MCR Gazette – Michaelmas Week 6

Good morning Churchillians,

A couple of things to bring to your attention today:

  1. This week’s academic seminar has been moved to the Tizard Room, but will still be taking place at the advertised time (19:30 on Tuesday)
  2. We now have a TV Booking System available on the website at Booking is not mandatory, but those who have booked the TV have priority over those who have not. The rules for using the system are explained on the booking page linked above.
  3. Our external social sec is still looking for study participants! Check out item 6.2 to sign up.





22nd – 23rd November: “What is War Today?” @ Churchill Archive Centre

We already have over 100 people signed up for our two day symposium. The latest programme now has General Sir Nick Houghton (former Chief of Defence Staff), Sir Hew Strachan, Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Lord Ashdown among a wealth of others.

You can see more details at

Churchill Enterprise Event – 30th January 2017

Seminar & Panel Discussion with drinks & networking

30 January, 5.30pm–7.30pm Churchill College

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? How can you develop your entrepreneurial skills, and access the best support and mentoring? As Bill Gates said, ‘Success is a lousy teacher’ – so how do you learn from failure? 

This free event is open to all, and will allow you to hear first hand from serial entrepreneurs, with a Churchill connection, and network with a community of entrepreneurs and investors within and beyond the Cambridge high tech cluster.


Keynote speaker: Steve Ives, Founder and President of Taptu Ltd

Simon Jones, Entrepreneur and founder of his own executive coaching and training businesses. • Paul Higgins, Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Crowd Valley • David Holden-White, Co-founder of Biotechspert  • Brian Moyo, Founder and Managing Director of MSM Healthcare

Find out more and register your place:



14th November – SCR/MCR Common Table @ Churchill Hall, 19:00

15th November – CHUTalks: Matthew Pearce on “High-performance numerical and scientific computing” @ 19:30, Tizard Room



24th November – RAG Jailbreak Launch Party @ Lola’s

Feel like you missed out on LOST? We’re launching our flagship hitch event at Lola’s on the 24th. We’re going big with props and photo booths, plus our fabulous Jailbreak team will be on hand to tell you all about it.



20th November – Get your tickets for Polygeia’s Global Health Conference today

Held at the prestigious Wellcome collection on Sunday 20th November 

Purchase conference tickets at:

One of the themes for this year’s conference is tropical diseases.

The rapid rise of an infectious disease to epidemic proportions will always spur heightened and prolonged public and academic interest. The recent Zika virus epidemic, which broke out in 2015, has been no exception. Zika is a mosquito-borne flavivirus that evokes mild flu-like symptoms in infected adults, but which has devastating neurological consequences, most notably the confirmed association with microcephaly for foetuses exposed in utereo.

The public accesses information about Zika, and other public health issues, predominantly through media channels. The media thus holds an important role in communicating information to the public and in facilitating their response. This study aimed to determine the extent to which mass media, social media, and academic publications correlated with each other when reporting on public health issues, and to what extent they can influence public opinion, focusing on the U.S. media reporting of the 2015-2016 Zika virus outbreak as an example.

These findings were used to draw up key public health policy recommendations as to how the media could best be used by public health officials during the outbreak of an infectious disease. It was found that mass media was highly effective at communicating up to date and accurate information, and content strongly correlated with what was published in academic literature. Social media acted as a forum for users to express their own opinions, and provided windows of opportunity for engaging with the public which allowed public health officials to address specific fears and provide relevant information.

Mass media and social media are therefore complementary and both important for policy makers to engage with during a public health epidemic



20th November Deadline – The Brilliant Club: The Scholars Programme 2016-17 Recruitment

The Brilliant Club Placements, Academic year 2016-17: A meaningful, paid opportunity for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to teach their own research!

The Brilliant Club is an award-winning charity that recruits, trains and pays doctoral and post-doctoral researchers to deliver programmes of university-style teaching to small tutorial groups of high-performing pupils in schools that serve communities with a low participation rate in Higher Education.

Over the course of the academic year 2015—2016 we placed over 400 researchers to work in schools across England where they worked with over 9000 high performing pupils.

Tutors are placed in a school to work with small groups of high-performing pupils over a term, delivering a series of tutorials that takes them beyond the curriculum and help to develop the knowledge, skills and ambition necessary to secure places at highly selective universities.

In addition to earning £450 per placement, successful candidates will gain valuable teaching experience, enhance their knowledge of the UK education system and develop a programme of tutorials drawing on elements of their own research with a chance to disseminate it to a non-expert audience. As well as this, they will also join a cohort of like-minded researchers who are interested in widening access to highly-selective universities.

To apply to be a Brilliant Club tutor, please find the application form on our website along with further information about the assessment process.

Please apply by 20th November to secure a spot at an assessment centre for an Spring placement. Applications will be accepted after this date but we may not be able to guarantee assessment centre date immediately.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email us at


21st November – Sign up for Churchill Spring Ball Auditions!

Auditions for Churchill Spring Ball are now open! We will be holding the auditions on FRIDAY 25th and SATURDAY 26th NOVEMBER (5pm-9pm) in the Recital Room of Churchill College Music Centre- come along!! We are looking for all types of acts (music of all different genres, magicians, comedy acts etc.) so please try out- you could be exactly what we’re looking for.

If you are interested, please sign up on the Google Doc on the link to our official website: Please provide your Act name, contact details (crsid and telephone number), number of performers and when you are free to audition. Audition slots are 15 minutes, so please let us know all possible times you will be available in the 4 hour slot, and we will get back to you ASAP with an allocated audition time. We will be providing drum kit and electrical equipment. Payments will be discussed at the auditions.

The deadline for the sign-up is MONDAY 21ST NOVEMBER so don’t waste any time!


26th/27th November – Corpus Christi May Ball Auditions @ Corpus Christi College

Join our creative team as we prepare to pull out all the stops for Corpus May Ball 2017.

We are looking for a diverse mix of musical and non-musical ents to fill our beautiful satges and performance areas – everything from bands, acoustic acts, comedians and sketch troupes, spoken word artists, MCs, DJs…. And a whole lot more – come ready to entertain us!

We will be holding auditions from 10am – 6pm on Saturday 26th November and 11am – 6pm on Sunday 27th November. Sign up for a *10 minute slot* here:

Think you have something exciting to offer us but can’t make the audition weekend? Other queries? Email Tom or Maddy, at




Ongoing: Research volunteers needed for usability study on online Cambridge Dictionary

My name is Neil Ryan. I am currently working in Cambridge University Press and am also doing a part-time MA in Technical Communications and E-Learning. As part of my college research this year I need to perform a usability study.

I would like to perform a usability study on the online Cambridge Dictionary. This will entail having five research participants to individually give me about half an hour each to run through some tasks on the dictionary on a mobile device. I will be asking the participants to narrate their experience and will be recording the audio of the session. There will then be a short question and answer section on their experience with the dictionary. I would preferably use students who are currently learning a language but have English as a first language or at least fluent speakers. Ideally I would perform this study in the next two weeks and could meet students in a classroom or in the language centre. I am able to offer a small stipend to participants.

Please email me at if you are interested.


Ongoing: Get Paid to Help Science with the Cambridge Experimental and Behavioural Economics Group

I’d like to bring your attention to the Cambridge Experimental and Behavioural Group (CEBEG) Lab. We are a stone’s throw away from the main Judge Business School building (at 10 Trumpington Street). The lab runs paid behavioural and computer based studies and we are looking for participants to take part in these. These pay an average of £10 an hour and you can find the studies here:

If you are using the website for the first time, you will need to request an account. This will only take a minute and is very easy to do. We already have a study running this coming week and we’d love for you to participate if you are able to.


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