MCR Gazette – Michaelmas Week 3

Good morning Churchillians,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  The first, and frankly most important, reminder for this week is that our termly TGM is happening at 19:30 on Tuesday in the MCR. We have a number of contested position this election cycle, so come along to put your questions to potential future committee members before the elections.

Other things of note in college this week:

  1. The TAS office is closed this week and will reopen on the 30th of October. If you have an urgent matter in the meantime, please contact your tutor or the Porters’ Lodge.
  2. The JCR committee has set up a trial Churchill College “stash” shop . For those unfamiliar with this particular example of strange Cambridge slang, they are essentially offering various items embroidered with a Churchill logo. The current offering can be found here and I am assured that more items will become available over time if the trial is successful.
  3. Finally, a personal plea from me – I am running low on creative energy when it comes to taking photos of the college to go on the website with the gazette. If you have any good photos of the college that you would be happy for me to use (with appropriate credit of course) please send them my way!






Burns Night – Volunteers Required

Volunteers are requested for our annual Burn’s Night Celebration to take place on the evening of Saturday 27 January 2018. This congenial annual event is a joint one organised by and for members of  the SCR and MCR, with all the usual Burns associated tradition including toasts to the Haggis, a piper, Ceilidh and Whiskey. All members are invited to get involved, but of course those of Scottish heritage may be particularly keen to do so. Please contact the Domestic Bursar ( if you would like to participate in a role for the supper e.g.  one of the toasts.

Diners for the supper will be able to sign in, via the usual booking system closer to the time.


Student Switch Off

Our college is competing against 14 of the other Cambridge colleges this year in the Student Switch Off energy-saving campaign. As well as bragging rights we stand the chance of winning £250 for our summer garden party so please support the campaign by liking the Facebook page and posting the name of our college on the wall. If you’re not on Facebook you can sign-up to support the campaign via

The campaign will be hosting a series of mini-competitions over the year where colleges receive a bronze, silver, gold or platinum award based on how involved we get in the competition. Students who get involved stand the chance of winning Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, formal hall tickets and Lush cosmetics for themselves so there’s loads of great stuff up for grabs for doing your bit for the environment!



24th October – MCR Termly General Meeting & Husting @ Sandy Ashmore Room, 19:30

25th October – ChuTalks: Elsa Matthus on “Plant Roots – Living and Sensing Underground” @ 19:30

27th October – Hills College Bar Crawl @ 19:00

28th October – Sports Day @ 14:00, Field next to Gym

28th October – The Great Churchill Bake off @ 16:00

28th October – Halloween Party @ MCR Bar, 20:00


24th October – CU Nanosoc First Talk of the Year @ Nihon room, Pembroke College, 19:00

Our first talk this year will take place on 24th October at Nihon room, Pembroke college. We will start at 19:30. Speakers are Dr. Franck from Department of Computer Science and Technology, and PhD student Dédalo from Cavendish Laboratory.

Dr. Franck will talk about “Mixing Chemistry, Material Science, Signal processing, Physics and Computer Architecture to characterise embedded devices security”. The talk from Dédalo will be “Nanoprinting 3D magnetic devices: A tour from fabrication to in-lab operation”.

Drinks and snacks are provided.

Please join us if you are intereste


McKinsey & Company: Application Deadline Reminder – 26 October

Dear PhD Students and Scholars,

 I hope you are settling in well to the new university year. As I am sure many of you are aware, the deadlines for applications to graduate schemes are drawing closer. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to invite you to consider applying to McKinsey & Company.

McKinsey & Company is a leading management consultancy with 107 offices in 62 countries. All of these offices actively recruit top PhD talent.

If you would like to apply, or have further questions, please feel free to write to me at: or visit our website.


  This deadline is relevant for those wanting to apply for UK and rest of the world (please note that most of the US offices excluding New York, Boston and Stamford will not be screening applications as the main US deadline passed in July).



  Problem Solving Test (for London& Dublin candidates only): 14 November

  First Round Interviews: 21 22, 23& 24 November in the London office

  Final Round Interviews: Decided by host destination office (TYPICALLY HELD AROUND 2 – 4 WEEKS AFTER THE FIRST ROUND INTERVIEWS)







  Which position should I apply to?

