MCR Gazette / Easter Week 4

Hi all,

It’s another busy week ahead, with lots of events coming up. Don’t forget about the study skills workshops running in college this week!



Earn baked goods + learn a new language while participating in a linguistic study!

You are invited to participate in a study about Individual Differences in Implicit Learning

WHAT DOES IT INVOLVE? Completing a short series of word association tasks and you might even learn a new language in the process!

HOW LONG? There will be two sessions on consecutive days and each session will last 30 min.

AM I ELIGIBLE? The only requirements are that you are a student, are 18 years or older, and speak English fluently.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? For your participation, you will compensation in the form of baked goods during both sessions. This can range from cookies to muffins to a baked surprise of the day (dietary requests can be accommodated for).

WHERE? Wolfson Conference Office, Churchill College

WHEN? That’s for you to decide! Since the experiment will occur on consecutive days, you can choose between two different blocks. Block 1 will occur on Thursday and Friday, while Block 2 will occur on Saturday and Sunday. Sign up for your preferred time and don’t forget to press submit!

LOCATION: Wolfson Conference Office, Churchill College


Psychology Experiment – See how well  you can concentrate and get paid for it!

Hi all,

I’m a PhD student at the MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences unit and am running an*Exciting *Fun psychology experiment on individual differences in concentration and response to words. It’s about 1.5 hours long and involves filling out several questionnaires and two simple computer tasks. You’ll get paid £11.50+.

You must be aged 18-40, native English speaker, and not currently undergoing treatment for a psychiatric condition.
Email me at if you’re interested and let me know your preferred times in the coming two weeks!

Thank you!
Julie Ji
*adjectives open to interpretation

Auditions for Ruddigore by Gilbert and Sullivan [14/05/14]

Production Society: Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society
Society website:
Production Facebook Page: Cambridge Ruddigore 2014
Director: Rachel Lipsy
Musical Director: David Rice
Audition Location: Newnham College Old Labs

We are currently looking for a producer and choreographer for the production. If anyone is interested, can you please contact Rachel ( for details.

Sunday, May 11, 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Wednesday, May 14, 5:00 – 8:00 pm
It would be helpful if you could choose a time slot off of this doodle poll: [1]
However, DROP INS ARE WELCOME, so don’t be afraid to just show up. (Note that reserved time slots will take priority over drop ins, so you may have to wait a little longer if you just show up.)

Audition Materials To aid you in your preparation for your auditions, we have posted the dialogue excerpts you will be asked to read during first-round auditions. Please choose one piece according to your gender. Excerpts can be found on the Facebook page (search Cambridge Ruddigore 2014) and the website (

Please also prepare a song of your choice to sing during first-round auditions. Music from the G&S canon will be available.

Synopsis: Centuries ago, Sir Rupert Murgatroyd, the first Baronet of Ruddigore and all his heirs, were cursed by a witch to commit a crime every day, or perish in inconceivable agonies. In this parody Gothic melodrama, Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd, the latest Baronet of Ruddigore flees the curse to live in disguise as the honest Robin Oakapple. Falling in love with the virtuous Rose Maybud he seeks to overcome their mutual shyness to woo her. Haplessly betrayed by his best friend, Richard Dauntless, Ruthven is forced to once more take up his rightful title. How can he satisfy the obligations of the curse and stay true to his conscience? With a deformed villain, a haunted family mansion, a troupe of professional bridesmaids and a madwoman roaming about the countryside, this riveting romp set to some of Sullivan’s finest music is a sure-fire hit.

Principal Roles Available:
SIR RUTHVEN MURGATROYD _(disguised as Robin Oakapple, a Young Farmer)_
RICHARD DAUNTLESS _(his Foster-Brother, a Man-o’-war’s man)_
SIR DESPARD MURGATROYD _(of Ruddigore, a Wicked Baronet)_
OLD ADAM GOODHEART _(Robin’s Faithful Servant)_
ROSE MAYBUD _(a Village Maiden)_
ZORAH _and_ RUTH _(Professional Bridesmaids)_
SIR RODERIC MURGATROYD_ (the Twenty-first Baronet)_

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG): PhD, Post Doc, and Clinical Medicine Presentation & Networking session [15/05/14]

Thinking of a change?  Looking for a new opportunity that will challenge and develop you?  BCG is hiring this summer.

