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It’s Sam here, filling in for Megan who is away, with your usual MCR Gazette goodness. Hope to see lots of you at the Welfare Social Tea, at 3PM today in the MCR bar!

First, a few things:

i) A reminder that Rebecca is now on annual leave until the 5th June inclusive, with no email access. If you have any urgent issues during this time, please contact your tutor!

ii) We have a new Roku 3 TV box for the MCR, which should be much easier to use than the Amazon Fire TV was (which I found broken). It’s connected to HDMI 2 on the TV, and you can use it to access live TV, on demand channels and Netflix. Please make use of it! You don’t have to book to use the TV, but if you want to guarantee access you can do so here.

iii) On a related note, if you find any equipment broken/missing, please let the committee know so we can fix/replace it.

iv) We also have a new croquet set, a set of Lego, and the board game “Ticket to Ride”. They’re all in the equipment cupboard. Enjoy!



28th May – Welfare Social Tea @ MCR, 15:00

31st May – ChuTalks: Clemens Buergel on “Insider trading in times of turmoil – the case of Timothy Geithner’s connections” @ 19:30, Tizard Room

31st May –Mentoring Common Table @ Dining Hall, 19:30


31st May – Insecurity and Inequality in Academia: the new normal? @ Small Lecture Theatre, Bragg Building, Cavendish, 13:00

Co-hosted by the Universities and Colleges Union Cambridge Branch and Cavendish Inspiring Women.
The academic workforce has become increasingly ‘casualised’, with over 50% of all academic staff in the UK on some form of insecure contract. Current trends in the UK and elsewhere suggest that academic work is becoming more precarious for many, with serious implications for academics, research and the future of higher education. Carole Leathwood will argue that such trends are not inevitable, and conclude with a discussion of some of the ways in which they can be resisted and challenged.

Carole Leathwood is an Emeritus Professor of Education at London Metropolitan University. With a disciplinary background in sociology and women’s studies, she specialises in research related to inequalities in higher and post-compulsory education. Carole is also a Fellow of the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE), a Consulting Editor for Women’s Studies international Forum, an Associate Editor for Gender, Work and Organisation and a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Education Policy.
Read about the rise of casual contracts in universities:


18th June – Annual Punt Race, Darwin College Island

The annual River Cam Punt Race is taking place on Sunday 18th June starting at Darwin College island at 5.30pm and finishing at the Trinity Punts.

Competition for fastest TEAM entry and for fastest SOLO punter – prizes TBC.

The race is open to all and registration is £5 per punt.

Email to register.




 Centre For Global Equality Student Committee

Apply :

The Centre for Global Equality (CGE) is a network of NGOs, academics, businesses and individuals who work  collaboratively towards reducing extreme inequality. The aim of the CGE Student Society is to connect students with an interest in international development to the vast network of NGOs with whom the Centre for Global Equality are connected to, and to provide opportunities to students to expand their specific interests. CGE Student Society has three main goals: organising events; publicising CGE’s events and opportunities; and acting as a network for student societies.


Apply to be a part of CUSPE

Interested in the impact of your research and Science-Policy more broadly?
Apply to be a part of CUSPE!
CUSPE strives to strengthen the ties between academia and policy for early career researchers. To do this, CUSPE is made up of different teams that put on different events and projects to advocate evidence based policy, train our members and network with our early-career counterparts in the civil service.We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to run CUSPE next year, working together towards this goal. Descriptions of the different roles are given below, for more information please feel free to contact the current team leaders. If you are interested in applying to be a team member, please send a one pager explaining which role you would like to apply for and why to  

Finance & Fundraising Team:

F&F is responsible for overseeing the finances of the society and ensuring that the society has the resources to carry out its activities and to grow as it sees fit. A key part of this job is forming the financial and fundraising strategy for the year, including overseeing the creation of sponsorship packages. The Team responsibilities also includes liaising with sponsors and finding new sponsors and hence requires strong communication skills (both oral and written).

Marketing & Communications Team:

Marketing and communications is responsible for overseeing the public output of the society through a variety of sources. Along with a team of several others, the marketing and communication head will ensure the website is kept up to date with the latest information, upcoming events are promoted and subsequent event reports are written and shared and that the regular newsletter is distributed. These and a variety of other tasks are necessary to ensure the activities of CUSPE are made known to all the various groups and organisations we engage with.

The team is also responsible for connecting CUSPE with external organisations (generally non-sponsor relationships); exploring potential collaborations; putting together proposals for collaborations to CUSPE and organising Policy Fellow Visits with CSaP.

