Michaelmas Week 1

Thanks to Basil Baccouche for the picture of the front of college this week!

Please send pictures to mcr-secretary@chu.cam.ac.uk if you want to see your photos featured here on the Gazette!

Notes from College

COVID Guidance for All Students

As always please be regularly checking the College Coronavirus page https://www.chu.cam.ac.uk/news/coronavirus-guidance-for-all/ for information regarding the Churchill College response to Coronavirus.

The Art of Statistics (Oct 14th)

For full info on the talk go here: https://www.chu.cam.ac.uk/events/art-statistics-professor-david-spiegelhalter/

Statistics has played a leading role in our scientific understanding of the world for centuries, yet we are all familiar with the way numbers can be used to support sensationalized claims, whether political or scientific.

The Covid crisis has shown that data literacy—the ability to understand and critique statistics—is more than ever a vital skill for an informed citizenry. This means a new approach to statistics education is necessary, in which real problems provide motivation for ideas, and technicalities are delayed as long as possible.

In his recent book, Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter, Churchill College Fellow, uses this approach to construct a first course in statistics driven by questions such as: could Harold Shipman have been caught earlier, should he take a statin, who was the luckiest passenger on the Titanic, and why do old men have big ears? Thus is the true power of statistical science revealed.

Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter FRS OBE is Chair of the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication at Cambridge University, which aims to improve the way that statistical evidence is used by health professionals, patients, lawyers and judges, media and policy-makers. He has written numerous highly-cited academic papers and text-books, and in 2011 came 7th in an edition of Winter Wipeout. His bestselling book, The Art of Statistics, was published in March 2019.

MCR Events

Monday 12th – 7pm – Netflix Pizza Party 

Free pizza and a movie! Sign up in households so that we can provide you with pizza (signup deadline is tonight). We will be hosting a Netflix party – vote for the movie of your choice on the MCR Facebook page. To join the viewing party, you will need this Chrome extension, which will synchronize the video stream and give us a text channel for chat. Please note that we can only provide pizza for Freshers. If no-one in your household has Netflix, contact one of the welfare officers so we can make a plan. 

Tuesday 13th – 6:30pm – LGBT+ Night

Next Tuesday at 6:30pm, the MCR is running an LGBT+ night under the marquee in College. This is open to everyone (not just freshers!) to get to know the LGBT+ community in College. As this is an in-person event, please fill out the following form if you’d like to attend: https://forms.gle/VPdZD4KnseGPxnYSA (NB: this event is taking place in a public space, and we also have a virtual MCR LGBT+ event the following week if you are not comfortable attending this in-person/filling in the linked form).

Wednesday 14th – 6 to 7pm BST – Virtual Yoga

Whether you practice daily or have never been on a mat before, you are welcome to join us for yoga, every Wednesday. We usually start the meeting a few minutes ahead of time so that everyone has time to settle in and chat a little before class. You can also find recordings of previous practices on the MCR Facebook page.

Friday 16th – 8pm – Quiz Night

Compete against other teams in a general knowledge quiz! 

Saturday 17th – Punting

Shenanigans on the river in a punt! The most authentically Cambridge experience. Book your punt here in household groups of up to six people. In a group of six, this will cost roughly £6 per person. Remember to bring your student card to get the reduced price!

Saturday 17th – 12 noon – Families + Kids Scavenger Hunt

We will hold the MCR Families and Kids Event at Wolfson Flat Gardens. For you, we will have free pizza and for your kids, we have a zoo scavenger hunt and a fun game in which all of the kids win books. Please submit a response for your family here if you are interested in participating so that we can plan the event to ensure everyone’s safety. All of the MCR families are welcome. Even if you don’t have kids or live in the Wolfson flats, you are welcome to sign up and meet other MCR members.

Saturday 17th – 7pm onwards – Pub Crawl

Get to know some of the most important Cambridge pubs with new friends. Remember to bring money for drinks! Sign up here.


Good Data Initiative (GDI) Apply Today!


  The Good Data Initiative [1] (GDI), one of Europe’s most dynamic new
student think tanks, is currently recruiting analysts and researchers
for our fall 2020 cycle (8 weeks, 20h per week). We’re seeking people
who’re fascinated by the data economy, who want to challenge
themselves, upskill quickly, and who enjoy working in close and
collaborative teams.
Specifically, we’re looking for people who have one of the following

   Problem solvers: Those from all backgrounds who excel in
interdisciplinary research teams — we’re open to computer scientists
and sociologists alike!

   PhDs & researchers: Those who bring a strong research agenda and are
looking for a home to work on white papers

   Organisation builders: Those who want to help build the leading
platform for intergenerational debate on the data economy

   Communicators: Those who want to help build a world-class social media
presence and who get excited about multimedia (podcasts, videos, etc.)

   Creatives: Those who can craft compelling narratives and designs
around our thought-provoking research
Does this sound like you? Applications for our Fall 2020 batch are now

  Apply! It takes less than 1 minute.
https://gooddatainitiative.typeform.com/to/OzpFcYrg [2]

Around the University

Recruting for One World Cambridge

Want to help end extreme poverty? Grow a global student charity initiative? Become part of an exciting new community in Cambridge? Then join the One for the World Cambridge team!

We’re recruiting student ambassadors and committee members to help expand our new chapter!

The student ambassador role is very flexible, so you can be as involved as you would like and it will be an incredible opportunity to meet new people! You’ll become a part of a growing movement raising a lot of money to make an impact in an extremely efficient way. As a student ambassador, you’ll help represent One for the World in your college, department and social groups, and help us spread the word far and wide.

