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For those who don’t know who I am, I am the MCR Secretary, and one of my responsibilities is rounding up information about what is going on in Cambridge and passing it on to you. In the spirit of minimising spam, I condense all the emails I receive into a weekly gazette, which is posted on the MCR website, and I then send the table of contents round to the MCR (usually on a Sunday). If you would ever like to have something included in the gazette, please send it to me at

This week I have some information from the TAS office for everyone, regarding the launch of the university’s new iDiscover service, and a guide to the NHS for international freshers. If you are a fresher and you are already in Cambridge, please come along to our pizza night tomorrow in the MCR from 7pm – it’s the first of many chances to meet new people and enjoy some free food!




A Guide to the NHS for International Students

he National Health Service and how it works can seem very complicated if you have never had to use the system before. In the first place you are only eligible to use the NHS if you are either:

  • An EU student
  • A non-EU student on a course lasting more than 6 months or,
  • A non-EU student from a country with a reciprocal arrangement with the UK.

The countries with reciprocal arrangements, and EU countries, (as of March ‘08) are: Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Anguilla, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Barbados, Bosnia-Herzegovina, British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Channel Islands, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Falkland Islands, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Gibraltar, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Isle of Man, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malta, Moldova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Serbia, St Helena, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turks & Caicos Islands, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. To access the National Health Service first you have to register with a Doctor.

Doctors in Cambridge: Huntingdon Road Surgery Cambridge 364127. Bridge Street Practice 0844 477 3939. Trumpington Street Medical Practice Cambridge 361611.

When you go to register with a Doctor it is a good idea to take your student id card along with proof of where you live. You will be asked to fill in some forms. Once your have registered with a Doctor you will be sent an NHS card. This is your proof that you are registered for NHS treatment. Please inform your College of your doctor’s name. Keep your card in a safe place and take it with you if you visit your Doctor, Dentist or Hospital. It can sometimes take several months for your card to arrive.



Free consultation with your Doctor (General Practitioner), Free hospital treatment in Accident and Emergency, Free hospital treatment if your Doctor recommends it, Free contraceptive services and Free maternity care.



Any medication the Doctor prescribes for you, any dental treatment within the NHS scheme, and the cost of eye tests and glasses or contact lenses. Any forms or letters you may ask to be completed for you and some vaccinations.



The General Practitioner (usually known as a GP) is a general Doctor who has specialised in family health. He or she is therefore qualified to see anyone from small babies to the elderly. They are used to seeing patients with different health problems including skin disorders, gynaecological problems and contraception. Whatever health problem you have, the GP is usually the first Doctor you consult. If you have a complicated problem or an illness that requires specialist advice, the GP will refer you to the appropriate Doctor or specialist. To get an appointment with a specialist can take many weeks. You may be able to be seen more quickly if you pay for private treatment (which can be expensive).



If you see a Doctor who wishes you to have medication he/she will usually produce an NHS prescription. You then take this to a pharmacy. The standard charge for dispensary drugs is currently £7.20 per item on your prescription. From time to time your Doctor may recommend buying drugs over the counter without a prescription. This is because they know that the particular drug recommended is cheaper this way. Under certain circumstances you may be able to claim free prescriptions.



If you are under 19 or pregnant or have certain medical conditions, you may automatically be eligible for free NHS treatment and prescriptions. Full details of who is exempt is available in a leaflet called “Are you entitled to help with NHS costs?” available from Pharmacies. Overseas students are entitled to apply for assistance with NHS charges but most overseas students will not meet the eligibility requirements for help. If you think you may be eligible complete form HC1 available from Post Offices.



We can prescribe some of the more common medications, such as asthma inhalers, acne treatment, anti-depressants and contraceptive tablets. You would need to make an appointment with the GP to arrange this. To make things as easy as possible, remember to bring your existing medication or prescription with you to the appointment and if possible any specialist letters or results of recent tests. Please bear in mind that you may be given slightly different medication from the one originally prescribed, as local protocols vary and some medications from abroad are not available in the UK. In some cases you will need to be referred to a local specialist before your medication is prescribed. Sometimes it may be easier to get supplies of your medication posted from home. This is particularly true for some American medications for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) which are not the same in the UK.



Telephone the Doctor’s Surgery for advice, if out of surgery hours you will be given the CAMDOC number,[ this is an out of hours service run by Cambridge General Practitioners based at Chesterton Hospital Cambridge] if you live in college please contact the Porter’s Lodge for help and advice, all the Porters are qualified First Aiders. The Accident and Emergency Department is based at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge but the majority of health issues can be dealt with by ringing the GP surgery that you are registered with, or CAMDOC for out of hours service.