BCG is a global management consulting firm and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy.  We’re looking for people just like you, to partner with our clients, address their most critical challenges and transform businesses.  As a new joiner at one of our offices, your intellectual curiosity and creativity will have the opportunity to thrive.

Our offices are full of many who have made the transition from academia or medicine to BCG.  Specialities include: game theory; 18th Century English; history of art; tendon engineering; and A&E medicine.  Different backgrounds bring different perspectives, stimulating ideas and ultimately leading to innovative solutions.

Want to learn more?

Sign up to our evening designed especially for PhDs, medics and post-docs.  During the evening you will be able to find out about BCG, the opportunities in our global offices, and the application process.  There will also be the opportunity to meet our very own PhDs and medics over drinks, so you can find out what it was like for them when they made the transition and hear about their experiences.

– Date: Thursday 15th May
– Location: De Vere University Arms Hotel, Cambridge
– Time: 7pm – 9pm

To attend the presentation, please register your interest via the link –
Please note that space is limited and the link will close once spaces have been filled.  Once you register, we will send you confirmation of your attendance nearer the date of the event.

Our deadline for hiring in the London office this summer is Saturday 21st June.  To submit an application, please visit

To find out more about BCG careers for those with advanced degrees, please visit

Croquet Cuppers 2014 [entries close 18/05/14]

UnLtd Social Entrepreneurship Awards [31/05/14]

Next deadline: 31st May

If you have an idea for a project to tackle a social or environmental problem in a financially sustainable way or you’re looking for funding to expand your existing project, we’re offering the chance to earn up to £2000 in grant money, alongside support and connections to help get your idea into reality. Next deadline is end of May. To find out more, head to

Department of Engineering Photography Competition [entries by 14/06/14]

As the new term starts why not think about entering the Department of Engineering Photography Competition sponsored by Zeiss?

Open to all staff and students in the Department.

Lots of great prizes!

Video can also be entered for the new Head of Department £300 cash prize for the photo or video with the most innovative engineering story behind it.

Autism and the Rubik’s Cube: Creating Order from Chaos [18/06/14]

This promises to be a most unusual panel discussion in the historic Cambridge Union Chamber at Cambridge University. We are honoured to welcome Professor Erno Rubik, the Hungarian architect best known for his invention of the Rubik’s Cube. This is the 40th anniversary of the invention of the Cube, which has sold over 350 million copies, and there will be events in the US (including an exhibition about the Cube and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) teaching at the Liberty Science Centre, hosted by Google). The panel discussion in association with the Cambridge Union is the only event in the UK to mark this occasion.

The discussion will explore how the Cube connects with the fields of mathematics, science, art and design, music, and autism. Connecting the Cube to STEM fields requires little explanation, since the remarkable simplicity of the Cube combines with its combinatorial complexity, and the Cube has been a stimulus to generations of children globally to think about science and technology.

Connecting the Cube to autism is a novel idea. People with autism are often drawn to patterns – however simple or complex – and the Cube could hold a particular fascination for them, and can sometimes reveal their talent at ‘systemizing’.

 The audience will be students and staff of the University, families of people with autism, and those interested in the above fields. The event is not-for-profit and the aim is purely educational and intellectual, a celebration of a remarkable man and the cross-disciplinary impact of his invention, and a celebration of the positive aspects of autism.

More information here: Autism and the Rubik’s Cube Invite

New York, New York! Come and take a bite out of the Big Apple at the Wolfson College June Event!  [20/06/14]

We have a selection of OUTSTANDING BANDS this year, featured in NME MagazineBBC Music, and Amazing Radio’s Top 100, to name just a few of their honors. The night will include a special edition of the famous WOLFSON HOWLER comedy set, which just this year has featured big-name comedians Paul SinhaRomesh Ranganathan and Russell Howard!! There’s no telling who they’ll find to perform at the June Event!!
A full selection of the best New York cuisine including burgers, bratwurst, frankfurters, fajitas, pizza, American pancakes, bagels, doughnuts and ice cream will be provided along with a full bar with beer, cider, wine, port, whiskey, vodka, gin and rum, all complemented with a full assortment of mixers…make sure you arrive with an appetite!With all this on offer, can you believe tickets are only 70 pounds!? Get yours here before they run out!


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