MCR Gazette – Lent Week 1

Good morning Churchillians,

Today is the last day we are accepting nominations for the upcoming MCR elections! Nominations close at 19:30 today and we are still looking for candidates for the positions of  Internal Social Secretary or LGBT+ Officer. If you are interested in either of these positions, or any of the others listed below please get in touch.

  • President*
  • General Secretary*
  • Treasurer*
  • Men’s & Women’s Welfare Officers
  • LGBT+ Officer
  • Families Representative
  • Internal Social Secretary
  • External Social Secretary
  • Bar Treasurer

(* denotes an executive position that cannot be run jointly). Hustings will be held on Monday, and the elections open the follow morning.

The annual Burns Night Dinner is also happening this week on Saturday, and you can book in via the usual formal booking system. Come along for Scottish poetry, haggis and ceilidh dancing!





Demolition of 36 Storeys Way

A message from Shelley: Demolition of 36 Storey’s Way is likely to start on Tuesday this coming week. The private road is likely to be very busy during the day with trucks removing the materials.

Ongoing: Summer job opportunity for Churchill students

The Development office are looking to recruit 13 students to take part in our eleventh Call Campaign from the 23 June – 8 July 2018. Benefits include an excellent hourly rate of pay, £112 per week towards accommodation rent costs in or out of College, a free meal each day of calling, full professional training (paid) and plenty of free time. 

Full details about the job can be found by visiting where you can apply online.

You are also invited to come and meet callers from the last Call Campaign at a drop in info / drinks event in College on Monday 12 February from 6 – 7pm in the JCR games room.

Applications close on Wednesday 1 March

Churchill Enterprise ‘Pitch to Win’ competition 2018

You are invited to enter the inaugural Churchill Enterprise ‘Pitch to Win’ competition open to current Churchill students and alumni.

  • Why should I enter? The ability to pitch an idea for a new venture, a project or anything else, is a key transferable skill of value to any career path. This competition is a chance for Churchillians to prepare and practice their pitching skills in front of a friendly and supportive community, receive feedback, and have the chance to win one of several £100 prizes on offer.
  • What will I have to do?
    • Think of an idea for a new business concept, an invention, a project you are working on, your research, an idea to change the world…almost anything!
    • Visit the competition webpage and read the competition rules
    • Complete the short online entry form
    • Pitch your idea in under five minutes at the live event on the evening of Monday 29 January
    • Enjoy the monetary prize that you might win!
  • How can I find out more? For more information and to submit an application by Monday 22 January visit:

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Annabel Busher in the Alumni & Development office:



22nd January – MCR TGM and Hustings @ 19:30

23rd January – LGBTea @ 19:00

23rd-25th January – MCR Committee Elections

27th January – Burns Night @ Churchill College Dining Hall


9th February: Spotlight on Issue 15 of Cambridge Humanities Review @ Peterhouse Parlour, 19:00

You are formally invited to join the Cambridge Humanities Review for a free wine reception at Peterhouse Parlour on Friday 9 February 2018. There will the opportunity to purchase the latest issue of the journal, as well as to meet Issue 15 contributors Hunter Dukes and Rachel Fraser.

You can find the event on Facebook here:

10th February: Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum 2018 @ The Cambridge Union

The Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum is a one-day event to increase awareness of climate change, sustainability and 21st Century environmental challenges. This year’s forum will be held on the 10th February at the Cambridge Union, with our key theme ‘Living on the Edge’ designed to engage the audience on how we can manage the climate risks and tackle the social, economic and environmental challenges we face as a global society. With keynote speeches from David Vaughan, Director of Science at the British Antarctic Survey, and Craig Bennet, CEO of Friends of the Earth, workshops from local organisations actively engaging in sustainability, expert panels on plastic waste and debates on the outcomes of the Paris Agreement, the event is not to be missed! A vegan buffet lunch will be provided. £7 for students, £10 for non-students. Tickets are on sale at



23rd January: Can mass media really save lives? A public event with Roy Head @ Microsoft Research Cambridge, 13:05 – 14:00

Why start your own social enterprise when you can more effectively convince other entrepreneurs to donate their earnings to charity?

This simple but powerful viewpoint is exactly why David Goldberg co-founded the Founders Pledge: a programme where start-up founders commit to donating at least 2% of their personal proceeds upon exit to charity.

Still not 3 years old, Founders Pledge has accumulated $423 million in legally binding pledges of equity, of which $11 million has already been donated.

