MCR Gazette / Lent Week 6

Good Morning!

It’s been a sunny Sunday so far, but beware of possible rains in the afternoon ūüôā

This week’s Gazette features¬†a range of Cambridge events over the following couple weeks, as well as panel discussions, and work and volunteering opportunities. If you have questions, suggestions, or items to add to the Gazette please do not hesitate to email me at¬†¬†

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you next week!



Cambridge University/Society Events


Speakeasy, ‚ÄėCambridge‚Äôs most popular poetry slam‚Äô, is BACK for our penultimate show this term, this Sunday 22nd February in the ADC Theatre Bar!

We’ve got more fantastic feature poets, and the return of the open poetry slam. Anyone can sign up to read 3 minutes of their own poetry, and compete for the title of Speakeasy slam winner.

Whether you’re already a huge fan of performance poetry, or just fancy something a little bit different, come along! Have a drink, have a listen, if you want to perform get up and speak – it’s easy.

When and Where: 8pm, Sunday 22nd February, ADC Theatre Bar

Featuring (not three but FOUR poets!!)
Maria Ferguson (Maria’s performed at Bestival, the Edinburgh Fringe, and generally all over the show)
Tyrone Lewis (former Roundhouse Slam Champion)
Freya Trevor-Harris
Rinna Keefe

Free online ticket booking:

Link to facebook event:

If you want to perform in the slam, just get in touch via the facebook event, or email Charlotte Higgins (ch571)!


[23/Feb/2015] IDENTITY: A discussion group.

Discussion Group: 8-10pm, 23rd Feb, Barbara White Room, Newnham.
UniCORNS social: 8pm, 10th Mar, Vaults.

The University of Cambridge Open Relationship and Non-monogamy Society (UniCORNS), new this term, is devoted to non-monogamy, polyamory, open relationships, or any other member of the huge family of alternative relationship styles. We organize fortnightly alternating discussion groups and socials, open to everyone, regardless of how you do relationships.

Our next meet up is called ‘Identity’. We’ll be considering what it means to identify as preferring alternative relationship styles, and the relationships between it and sexual orientation, romantic orientation, gender identity, and other components of our identities. It’ll take place on the 23nd February, 8pm, in the Barbara White Room, Newnham. Latecomers and early leavers welcome!

Join the Facebook event: to hear the latest.

Our next social will be on the 10th March, from 7 until we get bored of each other, at the Vaults.

We now have a functioning mailing list: and Facebook group: Sign up to both to hear about future discussion groups and socials. We might even be organized enough to send round a termcard next term


[26/Feb/2015] 50 Shades of Improv: a Cambridge Impronauts shortform sketch show

8-9pm, Thurs 26th Feb, Cambridge Union, Societies Room

The Cambridge Impronauts, in collaboration with Cambridge RAG, are proud to present an alternative and completely, er, original vision of romance in the 21st century!

In an era where romance has been left for dead, let us teach you a lesson in love you’ll never forget. We’ll use our trademark blend of stories, songs, and skits, all completely made up on the spot, for a “lethally funny evening” (TCS). How it all pans out will be up to you and your suggestions, of course…

Entry is £3 on the door, which will go 100% to Cambridge RAG! You can also get them in advance, here: and join our event page here:

No rehearsals. No woman, no cry. No problem.


[06/Mar/2015] CU Consulting Society: Free Insight Lunch with Integration Consulting

6th of March, 12.15-13.15, Latimer Room, Old Court, Clare College

This event will be a fantastic opportunity to learn more about what a career in consulting could mean for you, and is primarily aimed at first and second years but anyone is welcome to attend.To sign up, just tell us your name and what kind of sandwich you’d prefer! There’ll be other food available too.



Seminars and Talks

[26/Feb/2015] Panel discussion: What is the role of the charity sector within education?

The debate:
CUSAFE and FERSA are hosting a panel discussion to examine the process of selecting and funding charities, and the impact they make on promoting education equality.

We want to understand what role the charity sector plays within the education sector. What are the cultural, economic and social impacts of westernised forms of giving?

And how are our decisions guided by evidence or ‚Äėwhat feels right‚Äô? These issues and many more will be addressed by our expert speakers.

What is CUSAFE?
CUSAFE is a society comprised of college teams which raise money for education-based projects throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. To date, CUSAFE has supported hundreds of charities with the aim of tackling the educational deficit within SSA.

Time: Thursday 26th February – 19:00
Location: Cambridge University Faculty of Education, Room GS4.
184 Hills Road,
Cambridge, CB2 8PQ

Facebook event page:
CUSAFE Website:

So come along to join this informal discussion accompanied by wine and nibbles!