As a committee member you’ll be able to form part of the founding team of our chapter, and take responsibility in one of a wide range of areas, from organising speaker events or in person outreach, to coordinating our publicity or online marketing.

Find more details and apply: https://forms.gle/K9DBptJASW77xbrb6

We’re looking for people with a wide range of skills and experience, so don’t hesitate to apply or get in touch at cambridge@1fortheworld.org if you have any questions! 

The deadline for the first round applications is SUNDAY 18TH OCTOBER so make sure you apply by then! 

SCRF Sysadmin Opportunities

Does managing large Linux systems sound interesting? Or perhaps getting
your hands dirty with servers and hardware? Or even programming web apps
and Python libraries? Whatever your interest in tech is, there’s
definitely a place for you in the SRCF as a volunteer/sysadmin.

The SRCF exists as a university society to provide useful and flexible
computing and network services, for University of Cambridge staff and
students of all degrees of ability. We are one of the largest societies
in Cambridge, so we could always use extra help! We recruit sysadmins
and volunteers all year round.

Come join us at our welcome socials at the following times:

•       Saturday 10th October 16:30 – 17:15
•       Friday 16th October 19:30 – 20:15

You can join the social at https://timeout.srcf.net/freshers

We will tell you more about our history, what we do, our technical
setup, and go over all opportunities for getting involved during the
term. We warmly welcome everyone to come to listen and ask more about us
regardless of your skill level or technical background.

You can also read more about what we do on https://www.srcf.net/

The two welcome socials that will contain the same content, so you only
need to attend whichever is convenient for you.

In case some of you cannot make it, we will also be recording our
presentation. However, we will not be recording the subsequent Q&A, as
this might discourage some attendees from asking questions.

We hope to see as many of you as possible!

Invitation from Arts & Minds

Arts and Minds is a local Cambridgeshire charity supporting people facing mental health challenges through arts activities. We are particularly keen to support our student community, whether you are currently in Cambridge or further afield. This summer we have launched a Virtual Creative Cafe and we would like to invite you to join us! The cafe is open to everybody and particularly welcomes people who may be experiencing anxiety, depression or loneliness to come along and feel more connected with their community. During each session, an experienced practitioner will guide you through a series of arts activities designed to support wellbeing. Sessions are run online each week and cover a variety of themes. To find out more about the sessions or to sign up for free click here. If you would like to know more about Arts and Minds and what we do then drop us an email or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

UniAdmissions – Earn OVER £150 per day!”

“Are you a current Oxbridge or medical school undergraduate or graduate?Are you keen to help enthusiastic 16-18-year-olds with their UCAS application or preparation for interviews?
If so, you could be earning OVER £150 per day AND get access to: 
– Free training- Free resources- Mentoring – with certificates and Reward Gateway access- Prizes and Competitions- Oxbridge Medical Society
Apply now at https://www.uniadmissions.co.uk/work-with-us/application-form/

Cambridge Pink Week Volunteer Applications

My name is Anna and I am one of the co-presidents of this year’s
Cambridge Pink Week. I would like to ask if you could please advertise
on your MCR social media, or any email communication you have with your
students, that Cambridge Pink Week 2021 is open for applications to its
committee. The link to our facebook page with all the relevant
information is : https://www.facebook.com/CambridgePinkWeek [1] .
Pink Week is a charitable organisation that runs events to raise money
for breast cancer charities during the first week of February every
year. Alongside this, we conduct powerful publicity and educational
campaigns aimed at raising awareness of the disease, risk factors and,
crucially, how to check oneself. On top of this, the Pink Week committee
provides a great opportunity for Cambridge students to come together
from all colleges to work towards a common aim, developing life-long
skills and gaining experience in the process.
Given the obvious difficulties all charitable organisations are facing
this year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and resulting
restrictions, we hope to establish a closer link with the individual
colleges and unite Cambridge (in spirit at least, if to do so physically
is not possible) around such a worthwhile cause. Publicising our
committee applications therefore will be the first step in forming this
close link, and we hope to create as varied and inclusive a committee as
possible this year that will represent all aspects in the university.
Thank you in advance for your help on this initiative, and we look
forward to collaborating with you in the future.

COVID19 Eating Disorder Study

Have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder?
We are inviting adults who have current diagnoses of an eating disorder to participate in an online study of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and eating behaviour. 
The study will involve a screening questionnaire that is followed by a testing session, lasting about 2.5 hours. We will then ask you to complete a short survey about your mood and eating behaviour each evening for two weeks. 
You will be compensated £24 for your time.
To be eligible, you should meet the criteria:
– 18 – 60 years old- Live in the United Kingdom- Had a diagnosis of an eating disorder* within the past 12 months OR- Had a diagnosis of an eating disorder more than 12 months ago and currently experience symptoms 
*Eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder and otherwise specified feeding or eating disorder.
For more information and to take part, please click here or copy and paste this link: https://bit.ly/2AmVbwS
Contact: Maggie Westwater (mw658@cam.ac.uk


Are you looking to find new opportunities in the Cambridge community?

Genchi is a Cambridge online services marketplace. It easily connects people in need of services with those looking for opportunities. 

This is the central platform for sharing and finding opportunities in the Cambridge community, where you can use your skills to help those in the Cambridge sphere or find people to help you! 

This can include support like volunteering with charities, photographers/entertainment for events to technical and graphic design work.

Download the app and be part of the community here:

App Store Download:


You can find more about us through our Facebook page and website: