MCR Gazette/Lent Week 8

Good Evening Churchillians,

A slightly earlier than usual gazette this week, for a bit of a change at the end of term. Congratulations on making it to week 8!

I’d just like to remind the MCR community that everyone is welcome to attend the EGM on Monday, 7th March @ 19:30, taking place in the Sandy Ashmore Room. We will be voting on a motion to add additional members of the committee. If you are unable to attend, but still have an opinion you would like to be voiced, please email me and I will make sure your voice is heard!






7th March 2016 – MCR EGM @ Sandy Ashmore Room (MCR), 19:30

10th March 2016 – Texas Poker Night @ MCR, 20:00

11th March 2016 – Pre-formal Recital Series – Adrian Bradbury and Oliver Davies, professional cello recital @ Recital Room, 18:15 – 19:00


6th March 2016 – CUMS Chorus sing Spohr’s The Last Judgement @ West Road Concert Hall, 19:30

CUMS Chorus are very excited about their upcoming collaboration with the Faust Chamber Orchestra in this performance of Louis Spohr’s spectacular oratorio, The Last Judgement.

Conductor Mark Austin will direct this performance of the epic work, which was hugely popular with audiences in the 19th century until the First World War. Spohr was a leading musician of his age – virtuoso violinist, a friend of Beethoven, the first conductor to use a baton, and the inventor of rehearsal letters. His unique blend of Romanticism and Handel-like choral writing is now being rediscovered by performers and audiences alike.

Tickets (£5 students):

Tickets also for sale on the door, subject to availability.


6th March 2016 – Final Speakeasy of Lent Term @ ADC Bar, 20:00

Speakeasy is BACK for the final show of Lent term! Come to the ADC Bar at 8pm on Sunday evening (6 March) for another brilliant night of poetry, including the ever-popular Open Slam!

This will also be one of the final shows of the year, as Speakeasy will not be held regularly in Easter term.

Anyone can sign up to read 3 minutes of their own poetry in the slam, and compete to win honour, glory, and a performance slot at a future Speakeasy!

If you usually love poetry, if you usually hate poetry, if you’ve never heard of performance poetry or spoken word before but fancy giving it a go (/being entertained while having a drink in the ADC Bar), come along!

Have a drink, have a listen, if you want to perform get up and speak – it’s easy!

Box office: 01223 300085

Free online booking:

Simply comment on the event wall or send me a message (pt361) to sign up for the open slam.


7th March 2016 – What makes YOU a professional? @ Newnham College, 16:30 – 19:00

This is a chance to discuss and challenge the perceptions of your place and role in society and how best to leverage your impact as a professional. The link to register for the event is

This open conversation with alumni and professionals will give you a chance to hear from a distinguished, multidisciplininary panel exploring how professionals can take individual responsibility to effect change in their organisations and the wider society.

Participants will be challenged to think about their place and role in society, in discussions on a broad range of topics, including recent shifts in what a career and employability might look like; what responsibility does professionalism carry and where are the potential ethical conflicts between career progression and driving meaningful change. This workshop will include:

  • A short presentation to ‘set the scene’, including introducing professionalism and challenging the changing role of professions in society.
  • Hearing from a multidisciplininary panel on their own ambition, what they are passionate about and what inspires them.
  • Personal reflection on the discussion and what your ambition is.
  • Small group discussion on ideas about the future from different perspectives.
  • Hearing an experts opinion on the future of work, including insights from the world of recruitment, talent management and career development.

The workshop will be followed by a networking reception.

The event is run in partnership with the AuditFutures initiative of ICAEW, a world leading professional body of the accountancy and finance profession. AuditFutures aims to foster innovation, motivate future professionals and promote the social value of professional ethics, responsibility and public accountability.

9th – 19th March 2016 – West Side Story by CUADC @ ADC Theatre

‘Couldn’t you see he’s one of them?’

‘No. I saw only him.’

Inspired by Shakespeare’s timeless classic, Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story transports the star-crossed lovers to the urban slums of New York’s West Side in the 1950s.

With soaring melodies, dynamic dances and an arresting message, West Side Story remains a much-loved classic.

