MCR Gazette – Lent Week 3

Good morning everyone,

One message from College: You’re invited to tea and cake! That’s all.

I hope to see you at the MCR Super Bowl party tonight or our CHUtalk this Wednesday.

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You are invited to tea and cake with your tutors in the Jock Colville Hall on from 3 pm on Saturday 24th February. RSVP, via email to by 8th February.

The Advanced Students’ Tutors would like to invite their tutees for some tea and cake in the Jock Colville Hall on from 3 pm on Saturday 24th February.

RSVP, via email,  by the 8th February. Places are limited to 70. First come first served. Families are very welcome (please tell me the number in your group when replying).


4th February – Super Bowl Party @ MCR TV Room

Grab some classic American super bowl snacks and watch some NFL (kickoff at 23:30). For more information on the event contact our First Year Rep., Have Markus.

31st January – MCR Academic Seminar @ Tizard, 19:30

Is Directed Acyclic Graph consensus model the Blockchain Killer? – Oskar Syahbana. Cheese and wine to follow. For more information on the event contact our Academic Officer, Savvas Gkantonas.


CSAR: Enhancing the Brain and Wellbeing in Health and Disease (19:30 Mon 5 February 2018, Wolfson Hall)

Enhancing the Brain and Wellbeing in Health and Disease

How more effective treatments are being developed through an understanding of the neural basis of cognitive, emotional and behavioural dysfunction

Prof. Barbara J. Sahakian, University of Cambridge

While people frequently monitor their physical health, using wearable tech and other devices, we are much less likely to consider our brain health. The most important role of countries is to promote their citizens’ cognitive resources in order to prosper both economically and socially. With an ever more competitive global environment and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), it is important to think how we can boost brain power and wellbeing. In addition, the importance of early detection of mental health problems in order to treat them effectively is essential to prevent these disorders from becoming chronic and debilitating. In this lecture Prof. Sahakian will focus on how to improve brain health, motivation and wellbeing including the use of cognitive enhancing or ‘smart drugs’ and also the use of brain training apps.

19:30 Mon 5 February 2018

The Wolfson Hall, Churchill College, Storey’s Way, Cambridge, CB3 0DS

Enterprise Tuesday: Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship (18:00-21:00, 6 Feb 2018)

Guest speaker: Hans-Christian (Chris) Boos, Founder and CEO, Arago

With introduction by Jens Bernhardt , Founder & Managing Partner, Bernhardt Advisory

Chaired by Chandran Sankaran, Founder of Zyme

Date & time: 18:00-21:00, 6 Feb 2018 (Registration from 18:00; Lecture starts at 18:30). Please note places are limited and seats will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Venue: Please note this series will take place at Cambridge Judge Business School, CB2 1AG.

Register: Please complete the online form >   

Chris Boos has a mission: empowering human potential, freeing up time for creativity and innovative thinking through artificial intelligence (AI). Chris founded Arago in Germany in 1995, pushing existing boundaries in AI technology to build a general AI. As a strategic corporate and political advisor, as well as angel investor, Chris’s multifaceted engagement for AI makes him a respected public speaker and thought-leader on issues of global importance, such as the man-machine-relationship, the way societies deal with information and the future of labour. 

Enterprise Tuesday is a programme consisting of a series of free evening lectures and networking sessions which is managed and delivered by the Entrepreneurship Centre. The programme aims to introduce participants to the world of business, as well as to encourage and inspire individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial ambition. We have a great line-up of speakers across three terms including William Tunstall-Pedoe, AI entrepreneur and founder of Evi (acquired by Amazon and used to create Alexa); Oliver Thain, founder of CambsCusine (restaurant chain includes St John’s Chophouse); Simon Galbraith, co-founder and CEO of Redgate Software; and Dr Darrin Disley, CEO of Horizon Discovery.Find out more>

Gates Cambridge Annual Lecture – What if…Gender equality could change the face of poverty?

Sarah Hendriks, Director, Gender Equality, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

13 February 2018 6 p.m. St John’s College, Cambridge

In too many countries, women and girls face differential barriers to their health and development because of the ways that poverty and inequality are inter-twined. This interconnection is evident across multiple levels in terms of: a) how women in low-income households’ experience poverty; b) the way power is brokered in communities; and c) the engrained biases in systems and structures that often exclude women (such as economic, agricultural, financial or market systems).

