MCR Gazette / Lent Week 8

Dear Churchillians,
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Soon enough we are coming to the last week of the Lent term. Hope you’ve all had fun both at work and in life, and thank you very much for all your support to the MCR.

This week’s Gazette features a few events and some attractive work opportunities – please do check out!

Also, please be reminded that your MCR won’t go away during the break. You can always check back to the MCR Calendar for things to do, or add your own events! More information can always be found on the MCR website and our Facebook page.

As usual, if you have questions or suggestions, email me at

See you all next term!



College and University/Society Events


Speakeasy, ‘Cambridge’s most popular poetry slam’, is BACK for our final show this term, this Sunday 8th March in the ADC Theatre Bar!

We’ve got more fantastic feature poets, and the return of the open poetry slam. Anyone can sign up to read 3 minutes of their own poetry, and compete for the title of Speakeasy slam winner.

Whether you’re already a huge fan of performance poetry, or just fancy something a little bit different, come along! Have a drink, have a listen, if you want to perform get up and speak – it’s easy.

When and Where:
8pm, Sunday 8 March 2015
ADC Theatre Bar

Antosh Wojcik (Roundhouse slam winner)
Abbi Brown (Speakeasy slam winner)

Free online ticket booking:
Link to facebook event:

If you want to perform in the slam, just get in touch via the facebook event, or email Charlotte Higgins (!


[2/Apr/2015] Cambridge Rare Disease Network Launch Event

In celebration of Rare Disease Day, the Cambridge community is launching a new initiative, the Cambridge Rare Disease Network (CRDN).

CRDN is a new non-for-profit organisation aiming to create rare disease awareness and build a community within the Cambridge area. We aim to engage and connect relevant stakeholders from Cambridge University and the Cambridge Biomedical Cluster in order to address rare diseases more effectively. Please, find more details about CRDN on our website. Our supporters include Genetic Disorders UK, Findacure, Utah Rare, Cambridge Judge Business School, One Nucleus and Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst, amongst others.

When and Where:
5pm, 2 April 2015
Judge Business School

Parent Entrepreneurship in Rare Diseases

Our outstanding speakers include:
Dr Nick Sireau, Founder of the AKU Society and the charity Findacure
Ms Kay Parkinson, Founder of patient group Alstrom Syndrome Society
Dr Will Evans, Trustee of the Niemann-Pick Disease Group
Dr Cesare Spadoni, Founder of aPODD Foundation.

Register here:

CRDN Website:


[Mar-Jun/2015] An opportunity to get support for your Life Sciences startup

Accelerate Cambridge and AstraZeneca have combined their expertise in entrepreneurship and life sciences to help you start and succeed in your own startup. Whether you are developing a software to design new medicines, building an exciting medical device, or discovering a life-saving drug – apply to our programmes. AstraZeneca will also be highlighting areas of particular interest and focus, as well as general challenges for the Pharma industry that new entrepreneurial ventures might wish to tackle.

If you are interested, but do not have a startup idea yet – come along – we will help you meet like-minded people!

Our events:

What’s on in bio-business – Thursday, 19th March 18:00

  • Listen to AstraZeneca about the new challenges in bio-business and tips on how to become a successful bio-entrepreneur
  • See the programme, and register here

Bio-Startup Weekend – Friday-Sunday 20-22 March:

  • Meet your teammates (if you don’t have the team yet, or if you’re looking for a team to join)
  • Test and launch your bio-business in 54 hours or…
  • …if you don’t have the idea yet – we will inspire you to come up with ideas
  • Click here to read more and register, and enter the COL code to get a discount

Pre-Accelerate Programme in Life Sciences – 25th April to 25th June

  • 3 months bio-entrepreneurship programme, with life sciences experts to help you create a sustainable bio-business
  • You will be mentored directly by experts from AstraZeneca and others
  • The programme is free of charge
  • Preview the programme, and apply here

If you have any questions, please contact us directly at:



Seminars and Talks

[31/Mar/2015] Are there too many people? A head-to-head debate on overpopulation

Location: Divinity School Lecture Theatre, St John’s College, Cambridge
Time: 7-8pm, 31 March 2015

The human population has increased seven fold in just over 200 years, exceeding 7 billion in 2011. The global population is expected to continue to rise in the coming decades, with the United Nations predicting numbers to reach between 8.3 billion and 10.8 billion in 2050.

But is population growth really a problem, or is the real issue wealthy countries consuming resources at an incredible rate? Will population growth cause widespread shortages of food and energy or will technological innovations allow us to overcome this? And should the government be adopting policies to tackle population growth here in the UK?

Chair: Professor Dame Athene Donald, Cambridge University

Confirmed speakers:
Fred Pearce, author and journalist on environmental issues.
Fiona McKenzie, Trustee, Population Matters

Tickets are free, but booking is essential, using the link below:



Work Opportunities

[ASAP] Workers for Peterhouse May Ball

Applications to work the first half of the Peterhouse May Ball are still open!

Apply with friends, work the first half together and then enjoy the second half at a discounted rate.

Working with friends can be a great experience, and enable you to enjoy what promises to be an incredible May Ball at June Event prices.

Go to  for more details.

For more information:

Any questions, feel free to email


[ASAP] UniAdmissions – Tutoring for over £100 per day

Are you a Cambridge graduate or in your final year of Study?

Are you keen to help enthusiastic 16-18 year olds with their UCAS application?

If so, you could be earning OVER £100 per day!

Apply now at:


[ASAP] Committee Members for Energise Cambridge

Energise Cambridge directly negotiates with the University’s key decision makers on environmental and sustainability issues, engaging students on these issues and making a real difference. We have played a key role in putting environmental issues on the University’s agenda and securing an ambitious new University Environmental Policy. Join us to continue pushing for change!

Positions available:
– President
– University Policy Officer
– Policy Area Champions
– Campaigns and Student Engagement Officer
– Web and Publicity Officer


[13/Mar/2015] Summer Teaching Opportunities

Reach Cambridge is looking for PhD & Post-Doctorate students to teach on our summer courses in:

  • Physics (29th June-17th July weekday mornings and 3rd-14th August weekday mornings & afternoons)
  • Chemistry & Medical Sciences (3rd-14th August weekday mornings & afternoons)
  • Life Science & Medicine (29th June-17th July weekday mornings)
  • Psychology (29th June-17th July weekday mornings and 3rd-14th August weekday mornings & afternoons)

All courses are designed to provide international high school students with a lively and engaging introduction to the subject at university level through interactive workshop sessions.

Teachers have considerable autonomy in lesson planning, are encouraged to teach their favourite topics, and are not expected to supervise students outside of teaching hours. Many of our teachers from previous years have commented on how helpful this experience was for their careers, whether academic or professional.

As well as teachers on these courses, we are looking for a Chemistry Course Coordinator, to oversee the Chemistry component of our Chemistry & Medical Sciences course.

Pay for teachers is £25/hr, up to £900.

Pay for the Chemistry Course Coordinator role is £1000.

Applicants should email a C.V. & cover letter to Luke Billingham at by Friday March 13th. Applicants are encouraged to submit C.V.s as soon as possible as interview spaces are limited. Interviews will take place in early April.



The Churchill MCR Gazette exists for the purpose of publicizing events to students. The MCR does not back any particular set of political or religious beliefs or lifestyle. Inclusion of events in the Gazette does not imply endorsement by the Churchill MCR.