DATES: 9th-19th March (Matinees 12th, 17th, 19th March. No performance on the 13th)

TIMES: 19.45 (Matinees 14.30)

LOCATION: ADC Theatre, Cambridge

TICKETS: £14/£11 (Wed 9 £12/£9)

Reserve tickets at the ADC Theatre Box Office or online at:


14th March 2016 – Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange (CUSPE) workshop: Science meats policy @ Lucia Windsor Room, Newnham College, 17:30 – 19:30

The key question motivating this workshop is ‘how are policies designed, and what makes it so challenging to design good policies?’ CUSPE wants to help early career researchers understand what the real interaction between science and policy is. We want to inspire you to consider engaging with policy throughout your career, and to equip you with the skills that will allow you to do so effectively.

This workshop provides participants with an insight into the process of policy design and will portray the communication difficulties commonly experienced during science-policy exchanges. It will be focused on the specific policy challenge of reducing meat consumption but no prior knowledge is required.

Academic experts will propose reasons why reducing meat consumption is necessary both from a health and an environmental perspective. Attendants will be divided into groups representing different stakeholders. By the end of the evening each group will have pitched a policy proposal to the ‘Cabinet Office’. Policy experts will then provide feedback on the exercise, and will shed light on how real science-policy exchanges actually work.


  • Prof Theresa Marteau – Director of Behaviour and Health Research Unit, Cambridge
  • Ciarán Hayes – Senior Strategy Advisor, Department of Health
  • Andrew Robertson – Strategy Directorate, Department of Energy and Climate Change
  • Rachel Shairp – Coordinator, Energy Environment and Resources, Chatham House
  • Dr David Rose – Research Associate in the Conservation Biology Group, Cambridge

Places for the workshop are limited to 25 attendees. To apply for a place, please email by 4pm on Sunday 6th of March telling us in no more than five sentences:

  1. Your name and position at the University (e.g. PhD student, department of Physics)
  2. Why you think this workshop can benefit you, and;
  3. What you want or hope to achieve from it.

We will use this information to invite 25 of you to attend, and we will operate a waiting list system so that as many of the rest of you can benefit from this opportunity!


Ongoing – Announcing the opening of The Heong Gallery at Downing College

The Heong Gallery at Downing College opened on 6th February 2016 with Generation Painting 1955-65: British Art from the Collection of Sir Alan Bowness (6 Feb – 22 May 2016). Sir Alan Bowness (b. 1928), the former Director of the Tate Gallery, was an undergraduate student at Downing College between 1950 and 1953. Working as an art historian and curator during the 1950s and 1960s, Bowness was committed to the art of his own generation. At the core of his private collection is a group of British paintings made mainly between 1955 and 1965. He introduced this ‘New British Painting’ to the public through his writings and exhibitions, highlighting a period of artistic exchange and experiment worthy of international attention.

Designed by renowned architects, Caruso St John, The Heong Gallery is a new dedicated space for contemporary and modern art in Cambridge.

We welcome visitors to the gallery on Wednesdays (10.00-20.00), Saturdays (10.00-18.00) and Sundays (10.00-18.00). Admission free.

We are also happy to organise private visits, group visits and educational visits to the gallery.

For more information, contact us at




21-22nd May 2016 – The Eye’s Mind: Visual Imagination, Neuroscience and the Humanities @ Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

The visual imagination is one of the most powerful human capacities. It plays a vital role in art and literature, religion and science, and has been studied and celebrated by artists, writers, philosophers, psychologists and now, neuroscientists. This event, which is the culmination of the AHRC-funded research project “The Eye’s Mind”, will bring together the leaders in all these fields to shape a new and more integrate understanding of this mysterious mental resource.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Paul Broks (psychology)
  • John Onians (art history)
  • Joel Pearson (neuroscience)
  • Michael Tye (philosophy)
  • Adam Zeman (neurology)

To book a place go to:

For more information about the conference and the Eye’s Mind project, see

For any enquiries please contact Kajsa Berg at



11th March 2016 – Call for Assistants: Summer Residential Seminars in Cambridge from China UK Development Centre

In preparation for our forthcoming summer residential seminars for undergraduate and postgraduate students coming from Asia, we still have a number of paid vacancies available and we are currently looking for the University members who would be interested in assisting these seminars. For more information about the seminar, please refer to