Work Opportunities

[ASAP] Trinity Hall June Event 2015 employment opportunities

Worker applications to Trinity Hall June Event are still open. The June Event is offering five different paid full night positions and a limited number of half on/half off roles. The June Event is a unique event in May Week, famed for its lively and informal atmosphere. Should you feel that your May Week budget can’t quite stretch to cover another ticket, though, working is great way to enjoy the event and to make some money in the process.

For more information and to apply:

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email Tom at


[ASAP] Student Volunteers for Team Up – an educational charity

In the UK, just 1 in 3 children from low income backgrounds leave school with basic qualifications. It takes just 1% of Cambridge¬†University’s most outstanding students to make this a thing of the past in Cambridgeshire.

Join our Leadership Development Programme and transform the lives of disadvantaged children. You will participate in our nationwide movement of over 1,000 students to:

1. Train. Learn a range of leadership and teaching skills.
2. Apply. Use the skills you learn to provide small group tuition to children from low income backgrounds. You can also become a committee member or Schools Officer to create an active movement for change on your campus.
3. Develop. Gain an accredited qualification and, in some cases, be fast-tracked to an interview with a leading employer.

If you are available¬†on Tuesday¬†afternoons and want to tutor GCSE pupils in Maths or Science then you’ll be fast tracked to phone interview within 48 hours. We only require your¬†commitment¬†until Easter so this is a great short term voluntary opportunity!

Be part of a national movement. Interviews and offers are made on a rolling basis, so apply now at


[14/Mar/2015] Student Volunteers for Cambridge Hands On Science

**What is CHaOS?**
If you don’t know who we are, Cambridge Hands On Science (aka CHaOS) is a student society which aims to show children and families that science can be fun and exciting, and something that they can understand.

**CHaOS need student volunteers**
We’re now recruiting volunteers for our biggest annual event, “Crash, Bang, Squelch!”- this a huge hands on science day that we run during the Cambridge Science Festival. We’ll be taking over the Zoology Department in the New Museums site (on the right when you enter through the arch) on Saturday 14th March 2015. We’ll have lots of own exciting experiments, and we’ll need lots of enthusiastic student volunteers to help demonstrate them to the public. Saturday 14th March is after the end of lectures, so you can have fun helping out without worrying about work.

**What exactly does it involve?**
We’ve got a huge number of hands-on experiments that we’ve designed to demonstrate interesting scientific principles. You might find yourself demonstrating how bridges stay up, why some things glow in the dark or even introducing children to Boris the skeleton. The ideas are simple, but with enthusiastic and interested demonstrators we can show children that science isn’t a ‘boring’ subject.

You can choose to demonstrate in the morning or afternoon, and if you choose to do the whole day we’ll even provide you with a *free lunch (whoever said there was no such thing?). Even better, there is a *free party* in the evening for all the demonstrators.

**Sounds great! How do I sign up?**
The sign up page is on our website at You will be able to select which experiments you want to do after your initial signup, and there’s lots of other information about CHaOS and the experiments on our demonstrator website ( please have a look to find out what we do! Also, why not get your friends to sign up too?

**I’ve never done anything like this before, will I be any good?**
No experience is necessary, and every year we have loads of people who haven’t done CHaOS before. If you’re a scientist (including mathmos, vets, medics, engineers or compscis) you already know more than enough to demonstrate. The experiments have interesting and useful descriptions to explain the science and if you are unsure you can always ask one of the friendly committee members.

If you’ve got any questions about Crash Bang Squelch!, or about CHaOS generally, please get in touch with us at

[Note: In previous years people have confused Crash, Bang, Squelch! and other Science Festival events, some of which also happen on Saturday 14th March… Obviously we think Crash, Bang, Squelch! is the most fun, but it makes everyone’s life easier if you make sure you’re not double booked!]

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom- we hope to see you at a CHaOS event soon!



[ASAP] Survey participants needed for mobile learning study

A PhD student at the Faculty of¬†Education, University of Cambridge is currently carrying out a research¬†project related to students’ use of mobile wireless devices such as¬†smartphones, tablet PCs and laptop computers for learning also known as¬†“mobile learning”.

The survey is hosted via online for your convenience and it will take only 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Your participation will enable you to enter in a draw for an Amazon gift voucher. If you click the link to survey below, the first page of the online survey has a description of what participation in my study will entail, the terms for participating in the study, and a discussion of the rights of any study participant.

Link to survey:

If you have any questions or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at Thank you for taking the time to read this information and I will look forward to get your responses.



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