If you are going on holiday in the UK you will be eligible for NHS treatment wherever you go. It is sensible to take your NHS card with you. If you need to see a Doctor while you are away go to any GP and register as a temporary resident. Once you have received your NHS card you may be eligible for free treatment throughout the EU. You are entitled to any medical treatment which becomes necessary , free or at a reduced cost, when temporarily visiting an EU country or a country with a reciprocal health care agreement. However, to obtain treatment you will need to have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you, which you can obtain, free of charge, after completing a form available from Post Offices. Please note you are not eligible for a EHIC until you have an NHS card. If you go anywhere in Europe before you have received a card it is essential to take out private insurance. If you are travelling outside the EU or to any country which is not covered by a reciprocal health care agreement, you must have private medical insurance. The NHS will not help with medical costs incurred outside Europe. If you go skiing you must take out private insurance. An EHIC will not cover the cost of mountain rescue. Most dangerous sports require private insurance.



When your course finishes and you go home it is important to hand in your NHS card at emigration at the airport.


iDiscover – search all Cambridge University Library Collections in One Place

The new University-wide library catalogue iDiscover has been launched this week. It will replace LibrarySearch and LibrarySearch+ as a single search interface for all of the University’s print and electronic library resources in one place. It will provide simple searching for reading list items whilst also offering advanced capabilities for researchers.

iDiscover can be found at Please be aware that LibrarySearch and LibrarySearch+ will be switched off on 28th September, and update your  bookmarks accordingly.

If you have been using the ‘My Discoveries’ feature in LibrarySearch, access to any saved items and lists will no longer be available once LibrarySearch is switched off (though similar features are available in iDiscover). If you have lists in MyDiscoveries that you wish to keep, please follow these steps before 28th September:

  • Log in into MyDiscoveries in LibrarySearch
  • Open your list(s)
  • Select the titles in the list
  • Copy and Paste to excel or notepad

Churchill College Library’s catalogue Liberty is unaffected by these changes. The catalogue terminals in the Bracken and Bevin Libraries will now offer links to Liberty, iDiscover, and the University Library website.



26th September – Early Arrivals’ Pizza @ MCR, 19:00

Come to the MCR to meet your fellow students and relax before some of the bigger events to come.


30th September – Parents’ Night with Wine & Cheese @ MCR, 19:00

Find answers to the burning questions about your new life at Cambridge, meet you college parents and have some free wine and cheese!


1st October – Punting @ 13:30, meet at Porters’ Lodge

Convene at the Porters’ Lodge and head into town for shenanigans on the river in a punt. Sign-up required!


1st October – Hall Dinner @ 18:30

Enjoy some dinner served in Hall with fellow MCR members.


Ongoing: Participants needed for 2-session fMRI study (~£65)

This is a 2-session fMRI study that concerns the brain mechanisms underlying attention. In one session, you will perform an attention task with action (~2.5 hrs). In another session, you will perform a similar attention task with words (~3-3.5 hrs). In both sessions, you will go through some behavioural training to get familiar with the task, perform the task in the MRI scanner while we record your brain activity, and then fill out some questionnaires after the task. You will be compensated for your time (£10/hour) and your travel (£2.50 or £3).

To be eligible for the study, you need to fulfil the following criteria:

Native English Speaker aged 18-45


Normal/Normal-corrected Vision

Normal Colour Perception

Normal hearing

No history or current mental health problems (e.g. Depression, Learning/Attentional/Language deficits)

No history or current neurological conditions

No physical disability (for the action task)

*MRI compatible* (please enquire)

Please email if you are interested in taking part. Slots are ongoing until December.


Ongoing: Participants required for psychology experiment

I am looking for participants for an experiment for my PhD. The experiment lasts no longer than 20 minutes, with a payment of £4. It involves watching a video, during which your eye movements will be recorded using a webcam.


Normal vision (or corrected to normal with contact lenses).

No glasses.

18 or over.

Not previously been part of my study.

The experiment will take place in room 103 of the Psychology Department on the Downing Site. The video recordings of your eye and head movements will be accessible only to the immediate research team.

If interested please contact me by email to arrange a time: Rachel Crosby,


Ongoing: Participants required for eye tracking study

We are running an exciting study using eye tracking to learn how people look at information whilst making different decisions.

The study takes approximately 40 minutes and subjects are paid £6 for their participation. Please see the attached poster for more information.

If you are interested in taking part, please email



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