Development theorists and economists alike have argued that the global development goals will be harder to achieve if half the world’s population is left behind, and unless there is systematic attention to address gender inequalities and meet the specific needs of women and girls. This lecture will explore the data and evidence behind gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, as a driver to lift poor households out of poverty.

About the Speaker:

Sarah Hendriks, Director, Gender Equality, leads the foundation’s efforts to achieve substantive and sustainable results in promoting gender equality and unlocking the empowerment of women and girls. She is responsible for working across the foundation and with our external partners to develop and drive a strategic vision on gender equality, build organizational commitment, and establish technical processes that shape the foundation’s current and future work in the area.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Sarah worked as the Director of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion for Plan International. In this role, she provided global strategic leadership of Plan’s cross-cutting work on gender equality and inclusion, served as the chair of the editorial board and as the lead gender advisor for a multi-year global research and policy report entitled ‘Because I am a Girl: the State of the World’s Girls’ and led the development of the ‘Global Girls Innovation Program’, a $500 million portfolio of innovation and results-driven initiatives on adolescent girls.

Before joining Plan International, Sarah worked with Women and the Law in Southern Africa (WLSA) Malawi and has worked extensively as a gender equality consultant in areas such as Gender-Based Violence (CIDA), Women’s Access to Justice (GTZ), HIV & AIDS, and the design of gender equality strategies.

For more information and to book please click here.

Greenland Ice Cores Tell Tales on Past Sea Level Changes

By Professor Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Head of the Centre for Ice and Climate, Neils Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Wednesday 21 February 2018 at 5:00pm

On behalf of the Department of Geography, I am delighted to invite you to this public lecture which will be held in the Large Lecture Theatre at the Department of Geography, Downing Site.

At this lecture, Professor Dahl-Jensen will present the first results from the drilling of an ice core in the centre of the active North East Greeland Ice Stream (NEGIS) to compare the paleo-behaviour of the Greenland ice sheet to the present in relation to sea level rise, as part of the international EGRIP project.

Everyone is welcome to come along, so do feel free to circulate the attached to anyone you think might be interested in attending.

University Events

Cambridge Student Switch Off Ambassador training

The Cambridge Student Switch Off is looking for enthusiastic, environmentally-minded students to become Ambassadors for their campaign. They would love to meet anyone who is interested at their training session on Wed 7th Feb. You can sign-up for the event here:


The session will be a fun and interactive workshop providing you with skills in communication and environmental campaigning. It will look at the Student Switch Off campaign ( as a practical example of how to encourage behaviour change. Their tips and tricks on effective communication will be transferable to your academic and extra-curricular activities and attending will look great on your CV!


As a bonus, everyone who attends will receive a Fairtrade Student Switch Off t-shirt and a reusable Ben & Jerry’s coffee cup!


Wed 7
th Feb
12:05-12.50pm, 1:05-1:50pm or 3:05-3:50pm

Leslie Stephens room, Trinity Hall college, CB2 1TJ

If you have any queries or access requirements, contact Neil Jennings (





CUSU Intermission Socials

Intermission (or taking a break from studies) is too often a stressful process and one by which students can be quite confused. Take a look at last year’s CUSU Guide to Intermission to get the information you need, and if you’re looking for advice on the process, the Students’ Unions’ Advice Service is here for you with free, confidential, and impartial advice.

In CUSU, we’ve been working on a couple of intermission projects. First of all, we’ve started running two intermission socials per term. The next one is on the 23rd of Feb at 4:30 pm in the CUSU Lounge and anyone who has intermitted at any time, is thinking of intermitting, or is currently intermitting is welcome to attend.

We are also organising a roundtable meeting that we’re calling an “Intermission Forum” with senior figures in the University; particularly senior tutors, the UCS, DRC, and SUAS. At this forum, we want to discuss some of the main issues students are facing in the intermission process, and we want your input.

We want to get student testimony so that your voices are heard and we are able to give good information about what intermitting feels like at Cambridge, what good support is out there, and what still needs to change. If you have intermitted, or thought about intermitting, please fill in this survey:



CCN Lent Flagship Projects (Application Deadline Today!)

Interested in getting more experience in consultancy, developing your skills and working with others in an engaging project? This term we have SIX exciting projects for student consultants to work on.

