Michaelmas Week 2

Messages From College

Sustaining a remarkable success story

Churchill has launched a campaign to fund top-up bursaries (in addition to the University wide Cambridge Bursary Scheme) to provide an additional £2,000 a year for students from the very poorest backgrounds, many of whom have family incomes below £20k, £10k or even below £5k a year. Please spread this message with your family and friends.

SCR mentorship program

Churchill College is keen to foster links between Advanced Students and the SCR.

One way of doing this has been to set up a mentoring Scheme whereby students are able to dine informally with fellows.

If you wish to be part of this scheme, you will be allocated a fellow who will act as a mentor and who will invite you to dine with them or to meet with them for coffee.

Up to 2 Mentoring formals a year will be free, paid for by the TAS office.  This year’s Mentoring dinners are: Monday 12th November 2018, Wednesday 30th January 2019,  Monday 4th March 2019, Wednesday 8th May 2019, Monday 3rd June 2019.

If you are interested in taking part in this scheme for the Academic Year 2018-19, email the TAS office by Friday 12th October, with your name, subject and crsid.

MCR Events

Punting – TODAY @ 13:30

Convene at the P’lodge and head into town for shenanigans on the river in a punt! Sign up is required and is now closed.

BBQ – TODAY @ 16:30

Join us for a free BBQ and some classic lawn sports and games! The BBQ will be held near the Sheppard flats and the chapel.

Board Games Night with Murray Edwards – Monday @ 19:30

Pop in to the MCR for a pint and some friendly competition with our neighbours from Murray Edwards!

Hall Dinner – Tuesday @ 18:30

Enjoy some dinner in Hall with your fellow MCR members

EGM – Tuesday @ 19:00

The extraordinary general meeting is an opportunity for you to voice your opinion about the MCR community and the governance of your MCR committee. This meeting we will discuss and vote on addition of a Communications Officer to the MCR Committee. If there is anything else you would like to add to the agenda please let me know (jloh2).

Freshers’ LGBT Tea – Tuesday @ 19:30

Get to know other LGBT+ students in college! Informal meet-and-greet and safe space for discussion. Afterwards, optionally joining the JCR in the bar and making our way to ‘Glitterbomb’ – Cambridge’s weekly LGBT+ night at Kuda in town. Everybody is welcome.

Curry and Quiz – Wednesday @ 20:00

Meet at the P’lodge before heading to a local curry restaurant for food and a general knowledge quiz. Organisers will also be in charge of setting up the questions and so forth. Sign up required – this was previously circulated and has closed.

Bar Training + Pizza – Thursday @ 18:00

Learn how to operate the MCR bar and what perks you may get for doing so.

Hills College Bar Crawl – Friday @ 20:00

Get to know our college neighbours, and go to some different college bars!

Freshers’ Welfare Tea – Saturday @ 16:00

Join us for the first Welfare Tea of the year and ask the MCR Committee and the Welfare officers any questions you may have about the college and welfare support systems both across college and the university. If nothing else, pop by for a chat, some cake and caffeine!

Pub Crawl – Saturday @ 19:00

Get to know some of the most important Cambridge pubs with new friends. More info to follow via email.

Games Night – Saturday @ 19:00

Don’t fancy the pub crawl? Join us for a cozy night in college playing games (video/board/cards) fit for all ages

International Food Potluck – Saturday @ 19:30

Cook/buy something specific to your area and impress us with your cooking skills/food. More info to follow via email.


Building Bridges in Medical Sciences 2019 – Conference Committee Recruitment

We are now recruiting committee members for the Building Bridges in Medical Sciences (BBMS) conference 2019!

BBMS is a one-day conference in Cambridge focused on the exciting and diverse fields involved in medical research. The conference aims to bring together individuals from different research areas and careers to explore the integrated and interdisciplinary approaches required to tackle current public health issues, from basic research to health policy, industry and translational medicine.