Cambridge Residential Seminar Assistant:

Job description:

Several groups of university students from Asia will attend summer residential seminars (lasting one week to 13-14 days) in Cambridge. The seminars are organised by China UK Development Centre and Maxer Education Institute. The positions advertised are for Seminar Assistants. The programme mainly consists of academic lectures, visits, and social activities, with the aim of offering students a short yet exciting studying and living experience at Cambridge. The seminars will take place in July and August. The dates for each seminar will be as follows:

Seminar 1: 07 July – 20 July, 2016

Seminar 2: 17 July – 30 July, 2016

Seminar 3: 20 July – 02 August, 2016

Seminar 4: 02 August- 15 August, 2016

Seminar 5: 08 August- 21 August, 2016

Seminar 6: 15 August- 22 August, 2016

Seminar 7: 17 August- 30 August, 2016

Seminar 8: 19 August- 01 September, 2016

Seminar 9: 22 August- 29 August, 2016

Job Responsibility:

Visits: Ensuring the smoothness of visits to help students have a happy and safe experience in Cambridge, London, and Oxford.

Lectures: Ensuring the smoothness of lectures.

Social Activities: Socialising with students, sharing your university experience and helping out with organisation of activities.

Supervision: Leading supervisions to help students prepare their final presentations.

Logistics: Helping with airport transfers, welcome reception, etc.



Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (essential)

Experience of working effectively within a team (essential)

University members and alumni (desirable)

Prior experiences in event organising (desirable)



Up to £700 (£400 fixed salary + up to £300 bonus), bonus based on feedback from students and Seminar Manager

All dinners provided

Reduced workload and payment for Seminars  6 and 9



Please send your CV to and also indicate your choice of seminar(s). You will be contacted shortly after submitting your application. Selected applicants will be invited for an interview.

Deadline: 11th March 2016

Interview: the week commencing 25th April

Professional development within the company:

Possibility to quickly access rewarding positions with higher responsibility positions (Coordinator / Manager) in the company following successful experience in assisting seminars

For more information about the seminar, please refer to Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at


31st March 2016 – Tata Social Internship

For all final year undergraduate or postgraduate students – take part in a Tata Social Internship project in India in July and August 2016.

Application Process:

If you would like to be considered for an internship with Tata ISES 2016, please apply online at

Applications will be accepted until 31 March 2016 at 17.00. Applications will be considered by a panel consisting of representatives from the Tata Group and the University of Cambridge. Interviews will be held in the week commencing 11 April 2016. Applicants will be told the outcome of their interview by 15 May 2016. Final offers are likely to be made by the middle of May.

Pre-Internship Training:

A series of orientation workshops will be held in Cambridge in Easter term preceding the internship to address issues relating to living and working in India. Your acceptance of a Tata Social Internship place is conditional on your commitment to attend the orientation workshops. In addition, Tata Social interns are expected to learn some basic Hindi.

Costs & Arrangements:

The Tata Group will arrange and provide: local boarding and lodging; medical facilities; domestic travel costs in India; and a per diem allowance for incidental costs. The Tata Group will also contribute up to one third of the return cost of economy air travel to India. All other costs, including personal costs such as travel insurance and vaccinations, are the responsibility of the internship holder. Eligible costs incurred in India during the internship will be either directly paid or reimbursed by the Tata Group after the post-internship seminar in late 2016.

Candidates are encouraged to approach their colleges for further help with funding.You must be able to cover the remaining 2/3 of your air fare by other means.


Ongoing: Free & Funded Summer in China with TEFL Certification

Gotoco is launching its 2016 summer camp programmes across China. Teach Chinese children English and gain a TEFL certificate, while learning all about Chinese culture and exploring one of the most diverse countries in the world. Apply today and have an unforgettable summer!


Gotoco runs summer camps across China, in both urban and rural locations. Get lost in beautiful scenery in Yangshuo, Guangxi or jump into the hustle and bustle of Beijing, Chongqing and Shanghai. Whatever you’re interested in, Gotoco’s got the place for you. We run camps in more than ten locations throughout China, offering a mixture of culture, history and adventure.


Early July – early September, exact dates vary for each programme


Free of charge!

