MCR TGM Minutes – Easter 2015

Minutes of Churchill College MCR Termly General Meeting – Easter 2015

Date: 27 May 2015, 7:30pm
Location: Sandy Ashmore Room



  1. Present: Sonke, Yuhua, Alisha, Flaviu, Vahe, Zhi, Amanda, Vivek, Max Veit, Karolis, Sami, Elsa, Christian
  2. Apologies: Ali, Philip


Confirmation of minutes – Lent 2015 TGM

  1. The minutes from the Lent 2015 TGM were confirmed.


Summary of MCR Activities (Sonke)

We have arranged some stress-releasing events during the past term such as Parents Formal and Massage sessions by the Welfare Officers.

Ongoing usual events include the MCR Seminars, etc.

Improved the MCR website and MCR calendar to make them more interactive and user-friendly

The MCR Room ballot took place in April

  • The promised automated room allocation system was not installed in time for the ballots so the President (Sonke) and the Secretary (Yuhua) had to assign rooms by hand, following the rules for room allocation.
  • The Senior Tutor is aware of this and is arranging meetings in due course for the system to be actually set up in time for the next room ballot.
  • Room to discuss possible improvements for the current room allocation system

MCR refurbishment subcommittee (Karolis)

Adding a lock to the door to the TV room – the MCR will need to chip in around £300

The college may agree to subsidise for a bigger TV, as the ChuTalk has made a great contribution in attracting donations from alumni.

  • Consulted the Domestic Bursar (Shelly) for possibilities.
  • Adding more decorations to the MCR room, such as a college flag and some blades from the boat club.

Interaction with the Alumni Association (AA)

  • the AA is keen to interact with the MCR but we should take the initiative and come up with ideas
  • MCR members are welcome to join the current AA events such as their writing groups, talks, and London meet-ups.


Report on MCR Finances (Christian)

£2500 in the public account – need to spend on healthy stuff like welfare and gardening

£3000 in private account – more freedom for entertainment

  1. Current funds:
  2. There is a slight over-spending on refreshment in the Conference on Everything due to miscommunication. Might need to consider alternative providers to reduce cost.



  1. The TGM did not receive interests prior to the meeting for Bar Secretary and Environmental Officer. However, potential candidates were identified during the meeting and we should announce the new officers if they decide to take up the shared responsibilities, given approval by the MCR Committee.


MCR Magazine Subscriptions:

Proposed magazine; vote for; vote against; abstain

Economist 12/12; 0/12; 0/12;
Time 3/12; 1/12; 8/12
Nature 7/12; 1/12; 4/12
Fortune 0/12; 7/12; 5/12
cosmo 0/12; 5/12; 7/12
PC gamer 3/12; 3/12; 6/12
Private eye 4/12; 4/12; 4/12

The list will be finalised upon approval by the MCR Treasurer.


Any Other Business

  1. No other business was raised at this time.


Next TGM: date TBA, but will be for the Michaelmas elections.