  If you are applying to the US, please select the ASSOCIATE position.

For Europe and London, please select the JUNIOR ASSOCIATE position (these are very similar roles). If you cannot find the office you are looking for please select the other job (either Associate or Junior Associate and will correct it once screening the application).

  The Junior Associate/ Associate Role is a Generalist Consultant role.

We do offer specialist roles at our company, though these are rather open for people who have had significant work exposure at a given industry or very specific analytical skills. Given that, always recommend that you should start as a generalist as this positions gives you exposure to various sectors and industries which ultimately enables you to gather more knowledge and skills.

  You can of course choose to be staffed on specific types of projects that are more relevant to your background and education and in that way you can continue to develop your skills; should you decide after some time that you would like to move to the expert track you can always do that. From our experience though people who become generalists are in the end more fulfilled as they get to choose what they would like to do at certain points of their career as it’s less limiting in a way.


  How should I choose which offices I apply to?

  When determining your office preferences please consider your local tie to the region. In the majority of cases you will need to speak the local language to business fluency and this may be tested at interview. There will be few exceptions to this rule – e.g. Middle East and Scandinavian offices do not require for the candidates to speak the local language, nonetheless you need to have strong ties to the region/ office in order for your application to be considered.

  Please see here for information on our local offices including the types of work they focus on:[2].


  Can I apply for an Internship?

  Unfortunately London office doesn’t offer internships for PhDs. Most of other offices do, however, so if you would consider applying for an internship in another country I would encourage you to apply by our upcoming deadline. Similarly to the full time position application, the process needs to be completed online. You need to be in your penultimate year of studies in order to be eligible to apply.


  Are there any other options that allow me to get to know McKinsey better, if I am not able to complete an Internship?

  Yes – absolutely! You can apply for our Insight Programme. Insight is an exclusive 3 day event offering students an insider’s look into management consulting. This programme is designed for PhD & postdoc students and those on a prestigious scholarship within the UK. It is open to the students in the UK and Ireland. Students need to be in their final or penultimate year to be eligible. (***please note that the application process for Insight 2018 will only open in January 2018)


  About McKinsey & Company

  McKinsey & Company is a place where you can problem solving for leading global clients, develop your talent and be part of a team that generates high-calibre ideas. It is also one of the few places where you can have immediate and direct contact with some of the world’s top CEOs, social sector and public sector leaders and where you are encouraged to give your opinion. We pride ourselves on creating an environment that is able to attract, develop, excite and retain exceptional people like yourselves.


  As one of the world’s leading Management Consultancies, our goal is to provide distinctive and long-lasting performance improvements to our clients, who range from governments and multinationals to charities and entrepreneurial firms. Our work cuts across every business sector – from multimedia to energy, banking to retail, e-commerce to healthcare.

  If you would like to find out more please visit: [3]

Ongoing: Sign up for Instant Impact

Looking for a career where you can really make a difference? Sign up for Instant Impact’s interactive portal which shows you full-time, part-time and internship opportunities with innovative businesses in the UK tailored to your interests and CV.

Instant Impact is an award-winning early careers recruitment company, specialising in placing the UK’s top emerging talent into jobs at entrepreneurial companies, from early-stage start-ups to disruptive scale-ups & forward-thinking large businesses.

Signing up takes three minutes and can be done by clicking on this link:

Sign up to Instant Impact


Ongoing: Adaptive Brain Lab Studies

You are invited to participate in our three session study investigating the effect of tDCS on visual learning. Our experiments investigate human visual learning and we are using brain stimulation to study how the excitability of the cortex affects how fast you learn. The particular experiment consists of three sessions that last 1h each:

      * Screening session: here we do a vision-test and some short tests to confirm your eligibility for our experiment

      * tDCS session: here you get trained on a visual task while receiving stimulation

      * post session: here you get trained on a visual task without receiving stimulation

This study pays £25 for the three sessions.

If you are interested in our study, please send an email to with the subject “tDCS study” 


The Churchill MCR Gazette exists for the purpose of publicizing events to students. The MCR does not back any particular set of political or religious beliefs or lifestyle. Inclusion of events in the Gazette does not imply endorsement by the Churchill MCR.