Lectures Team:

The Lectures Team is responsible for the organisation of CUSPE’s public lectures programme, with the Team Leader responsible for allocating tasks within the team and supporting team members with event ideas, venues and speakers.

Responsibilities include overseeing the development and organisation of CUSPEs public lectures in Cambridge. Lectures cover a wide variety of topics within a science-policy theme leaving a significant amount of flexibility when deciding on topics. Topics are chosen based on suggestions from CUSPEmembers, personal interests or suggestions by the larger CUSPE network. The Head of Lectures will work with the team to set out the year’s lecture topics and assign members of the events team tasks for each event. The Team will oversee lecture preparation including booking venues and acquiring speakers and ensure everything happens on time as well as working closely with the Marketing and Communications Team

Workshops Team:

The Workshops Team is responsible for the organisation of CUSPE’s workshops programme, with the Team Leader responsible for allocating tasks within the team and supporting team members with event ideas, venues and speakers.

Responsibilities include arranging workshops which bring early career researchers and policy makers together to discuss ‘live’ policy topics. The Team will be responsible for building and maintaining strong connections within departments, researching possible ‘live’ science-policy topics and overseeing the organisation of the workshops in Cambridge.

Publications & Media Team:

The Publications Team is responsible for setting CUSPE’s Publication Strategy for the forthcoming year.  The Team works to help train researchers in understanding more ways to engage their research in a policy context, to try new publication avenues and the establishment of strategic publication partnerships. The Head of Publications will make editorial decisions on the content and format of CUSPE communications and will also lead a team in the production, publication and marketing of CUSPE media communications each term.

Management Committee: 

Team Leaders (Lectures, Workshops, Fundraising, and Marketing) – 

Team leaders are responsible for the direction and organization of each team described above ensuring that the team work is combined within the overall mission of CUSPE to provide a network for educational opportunities on today’s most pressing policy issues and training in how to connect academia with policy-making.

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the finances for CUSPE. This includes creating and managing a budget, processing and recording financial transactions, and managing the CUSPE bank account. The Treasurer is also expected to help serve on the Finance and Fundraising Committee. This position requires organisational and communication skills.


The Secretary is responsible for managing records and management of records and events within the committee from meetings to CUSPE-wide policy discussions.  The secretary also works with the marketing and communications team to connect CUSPE with external organizations including working to organize visits with Policy Fellows from CSaP. 



31st May deadline – Call for Assistants – Summer Residential Seminars in Cambridge

In preparation for our forthcoming summer residential seminars for undergraduate and postgraduate students coming from Asia, we are currently looking for University members that would be interested in assisting these seminars. For more information about the seminar, please refer to 


OngoingFree & Funded Summer in China with TEFL Certification:

Gotoco has lots of positions remaining on its 2017 summer TEFL programmes. These take place in diverse locations across China. Teach Chinese students English and gain a TEFL certificate, while learning all about Chinese culture and exploring one of the most diverse countries in the world. Apply today and have an unforgettable summer!


This year Gotoco will runs summer teaching programmes across 50+ locations around China. Join us to assist with teaching projects in one of our ‘real China’ programmes in a typical Chinese city (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing or elsewhere) to learn about what is really happening in this exciting country. At the end of the programme we offer a free one week holiday to Yangshuo – our base in the mountains to the east of Vietnam, which is Lonely Planet’s top-rated destination in the whole country! (see photo below, or at this link


Exact dates vary for each programme, we aim to be as flexible as possible to cater to the needs of our volunteers. We can offer various programme durations, anything from 2 weeks to 3 months. Start dates are flexible, but typically programmes begin at the end of June, mid-July or the beginning of August. Right now we have lots of positions available from 10th July onwards.


Join us to learn about China and the world while gaining a valuable TEFL certificate, along the way make lifelong friends from among the other volunteers on your teams and the students you help. Pick up valuable CV boosting work experience while earning references for any future jobs you may wish to apply for. Most importantly, have an exciting gap year style adventure and the trip of a lifetime!

To read about some of the many benefits of taking part, why not check out past volunteer’s testimonials here:


Taking part in this programme is completely free of charge, we also cover the costs of TEFL certification, Chinese lessons, trips, accommodation and meals, with no additional fees!

Just buy your flights and get a visa and come join us in China. We also are able to cover the flight costs of those that join us as campus reps.

Next steps?

Check out our website – – to find out more, or apply straight away at this link:


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