Become a part of a team that generates high-calibre solutions for clients ranging from startups to industry leading companies. See the details of our projects below:

Project 1: Material Science startup – Market Entry Strategy

The client is a spin out from the Material Science Department in Cambridge. Their patented technology has the potential to overcome the material limitations of many long speculated, potentially life changing applications. CCN will analyse how the client’s technology can improve current applications and how it can contribute to novel technologies. Based on that. CCN will also propose a market entry strategy for selected applications of the client’s technology. A background in Material Sciences or Physics is highly beneficial.

Project 2: Technology company – Customer experience

The client is a multinational semiconductor and software design company looking to remodel the structure and content of those parts of their website aimed at technical audiences. CCN will conduct primary and secondary research to identify weaknesses and strengths of their current offerings and propose a strategy for improvement. Open to students of all backgrounds. Open to students of all subjects. A background in Marketing/Sales/e-commerce as well as an affinity to technology is beneficial but not mandatory.

Project 3: Technology company – Pricing strategy

The client is a technology company that offers services to their clients (e.g. technical product training) for a certain price. The client wants CCN to explore alternative pricing models for their services and recommend pricing strategies with their relevant merits and drawbacks. Open to students of all subjects. A background in Marketing/Sales/Business as well as an affinity to technology is beneficial but not mandatory.

Project 4: Technology company – Case study

CCN’s client offers computer chips for use in a wide range of electronic devices. The client wants CCN to conduct research that identifies how their clients use their computer chips. The output of the project will be a case study that will help CCN’s client to market their products more effectively. Open to students of all subects. A background in technology is beneficial but not mandatory.

Project 5: Life Science technology startup – Market research and pricing strategy

The client is a startup with a technology for fast antibody discovery that could be used in a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic applications. CCN will identify a market entry strategy with special focus on product offerings and pricing strategy. Open to students of all backgrounds. A background in Life Sciences is beneficial.

Project 6: Social enterprise – Marketing campaign and funding strategy

The client is an African social enterprise with the aim to empower the unbanked in Africa through the provision of microfinance services. The client wants CCN to identify innovative strategies to market their products more effectively and secondly a plan to attract investors. Open to students of all backgrounds.

The start of the projects is Sunday the 11th of February with a mandatory launch event from 2-6pm.

Please be aware that the main CCN projects last 8-10 weeks, and will require a commitment of 10 hours per week.

To apply:

Visit our website at: to submit an application. You will need to complete a short online form indicating your preferences; we will do our best to staff the projects accordingly.

Application Deadline: Sunday 4th of February, 4pm (applicants are advised to apply well in advance)

If you have any questions please email Niclas at:

2018 PhD Bursary Scheme – £500 to access work experience

Announcing the 2018 PhD Bursary Scheme to support low or unpaid work in the media, not for profit and arts & heritage sectors – now open.

The closing date is 7 May 2018. Before you apply you need to have your work experience lined up so now is a good time to start organising that.

The scheme offers funding of up to £500 for Cambridge University PhD students in any discipline to undertake work experience in the media, not for profit or arts & heritage sectors to be completed by 31 Oct 2018. If you are planning some low or unpaid work experience that doesn’t fall into one of these categories or this timeframe then please email us (well ahead of the deadline!) to discuss eligibility at

More details about how to apply, dates and eligibility are available at:

We will be running a one hour session especially for PhD students with tips on how to organise work experience on 1st March. You can book a place at:

Microsoft AI Residency

Learn new AI skills and improve people’s lives with intelligent technology

You will have the opportunity to work alongside prominent researchers and engineers in Cambridge, UK, gaining skills and hands-on experience working on practical AI and machine learning problems that help tackle some of society’s toughest challenges. The ideal candidate will have a passion for leveraging their expertise from computer science work and/or other technical fields to solve real-world challenges by applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Cambridge Programmes Mentor

We are looking for Undergraduates and Graduates to work as Mentors on our Programmes in the summer of 2018.

We offer a Junior Programme, specially designed for 11 to 12 year old children just moving up to Middle School after the Summer holidays.  This Programme is held at Fitzwilliam College.

We offer an Academic English Programme, an English Literature Programme and a Science Programme for students aged between 13 and 17. 

We also offer a Law Induction Programme for students aged between 15 to 17 and a Medicine Programme for students aged 16+.  These Programmes are held at Churchill College.

We have been running our Programmes for 14 years for boys and girls from Australia, Hong Kong and a few from other countries.  There will be several foreign teachers accompanying the students from their schools and some of their parents will join them at the end of the programme.

The main U.K. teachers on these Programmes are professionals drawn from schools in and around Cambridge and some from Universities. Students are taught in formal lessons in the morning.  Then they are divided into small groups of around six working with their Mentors to consolidate their learning.  The Mentors’ role is to teach, to organise activities outside lessons and to look after the students in a pastoral role.

Mentors are required to live in College for the two weeks near the students. Mentors are fully supported by our Directors of Studies and our College Programme Dean.  We also have a live-in Matron to support the students and mentors when required.

We are particularly interested to hear from Undergraduates and Graduates reading English, History, Law, Medicine, Natural Sciences or Engineering and who are talented in music, sport, drama, dancing and debating etc. Patience, good communication skills, leadership and ability to work in a team are vital qualities as a Mentor.  Any experience you have in teaching young children or teenagers should be highlighted.

Remuneration:  £1050 for the two weeks plus free accommodation and meals

Please visit our website and apply with your CV and a cover letter stating why you are suitable for this position before 15th February 2018 by email to:

Mrs Rebecca Clarke, Director:

Successful applicants will require two references and a DBS check prior to appointment. Interviews will take place in Churchill College on either 3rd, 4th, 10th or 11th March 2018.  If you miss the above deadline, do make sure you email us to check if vacancies are still available.

Varsity Education Summer Program (£300-£400 per week)

Varsity Education is a not-for-profit education company that runs summer programmes in both Oxford and Cambridge. Students attending our programmes are aged 15-18 and are keen to learn more about their chosen subjects and looking to apply to top UK Universities. 

We are running two two-week programmes in Cambridge between 8th July – 5th August and one two- week programme in Oxford between 7th August – 21st August.

We are looking for advanced undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates from Oxford and Cambridge to lead students in small group classes (in both subject specific lessons as well as study skills workshops), complete general pastoral tasks and accompany students on excursions and activities around the city. There are a number of roles on offer and this is a great opportunity for those keen to spend the summer in the city, gain valuable teaching experience and work with bright students from the UK and around the world.

Most applicants will be required to be available for the full two-week session they apply for however, there will also be some part-time work available with flexible hours.

We can provide accommodation for those interested in the role of Housemistress/Housemaster and some meals will be included. Pay will be between £300-£400 per week depending on the role. 

If you would like to find out more, please email us at or apply by visiting The deadline for applications is the 9th February.

Mon 5 Feb – 17:00-18:30 – Careers Panel: Science and Technology Consulting Panel

Mon 5 Feb – 17:00-18:30 – Careers Panel: Science and Technology Consulting Panel Booking required. Hear about the stories of Cambridge scientists and engineers who have moved into sci/tech consulting. Including Cambridge Consultants, TTP, Springboard, PA, IQVIA, Innovia and Waymont.

Do you want to use your scientific or technical background in a consulting context?

Technical consulting involves working with clients on varied projects in R&D, product development and innovation, making direct use of your scientific, engineering or technical knowledge.

We have brought together a panel of consultants on Monday 5 Feb, 5.00-6.30pm in Mill Lane Lecture Room 3, to share tips on how they first got into the sector and what their work involves. Our panellists for the evening are:

Dr Carrie Hagerman, Innovation Consultant, Innovia Technology

Ben Lefroy, Senior Engineer, Cambridge Consultants

Dr Stephanie Weichert, Consultant, TTP (The Technology Partnership)

Dr Philip Howie, Scientist, Springboard Pro

Helen Underwood, Software Consultant, PA Consulting Group

Dr Aaron Everitt, Strategy Consultant, IQVIA

Dr Tom Culverhouse, Principal Consultant, Waymont Consulting

Their academic backgrounds include physics, biochemistry, materials, chemistry and engineering, and all are Cambridge alums.

The panel is a chance hear from each of the speakers briefly and then to ask questions in a group setting. There will also be some informal networking afterwards.

Book your place at:

Tue 06 Feb – 18:30 – Careers panel: Sustainability

Tue 06 Feb – 18:30 – Careers panel: Sustainability Panellists include Julia Barrett, Director of Sustainability at Willmott Dixon and Steven Day, Co-founder – Pure Planet (green energy retailer)

Wed 07 Feb – 15:00 – COMMS & CREATIVE EVENT

Wed 07 Feb – 15:00 – COMMS & CREATIVE EVENT includes opportunties in publishing, science communications and data analytics (The HUT group, Merkle Periscopix)

This is an important week for anyone interested in science communications/publishing as a career – with our major careers event… Comms & Creative Event.