We provide accommodation and meals, with no additional fees. Just buy your flights and visa and come join us in China.


At the end of each programme, we guarantee every volunteer free accommodation for a week in Yangshuo, Guangxi, one of the most beautiful and fun places to visit in China.

Check out our website – – to find out more


Ongoing – OxFizz Fundraising and Tutoring Opportunities in Oxford over the Summer

Oxford & Cambridge Summer School is recruiting! We are looking for postgraduate students and postdocs to volunteer their time as tutors at our annual summer school. OCSS is run by OxFizz – a social enterprise which enables current students, recent graduates and post-graduates to raise money for a charity of their choice by teaching on our annual summer school taking place in July and August in Oxford. Each summer school lasts two weeks, and the average time commitment is 90 minutes in the mornings, with one day off a week.

As an OxFizz volunteer you will:

  • Raise significant amounts of money for your favourite charity. In 2015, our volunteers raised £63.83 an hour for a charity of their choice, and our summer school tutors raised over £1,500.
  • Gain teaching experience. As a tutor you will have the opportunity to design your own course, teach academically able and ambitious teenagers and conduct one-to-one tutorials.
  • Receive extensive training, resources and support.

To receive more information, please email us at or go to


ASAP: Ongoing social cognition study: “Adopting Other’s Perspective”

“For those of you who have not yet participated in my social cognition study: “Adopting Other’s Perspective”, I am still looking for volunteers willing to take part in this Psychology study.  The study will involve playing a computer game that requires taking into account what another person can see or hear. It will take approximately 25-30 minutes and you will be paid £4 in compensation for your time.

Eligibility criteria:

Age: 18-45

No hearing impairment

Normal or corrected-to normal vision

No current or historical diagnosis of any neurological or psychiatric conditions.

Testing takes place in room 103 of the Psychology Department on the Downing Site.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Dr Idalmis Santiesteban:”


ASAP: Participants needed for a learning study (£7 per hour)

We are currently conducting a computer-based behavioral study investigating visual learning and looking for volunteers to take part.

Taking part would involve attending six testing sessions (about 1h each), five of which should be attended on consecutive days. The testing takes place at the Downing site, and participants are paid at a rate of

£7 per hour (approx. £45 for the whole study). If you’d be interested in participating or would like any further information about the study please email



ASAP: HeForShe Cambridge – College Leader Wanted

The HeForShe Cambridge gender equality movement is our University’s branch of UN Women’s Campaign aiming to engage men in the support for gender equality.

Initiated by Emma Watson at The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women Conference, on September 21st 2014, the movement has since gained global momentum. Here in Cambridge, the University is committed to supporting the campaign; in October 2015 we hosted the inaugural ‘#GetFree’ tour as part of this, which was supported by Vice-Chancellor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz.

Our goal is now to spread the word in Cambridge – that gender equality is not just a women’s issue: it is a human issue. No longer simply ‘a struggle for women by women’, only by making men and boys equal partners in this movement can we be truly effective in tackling the gender-based social, economic, and political inequalities which affect us all.

We will be hosting events, taking to social media, and publishing articles and reports to examine both the state of gender of equality in Cambridge and what members of the University can do more broadly to support the campaign. Although, undoubtedly, a great deal of progress has already been made, recent research suggests that at the current rate of change gender equality will not be achieved until 2095. We hope you agree that we cannot wait that long, and that you’ll join us to help make sure we don’t have to.

We are looking to host a variety of college based and student led events in order to gain more support for HeforShe in the student population and across Cambridge as a whole. For this to work, we are looking for a college leader in each of the colleges and it would be through that person that such events are organised.

Anyone wanting to be a college leader should email


1st July 2016 – The Peter Peckard Essay Prize: Is it ever right to make slave of others against their will?

Magdalene College is delighted to invite submissions for its annual Peter Peckard Prize worth £1,000. The prize will be awarded for an essay or equivalent contribution on some egregious form of human exploitation in the world today, and the actions needed to eliminate it. Essays are welcomed from all undergraduate members of Cambridge University, and Collective entries by a University or College Society are also welcomed.

For more information please visit WWW.MAGD.CAM.AC.UK/COLLEGE-NEWS/THE-PETER-PECKARD-PRIZE-2016


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