MCR Gazette / Easter Week 5

There are just a few messages this week. Please keep June 22nd free in your diary, for our final guest night of the year. More details will be released very soon.

Have an enlightening week!



CUEN Talk – Mark Osborne (May 29)

We are proud to invite you to our next evening lecture this term that will serve as a kick-off event of our 2013 Annual Energy Conference on SMART CITIES AND SMART ENERGY in June.

Dr. Mark Osborne, National Grid, will talk on the design of SMART ELECTRICITY TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS*. Date and time: 29th of May 2013 (Wednesday) at 6:30pm Venue: LR4,Department of Engineering, Trumpington Street.

Dr. Mark Osborne joined National Grid in 1997 and works in Electricity Transmission Asset Management.Key responsibilities include new technology, innovation and developing a Smarter Transmission strategy incorporating dynamic ratings, wide area monitoring, control and protection in the grid of the future.

Please find the poster for the lecture attached.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Annual Conference! The price will increase after the 31st of May. To sign up for the conference, click here:

Note: Discounts are available for groups of 5+.

I am looking forward to seeing plenty of you at the lecture and also at the conference!


Seminar Coordinator (Deadline Jun 7)


Creative Writing Group (Jun 8, 15)

Rosie Johnston has been running a writing workshop with past and present students of the college. The range of everything is wide, including the writing experience, so students would find like minds whether they’re starting from scratch or have maybe written several drafts. There is more info on the website
There are two writers’ Saturdays left for this term: 8 & 15 June. This is a big term for students of course but if anybody fancies a couple of hours away from it all, in a completely different world, they’re very welcome. It’s free.


Spring Ball Committee – Applications Open

Hey Churchill,

Jess and I are looking for next year’s Spring Ball Committee! We are mainly focusing on finding new Presidents at the moment, but if you’re interested in being part of the committee, even in a smaller sub-committee role, then please get in touch as well

jtr31 and slv26.

If there was any ideal time to get involved with the Ball, it is now. The college has indicated that they are willing to go along with trying out new forms of the event next year and so it is up to you to decide when and how Spring Ball will be!

Being on the committee has been, in our experience as Presidents, fun, challenging and enormously rewarding. The Spring Ball is the largest event in college and being involved in its organisation is a great way to acquire skills that are offered by few other extra-curricular activities. As a bonus, organising Spring Ball also looks fantastic on your CV!

As we said, being on the Spring Ball Committee is great fun, but don’t take our word for it – get in contact with our previous committee via They can tell you more about other roles on the committee and give you an impression of what it is like to be involved in such a large project.

Ball love