David Goldberg, a graduate of UCLA and Queen’s College, Cambridge, firmly believes in business as a force for good. And so far, lots of people have been agreeing: the organisation received over a million dollars from the Open Philanthropy Project and boasts an impressive array of backers including William MacAskill and Sam Altman, the President of Y Combinator. Come down to hear him speak about the important role that Founders Pledge plays.

As always, both students and non-students are encouraged to get involved.

28th January: Work out how to find a fulfilling, high-impact career in this free, research-backed workshop hosted by Effective Altruism: Cambridge

“I went in with no idea what I wanted to do – other than a desire to help people – and I’m leaving with clear ideas for first jobs and a plan of action for the next few months.”

– Cat, Cambridge student

*** Apply for a free space today: ***

This workshop will be run by Jamie and Clare from Effective Altruism:

Cambridge, based on 80,000 Hours’ research. You have about 80,000 hours in your career. That means your choice of career is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Choose well, and you can help solve the world’s most pressing problems, as well as have a rewarding, interesting life.

80,000 Hours (, was founded in Oxford to help people find fulfilling, high-impact careers. It has done thousands of hours of research into how to choose a career, alongside academics at Oxford, and advises over 1 million online readers each year. It’s backed by Y Combinator and has been featured on the BBC, NPR and Washington Post.

We’ll cover the key advice in the 80,000 Hours online career guide in a series of short talks, plus there’ll be even more interactive exercises to provide interesting discussion and help apply it to your own career, after positive feedback from last term’s series.

At about 5pm we’ll have ***free pizza and drinks*** and can further discuss plans.

Topics include:

1) What makes for a dream job?

We’ll take you through what the latest psychology research shows is most important to being satisfied at work.

2) How can you make a difference?

What are the world’s most pressing problems, and how can you best contribute to them besides working in charity, medicine, teaching and so on?

3) Two common early career mistakes.

What to look for in your first couple of jobs.

4) How to find the right career for you

We’ll apply research on decision-making to help you narrow down your options, and make a plan for the coming years. And we won’t just tell you to “follow your passion”.

5) How to find a job

The best advice out there on following through on your plan and landing the jobs you want.

22 February: Sustainability 101 – how to frame it, change it and steer it

Thurs 22 Feb, 12.30-1.30pm, David Attenborough Building

Top tips for anyone wanting to encourage pro-environmental behaviour, drawing from research and expertise.

Register here:


Find out more and how to get involved here:

Ongoing: Get involved with Cambridge Hub and tackle social challenges!

Cambridge Hub supports you to tackle social challenges, learn about issues and connect with other students – there are a lot of exciting opportunities for you to get involved!

Social Innovation Programme: Become a consultant for a local charity or social enterprise for six weeks – Applications close on Monday, 22nd Jan at 9am!

Schools Plus: Tackle Education Disadvantage with Schools plus and tutor a pupil one hour a week during term time – Applications close on Monday, 22nd Jan at 9am!

Cambridge Hub committee: We’re looking for a President, Vice President for Finance and Fundraising, Good Lad Initiative Communications Coordinator, Events Officer and Tech Officer – Applications are rolling!

Impact Labs (PhD researchers only): Support local youth organisations to measure their impact for six weeks – Applications close on Friday, 26th January!

Good Lad Facilitator Training: Are you passionate about addressing lad culture, sexual violence, misogyny and hypermasculinity? Facilitator training for our workshops in sports teams and colleges is on 27th Jan – Register now!

Check out the Cambridge Hub website to see these and many more opportunities:





Deadline 18th February: Three paid internships available with Living Labs this summer

Interested in gaining real world experience and adding to your CV? This year’s paid internships with the University’s Environment and Energy team are out! [1]

These positions are for eight weeks during the summer and are for current undergraduates or recently graduated students (within the last year). They provide the opportunity to gain experience working with professionals in the field of sustainability, and make contributions to improving the University’s environmental sustainability.

Deadline for applications: Sunday 18 February, midnight. Interviews will be held between Tuesday 6 and Thursday 8 March.

Visit the Environment and Energy website for details and how to apply: [1]

Deadline 19th February: Application now open to work at the 2018 St John’s May Ball

St John’s is changing its worker system! Work the John’s Ball and pay for your next ball this May Week. 

We are hiring paid workers to work set-up, the ball night and clear-up. We pay above minimum wage for all roles and our all-night workers will be provided with regular breaks, refreshments and the opportunity to explore the ball.

As always we have a variety of roles available, and we will also be recruiting senior supervisor staff.

