’ll be talking through our own understandings of abortion, learning about what the laws are in the UK and examining the tactics used by anti-abortion pressure groups. This won’t be a lecture, this will be safe space to explore different opinions and perspectives on abortion. Many people struggle to identify how they feel about abortion because it isn’t often talked about in public so this workshop aims to help people understand the truth about abortion. All levels of knowledge welcome: no question will be considered a silly question. Please note that this discussion will not focus on philosphical ideas or detailed descripitions of medical procedures. The workshop is open to everyone, including people who are not members of Cambridge University. Oh and, importantly, there’ll be ‘pro-choice pizza’ for everyone (as well as other foods and drinks for people with different dietary requirements).


Lucy Cavendish June Event (Jun 15)

The Lucy Cavendish Girls are having a Carnival themed June Event on Saturday 15th June and you are invited! Here is the website: We have a ticket promotions deal running at the moment exclusively for people in your position (social/ents).

Our theme is ‘Carnival: The Americas’ (Latin & Caribbean)
Dress code: Cocktail Attire
Venue: Lucy Cavendish College
Tickets: Earlybird – £37.75 (includes food, complimentary drinks and entertainment). There are only 67 early bird tickets left!

Any questions contact me directly or via We look forward to seeing you there!


My Darling Clemmie – Churchill Archives (Jun 18)

The Churchill Archives Centre and The Churchill Centre – UK are proud to present a performance by Rohan McCulloch of ‘My Darling Clemmie’, the remarkable story of Sir Winston Churchill’s wife, on 18th June 2013 in the Wolfson Hall.

Tickets are £10 for College Members (including Fellows, Staff and Students), £15 for guests. Tickets may be booked through Noelle Caulfield ( )


BanglaSoc Charity Appeal

On Wednesday 24th, April an eight story building collapsed on building on over 3,000 workers in Savar, Bangladesh. The greatest injustice is that the building was condemned unsafe, police ordered an evacuation the day before but the owners threatened their employees if they did not work, their jobs will be gone. The death toll is over 300 and it’s rising.
Rescue teams, fire fighters, police and volunteers are working through the rubble. There are still survivors being freed, so there’s still hope. However, to keep this humanitarian efforts going, we are trying to raise money to fund the rescuers with material.  The money goes to providing torch lights, medical equipment, safety equipments.
Donate now via the C.U. BanglaSoc website:
Time is the essence and we’re trying as much money this weekend before it’s too late.

Any questions email


CHaOS: Volunteers Required

Cambridge Hands-On Science (aka CHaOS) is a student society which aims to show children and families that science can be fun and exciting, and something that they can understand.  We’re now recruiting volunteers for our **2013 Summer Roadshow** – where we take a mini bus of volunteers and a van full of experiments camping around the country for 5 weeks of the summer (**Monday 1st July to Sunday 4th August**), visiting schools and town halls.

What would I do?
Most volunteers come on the roadshow with us for around a week.  You’d get to talk to lots of children and families, while playing with fun/noisy/messy science experiments. We’ll show you how these work before letting you have a go for yourself in schools and town halls. In the evening we do sociable stuff, such as bbqs at the beach or our campsite. It’s great fun, great for the experience in engaging the public/your CV, and much better than a week of real work! Coming on the CHaOS Summer Roadshow shouldn’t cost you any more than your time – our sponsorship covers costs such as train tickets to come and meet us + get back home, food and camping.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?
You will need fill in our signup form, which you’ll find here:
There’s lots of other information about CHaOS and the experiments on our demonstrator website:
If we’ve missed something, or you just want to find out more, do drop us an email to


CUSU Support and Social Groups

The following support and social groups will be running in Week 2/3 of Easter term

Chronic Fatigue/ME Support – 1-2pm, Wednesday 8th, Graduate Union

– a support group for anyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, Glandular
fever, or any other fatigue related issues.

Eating Disorders Support – 5-6pm Wednesday 8th, CUSU Conference Room

– facilitated by B-eat, a safe space for students of all genders who have experienced or are experiencing eating disorders to seek support or advice.

AS/Aspergers – 1-2pm, Friday 10th, Disability Resource Centre (next to
Judge Business School)

– A social group for students on the AS/Autistic spectrum.


Communication Study (Earn £4)

I am conducting a study on communication media as part of my MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology.

The study is on communication and you will be asked to fill in a survey, watch a video clip and have a conversation over a type of communication medium. The study takes about 40mins and you will be paid £4 for your assistance, as well as sweets and chocolates! The study is at the Psychology Department on the New Museum Site, 1st Floor

As the study looks at conversation I will be testing people in pairs, so if possible please bring along anyone else you think would be interested. However if it is not possible this is still absolutely fine and I will match you up with a partner. Your name will be revealed to the other participant taking part in the study, but no other personal details will be disclosed.

If you would like to take part please sign up using the following link

Or alternatively email me at

Thanks for your time and hopefully see you soon!


CUTEC: Ideas Meet Business

Have a business idea and need support?  New Start-Up Support Platform “IDEAS MEET BUSINESS” launched

CUTEC recently launched “Ideas Meet Business”, a platform that connects budding start-up founders to current MBA students from the Judge Business School, providing an opportunity to discuss business ideas and seek valuable advice at any stage of their venture.

Please visit to have a look at the current pool of business students, who you can contact directly through the website.

With this initiative CUTEC provides a new platform to combine ideas and expertise and promote innovations. While there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs in Cambridge to get advice, this new service seeks to be particularly attractive to those who are at the stage where they might have an idea, but maybe aren’t ready yet to participate in business plan competitions or reach out to more high profile mentors. In that case you can always talk to an MBA over a coffee or two!

It is important to note that this service is open to anyone who seeks advice – no need to be CUTEC member. With this platform, CUTEC hopes to provide a great complement to the existing start-up support available and to further nurture the entrepreneurial activity in Cambridge.

Please also visit for more information.