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Many thanks to those of you who attended the TGM on Tuesday and those who voted for the new MCR committee. It has been a pleasure serving you over the past year. I would now like to introduce you to Megan McGregor, the new MCR General Secretary, who will take over the circulation of the weekly Gazette.

As usual, if you have questions or would like to add anything to the Gazette, you can still email




College/MCR Events

[3/Feb/2016] Mentoring Common Table @ Dining Hall, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

[4/Feb/2016] CHUtalks – Sonke Hee @ MCR TV Room, 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

[5/Feb/2016] Pre-formal Recital Series – Bursary Holders’ Recital @ Recital Room, 6:15 pm – 7:00 pm

[6/Feb/2016] London Museum Trip

[7/Feb/2016] Super Bowl Party @ MCR, 10:30pm



University/Society Events


After 5 sold-out shows, Speakeasy is BACK with a very special birthday extravaganza! Come to the ADC Bar at 8pm on Sunday evening (7th February) for another brilliant night of poetry, with the return of the Queen of Speakeasy herself — founder and former host Charlotte Higgins performing as a feature poet!

And as always, anyone can sign up to read 3 minutes of their own poetry in the slam, and compete to win honour, glory, and a performance slot at a future Speakeasy!

If you usually love poetry, if you usually hate poetry, if you’ve never heard of performance poetry or spoken word before but fancy giving it a go (/being entertained while having a drink in the ADC Bar), come along! Have a drink, have a listen, if you want to perform get up and speak – it’s easy!

/ 8pm // Sunday 7th February // ADC Theatre Bar //

Box office: 01223 300085

Free online booking:

Simply comment on the event wall or send me a message (pt361) to sign up for the open slam.

Hope to see many of you there to celebrate two years of Speakeasy! There may or may not be cake.




Paid/Volunteering Opportunities

[ASAP] Paid Study Opportunities

Study 1: Participants wanted for paid study – £80 for 6x30minute sessions

We are currently looking for some paid participants for a cardio-based authentication feasibility study. The study involves light physical activities, and then measuring the participants’ electro-cardio signal through their fingertips using a handheld electronic device. Light refreshments (drinks and snacks) will be provided during the study.

The study will preferably be carried out between February and March 2016. All participants are expected to attend 6 sessions during a 5 week period.

– Sessions 1-4: preferably in 4 consecutive days, and preferably at different time of the day

– Sessions 5-6: preferably 2 weeks after the previous session (follow-up sessions)

Each session should take no longer than 30 minutes, and does not require any prior experience or technical skill. The study will take place at the Broers Building, Hauser Forum, on the University’s West Cambridge site. (Please note that this study is not sponsored by – nor associated with – the University.)

Participants will receive up to £80 in total for the study: £10 per session for the sessions 1-4, and £20 per session for sessions 5 & 6, provided sessions 1-4 were all attended), payable at the end of each session.

Eligibility: All participants must be at least 18 years of age, healthy and not exhibiting any medical heart conditions.

Warning : The study is not a medical experiment . Participants will not be examined by a doctor. ECG data will not be analysed to detect any pathological condition and will be anonymised irreversibly. All personal data will be treated and stored in a strictly confidential manner and in accordance with the data protection legislation.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Sharon Lee at

Study 2: Prediction in language – psychology study

I am a third year psychology student and I am looking for participants for my behavioural study. The study is part of an ongoing project that is interested in the role of prediction/anticipation during language comprehension.

During the experiment you will hear a list of incomplete sentences. After each sentence, you will be asked to complete them. The study will take about 2 hours and you will be paid £6/hr plus travel expenses (£3 within Cambridge). The experiment will take place at the Centre for Speech, Language and the Brain, on Downing Site.

If you:
– are right-handed
– are native British English speaker
– have no hearing deficits, and are in good general health
– are 18-35 years old

You can contact Siyu Jiang at to book a slot.



Ten week summer project with Education Partnerships Africa (EPAfrica) – APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN.

Successful applicants will work in teams of two or three in partnership with rural secondary schools in Kenya and Uganda. Our volunteers don’t teach, because we don’t believe that this has a long-term impact. Instead, each team works in partnership with these schools to make a long-term, sustainable impact through the investment of £1,800 in durable educational resources and the creation of sustainable health, sanitation, careers and gender equality programmes.

Find out more information, and apply directly, at

EPAfrica has a system of rolling applications, so apply early to avoid disappointment!

Final deadline: Midnight, 5th February.


[3/Mar/2016] A fully funded volunteering English teaching program in China this summer!

Interested in teaching children and Chinese culture? Want to do something different and visit China? CUCCS Cambridge English Summer Camp has been successfully hosted for five years. It brings enthusiastic and talented Cambridge students together to inspire and teach Chinese students. Your help will have a great impact on students in China and allow you to share your talents with others, leaving a positive and lasting impact.

Here’s an opportunity for a FULLY FUNDED placement (including flights, accommodation and meals) in Beijing and Shijiangzhuang/Guangdong Province this summer!

Organizer: The Cambridge University Chinese Cultural Society (CUCCS)
Location: Camford Royal School in Beijing and Shijiazhuang/ Guangdong Province (you’ll be allocated to either Beijing plus Shijiangzhuang camp or Guangdong camp)
Dates: from 10th July to 20th August 2016 (including 32 teaching days and 8 non-teaching days) (*exact dates are subject to change)
Roles: Teaching English to students age from 8-18 in a summer camp (no previous teaching experience or qualifications are necessary)


-Free return flights (maximum reimbursement 600 pounds), accommodation and meals, an extra 2,000RMB pocket allowance
-Regular Chinese culture classes offered by the school
-Guided sightseeing tours for you to explore China

It will be a highlight on your CV as well as an experience, which you will carry with you for a lifetime.

To apply, please fill in an application form at:

(Previous CCS volunteers only need to fill in basic information and will be guaranteed an interview)

Deadline for application is 3rd March 2016. Interviews will be held near the end of Lent term.

Want to find out more about it? Join us at the information session at: 3.00pm Saturday 6nd February 2016 Keynes Hall Kings College. Volunteers from previous years will be invited and share their experience with us.

The information session will be mainly based on Q&A, so please submit your questions via the following link and we will select the most frequently asked questions to answer during information session:

Email if you have further questions.

P.S. You DO NOT need to have any teaching qualifications or knowledge of Mandarin to volunteer.

Please see our Facebook event page at:



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