This is not a traditional jobs fair style event where all organisations have vacancies for graduates or PhDs. Many of the attendees will be Cambridge alumni who have come to share insights about their role, organisation and career path.

Organisations and individuals in science communications/publishing include:

  • Amiculum Ltd
  • Blueprint magazine – student publication
  • Havas Life Medicom
  • ISTC (Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators)
  • Oxford PharmaGenesis – medical writing
  • PLOS – science publishing
  • Royal Society of Chemistry – science publishing
  • Springer Nature – science publishing
  • Claudia Stocker – individual working in scientific illustration
  • UIT/Green Books

Thu 08 Feb – 15:00 – WORK TO CHANGE THE WORLD

Thu 08 Feb – 15:00 – WORK TO CHANGE THE WORLD includes Element Energy (a strategic energy consultancy), Hey Science (educational charity), Scientists for Global Responsibility, Vizzuality (connects policy, science and citizens).

The talk features Hans-Christian Boos, Founder & CEO of Arago. Chris Boos has a mission: empowering human potential, freeing up time for creativity and innovative thinking through artificial intelligence (AI). Chris founded Arago in Germany in 1995, pushing existing boundaries in AI technology to build a general AI. As a strategic corporate and political advisor, as well as angel investor, Chris’s multifaceted engagement for AI makes him a respected public speaker and thought-leader on issues of global importance, such as the man-machine-relationship, the way societies deal with information and the future of labour.

To register, go to:

Thu 08 Feb – 18:30 – Springboard Consulting

Thu 08 Feb – 18:30 – Springboard Consulting

Springboard is a small rapidly growing technical consultancy based near the Cambridge Science Park. They are holding a networking session in the Cambridge Brewhouse (Tank Room), King Street, from 18.30 on Thursday 8th February at which they’d like to meet ‘exceptional engineers and scientists with an entrepreneurial spirit …, both at the graduate and post-graduate level.’

For more information see the Careers Service diary

Springboard will also be coming along to our working in a Start-Up event on the afternoon of Thursday 22nd February.

Their current permanent and intern vacancies are advertised on our Vacancy and Opportunities listings . Search for ‘Springboard’

Wed 07 Feb – 13:00 – Get ready for job interviews

Fri 09 Feb – 14:00 – Successful application forms


Assertiveness –  Getting What You Want


WHEN: Tuesday 27 February, 10.00 – 13.00

WHERE: Dept. of Engineering, Lecture Room 3B


Managing Your Stress

WHEN: Tuesday 27 February, 14.00 – 17.00

WHERE: Dept. of Engineering, James Dyson Building, Teaching Room  



WHEN: Thursday 15 March, 10.00 – 13.00

WHERE: Dept. of Engineering, Lecture Room 3B


computer-based attention and creativity study (£6/hr)

The MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit is currently looking for participants to take part in a computer-based attention and creativity study. The study involves focusing attention on some words while ignoring other distracting words, plus a measure of creativity. The testing session takes approximately 2.5 hours and you will be paid £6 pounds each hour for your time and 2.5 pounds for traveling expenses.

To be eligible for this study, we ask that you:

-are aged between 18 and 32;

-are a Native English speaker;

-have normal/normal-corrected vision;

-do not have colour-blindness;

-have no history/diagnosis of ADHD or other learning/attentional/language disabilities.

The available timeslots are: Feb. 4th – Feb. 28th: 9:30 – 12:00 am; 13:00 – 15:30 pm; 15:30 – 18:00 pm; 18:00 – 20:30 pm

For more information please email Yingying Wang at

Impression of Consumer Products (£4)

We are looking for volunteers aged 18 and over to take part in our Psychology study (in Downing Site, Department of Psychology) on how people form impressions about consumer products, and about people.

Participants will receive £4 for a study that takes about 25 minutes. This study will require participants to refrain from eating for 3 hours before their scheduled time slots. Individuals who would be at risk by abstaining from eating for this amount of time should not apply to take part in this study.

During the study, you may be asked to sample a food product. If you have any food allergies, please contact us first to see whether you might be eligible for participation.

To secure an appointment please sign up here:


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