University of Cambridge students and post-doctoral researchers from all fields with a passion for medical research are welcome to apply here: https://tinyurl.com/y8beha2d

Getting involved with the organisation of BBMS 2019 is a fantastic opportunity to help shape discussion of interdisciplinary medical research and build contacts with industry, as well as making a strong addition to any CV!

For more info:



If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to email at bbmscambridge@gmail.com

University Messages

Message on Mindfulness from the UCS 

During Michaelmas term, we will have two types of mindfulness courses running simultaneously:

– Mindfulness Skills for Students (eight-week courses).

– Mindfulness for Exams and deadlines: a series of one-off workshops, which can be taken as one-off sessions, or as a series in any sequence, as follows:

Keeping Calm: Mindfulness to help with exam nerves

Improving attention: Mindfulness for maintaining a healthy focus when you work

Productive Decisions: Making mindful choices that support your goals and wellbeing

Improving sleep: Mindfulness approaches to improving sleep and rest


The Michaelmas timetable is available online: http://www.admin.cam.ac.uk/offices/hr/ppd/files/rdp-MINDFULNESS_Mich18_timetable.pdf

Around the University

Archery Taster Sessions

Fancy trying a new sport this year? Cambridge University Bowmen are running 3 archery taster sessions from 8am to 11am on Sunday 7th October at the University Sports Centre. Each session is an hour long, and entry costs only £3. We will also be running a beginners’ course throughout Michaelmas for those who wish to get more involved. Sign up on our website at cubowmen.com, or come find us at the Sports Fair and Freshers’ Fair to learn more. You can also contact us at cub-novice@srcf.ucam.org for more information.

CUTEC Launch – Introducing the Cambridge Start-up Ecosystem

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cutec-2018-19-launch-event-tickets-50972916365

Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (currently recruiting a new committee, link below) invites new and returning students to a quick, but comprehensive introduction to the start-up ecosystem in Cambridge.

The evening will include stories from successful entrepreneurs who launched their tech start-ups from Cambridge, and will tell you about their insights on how to make full use of the ecosystem here. The event then turns to focus on why venture capitalists are interested in Cambridge start-ups, and what you need to do if you are to avoid common mistakes that other Cambridge start-ups make. The evening concludes with free networking drinks and pizza.

**Panel 1 – Being an entrepreneur and building a start-up in Cambridge**

– Nirmesh Patel, Co-founder and CSO @ Cambridge Cancer Genomics

– Patrick Short, Co-founder and CEO @ Heterogeneous

– Becky Donaldson, Co-founder @ BlueTap

– Thomas Christensen, Co-founder @ OrcaScan

**Panel 2 – Why VC’s are interested in Cambridge start-ups**

– Tom Britton, Co-founder @ SyndicateRoom

– Ravi Solanki, Co-founding Partner @ Primera Impact

– Marc Felske, Campus Associate @ Romulus Capital


The event takes place in Lecture Room 4 (located in the far right corner when entering the entrance foyer) at the Department of Engineering.

**Apply to the CUTEC Committee here**



Student Mentor program in Japan

Travel to Japan for FREE in March 2019!

Are you an Oxbridge student with a passion for empowerment and an interest in working with youths? We’re recruiting up to 60 university students to travel to Japan next Easter as Mentors. You’ll be delivering an empowerment programme put together by the Japanese government, and experiencing true Japanese culture and society whilst you’re there. 

We provide the flights, the food, and the accommodation whilst the programme is ongoing, and give you a week of free time in which you can explore Japan!

The application deadline is November 11th, so get applying! https://goo.gl/forms/Ngw57wPzanBP5Z1F2

Cam Careers events

A chance to meet lots of employers at our drop-in fairs. Follow the link to review the list of who will be there beforehand so you are well-prepared.