Please see our role descriptions document for more information about shift-timings and pay:…/1iJH1dm7EmrIRia43gnCnP4OqxOr…/edit

Apply here to work at the ball:

Applications must be submitted by midnight on Monday 19th February. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please direct all enquiries to More information can be found on our Facebook page (St John’s College May Ball) and website (



Ongoing: Are you interested in how the brain processes the taste of sugar?

Researchers in the Department of Psychiatry are inviting healthy volunteers take part in a brain imaging study on how the brain processes the taste of soft drinks.

The study takes place at MRC, Cognition and Brain Science Unit, and consists of a 30 min screening session and 2.5h hour testing session. We will make functional MRI scans, while you taste soft drinks. We will also ask you to complete some personality questionnaires.

You will be compensated £60 for your time.

Eligibility criteria:


Normal or corrected-to-normal vision

Good command of English

Sometimes drinking soft drinks

18-40 years old

Body mass index (BMI) between 18.5-24.9 kg/m2

No history of brain injury/neurosurgery

Not undergoing current dieting

No neurological disorder, psychiatric condition or psychoactive medication

If you think you might like to participate, please contact Elena Mainetto for more information:


Ongoing: Dutch – English bilinguals wanted for a language study

We are looking for participants to take part in a language study. The study will use EEG (electroencephalography) to record brain activity while participants listen to simple stories. You will be reimbursed £10/hour for your time, plus travel expenses (£2 if you travel from Cambridge, £2.50 if you travel from outside). This study will recruit EARLY BILINGUALS.

Eligible volunteers should:

  1. Be a DUTCH-ENGLISH balanced bilingual
  2. DUTCH as your native language (L1) and ENGLISH as your second language (L2)
  3. Started learning English (L2) before age 6
  4. Aged between 18-45 years
  5. Be right handed
  6. Have no hearing problems

If you decide to participate, we will send you a short language questionnaire to complete before booking you a slot. The experiment will last approximately two hours.

If you would like to participate or would like more information, please contact:

Ongoing: Healthy male volunteers needed for brain scan

Research team at the Department of Psychiatry are looking for male volunteers for a pilot study to examine the structure of a healthy brain using the 7 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner at the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre.

The study will take about 2.5 hours during a weekday in February.

Participants will be reimbursed for their time with £20 in cash and an image of their brain. Specifically, we need participants who meet the following criteria:

* Male gender

* Generally healthy

* Aged between 22 – 30 years

* English proficiency to provide informed consent

* Able to lie down for about 2 hours

* Available for approximately 2.5 hours on a weekday in February

For more information and registration, please go to this link: 

For questions, please contact the study team by phone or mail:

(01223) 336587

Ongoing: Memory study (fMRI) (£30 for 2.5h)

The Memory Lab at the Department of Psychology is looking for volunteers to participate in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study investigating memory function across the lifespan. The study involves performing a computerized memory task while lying in the MRI scanner, and will take place at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit. The study session will last up to 2 ½ hours, but participants will be in the scanner for only half of that time. Participants will be paid £30 and receive a high-quality picture of their brain!

We are looking for native English-speaking participants who are aged between 18 and 30, are right-handed, and have no current or historical diagnosis of any developmental, psychiatric, neurological disorder, or learning difficulty. Participants should also have normal or corrected-to-normal vision and hearing and must not be colour blind.

If you’d be interested in taking part, or would like to receive further information about the study, please email Saana Korkki at


Ongoing: Participants needed for an attention and creativity experiment in MRC-CBU

The MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit is currently looking for participants to take part in a computer-based attention and creativity study. This is a computer-based task that involves focusing attention on some words while ignoring other distracting words, plus some questionnaires in the end and a measure of creativity. The testing session takes approximately 2.5 hours and you will be paid £6 pounds each hour for your time and 2.5 pounds for travelling expenses.

To be eligible for this study, we ask that you:

-are aged between 18 and 32;

-are a Native English speaker;

-have normal/normal-corrected vision;

-do not have colour-blindness;

-have no history/diagnosis of ADHD or other learning/attentional/language disabilities.

If you are interested in taking part, could you please select a timeslot that works for you? The available timeslots are:

        Jan. 18th – Feb. 3rd: 9:30-12:00 am; 13:00-15:30 pm; 16:00-18:30 pm; 18:30-21:00 pm

For more information please email Yingying Wang at 




The Churchill MCR Gazette exists for the purpose of publicizing events to students. The MCR does not back any particular set of political or religious beliefs or lifestyle. Inclusion of events in the Gazette does not imply endorsement by the Churchill MCR.