Engineering related

Fri 12 Oct – 18:00 – Stroud International Ltd (operations consultancy)

Thur 11 Oct – 14:00 Assessment centre group activities – how to perform at your best (employer led)

Thur 11 Oct – 13:00 CU Engineering Society “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare” by TPP


Wed 10 Oct – 13:00-18:00 – CONSULTANCY EVENT includes a range of science/technical consultancies

Cambridge Consultants – product developers and technology consultants.

Innovia Technology – specialise in early-stage innovation. The specifically mention materials science, chemistry and physics graduates.

IQVIA – .healthcare consultancy – demand for research PhDs chemistry, physics and mathematics

TTP – product development. specifically looking for physicists

Banking & Finance

Thur 11 Oct – 13:00-18:00 – BANKING & FINANCE EVENT

Careers Briefings

A great starting place for understanding a sector and its recruitment landscape.

Tue 9 Oct – 16.00 Careers briefing: Public and charity sector graduate schemes

Fri 12 Oct – 16.00 Careers briefing: graduate schemes and internships in the commercial sector

Application skills

Tue 09 Oct – 16:00 – How to pick a career – for postgraduates

Wed 10 Oct – 16:00 – How to pick a career – for undergraduates

Thur 11 Oct – 14:00 Assessment centre group activities – how to perform at your best (employer led)

Fri 12 Oct – 13:00 – Successful application forms

Cambridge Consulting Network (Consulting Society)

Interested in getting more experience in consultancy, developing your skills and working with others in an engaging project? Michaelmas term is the perfect time to get started. This term we have seven exciting Flagship projects for student consultants to work on.

Apply now to become a Consultant for a Flagship Project, and join a team to generate high-calibre solutions for clients ranging from startups to industry leading companies!

Alternatively, if you’re just getting to know consulting, or don’t have as much time to commit, then you might want to try out as a Consultant for CCN’s Insight Programme – a 4 week consulting project that has half the time horizon of the Flagship projects, but promises the same intensity and rewards.

And for those who have already tried their hand at consulting, it might be time to make the next step up – in leading a group of consultants as an Engagement Manager for a Flagship Project or Insight Programme.

The Flagship Projects begin on Sun 21st October with a mandatory launch event. The Insight Programme begins on Tue 23rd October with a mandatory launch event. Please be aware that the projects will require a time commitment of 5-10 hours per week, though this may differ according to project.

Research Studies

Auditory Sleep Experiment (£30)

We are looking for left-handers to participate in our Auditory Sleep experiment (£30 reimbursement). These are the next available timeslots:

Monday          08-Oct  13:30-16:30

Thursday        11-Oct  13:30-16:30

Monday          29-Oct  13:30-16:30

Thursday        01-Nov  13:30-16:30

Monday          05-Nov  13:30-16:30

Thursday        08-Nov  13:30-16:30

Monday          12-Nov  13:30-16:30

Thursday        15-Nov  13:30-16:30

Monday          19-Nov  13:30-16:30

Thursday        22-Nov  13:30-16:30

Monday          26-Nov  13:30-16:30

Thursday        29-Nov  13:30-16:30

If any of the above slots doesn’t suit you, we can arrange a slot upon discussion.

What does the study involve?

The study uses EEG (electroencephalography) to record brain activity

while you listen to tones and respond using a button-press pad.

In the first half, we will ask you to stay awake and alert, and in the second half, we will ask you to get sleepy and drowsy.

The study will take place on Addenbroke’s Hospital (Herschel Smith Building), and participation will be rewarded with £30.

Am I eligible?

You should:

– Age 18-35

– Be left-handed

– Have no current or history of neurological or psychiatric conditions

– Be an easy sleeper (if you enjoy naps that’d be perfect)

– Not have participated in this experiment before

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in participating, please go to the following link:


There will be two prescreen questionnaires you need to fill out,

after which, you will be able to sign-up for the actual study. We will then contact you to confirm if you are eligible for the study and to give you more info about the day.

Looking forward to meeting you at our lab!

For more information, please contact me at srj34@cam.ac.uk