Michaelmas Week 7

Notes from College

Gates Cambridge Scholarship Awards – Full PhD Funding

To all international MPhil students thinking of continuing on to their PhD, the college would like to remind you to apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. The application deadlines are dependent on your course – either 3 December 2019 or 7 January 2020, so be sure to look online for more information and consider applying.

Visit https://www.gatescambridge.org/ for more information!

Message for all Sport Team Captains

From an email at college:

Hi! Not sure exactly where to direct this but I’ve been at Churchill today watching the Homerton and Churchill first football teams play, and one of our players was injured and had a nosebleed. We asked for a first aid kit and none of the players knew where one was and said there wasn’t one in the changing room. Luckily I had some tissues and a plastic bag and was able to help our injured player out. But at Homerton last week we had 2 head injuries (one on each team!) and had a first aid kit on hand each time.

Basically, I’d be grateful if this message could be passed on to the JCR and MCR to provide a sports teams’ first aid kit which everyone knows about – as if one currently exists, the players didn’t know about it!

Would it be possible for you to ensure that all students know that there is a first aid kit located on the shelving at the back of the gym on the left as you enter (past the rowers)? I’m currently speaking with John Moore to see if we can perhaps look to get something wall mounted so that it’s far more visible, but in the meantime I want to be confident that all students using the gym and/or participating in sport know where to find the nearest kit.

MCR Events

Chu-Talk – Savvas Gkatonas @ Tizard Room – Wed November 20th 19:30-20:00

Title: “Up in Flames and Smoke”

Weekly MCR Yoga @ Jock Colville Hall – Thurs Nov 21st 18:00-19:00

Join us for a FREE Yoga session, if you have your own mat bring it along, otherwise we have some provided 🙂

Holiday Party in MCR Friday 29 November at 7:30PM-11PM

Christmas and the holiday season is just around the corner and the Churchill MCR will be having its annual Christmas and holiday  party on Friday 29 November at 7:30 pm in the MCR!

The party will include crafts, snacks, wine, cheese and surprises!

Where: MCR

When: Friday 29 November from 7:30-11 pm

Dress code: Christmas or traditional  holiday dress

See you there!!!
Michaela and Rebecca

Churchill MCR Guest Night – “Out of this World” – Saturday Dec 7th at 19:00 – Midnight *NEXT TICKET ROUND THIS FRIDAY 7PM*

Sign up for the most popular event in the MCR’s calendar!

Details on the Facebook Event

The theme for Michaelmas 2019 is: OUT OF THIS WORLD! Fancy dress is strongly encouraged. Please take it in any interpretation you would like.

First ticket release is coming up! Be ready to act fast at 7PM this Friday, 15 November. For this round of tickets, all MCR members are limited to a maximum of 3 guests each. MCR member price is £18, and guest price is £20 (includes wine and soft drinks at formal hall).

Pre-dinner drinks @ 7, followed by a formal dinner @ 7:30. After dinner, take your pick of entertainment: silent disco, Churchill Casino, karaoke, live music, and MCR themed drinks. Start making a trajectory now (or maybe you can just orbit :D).

Can’t wait to have a blast!!


Volunteers for RISE Study wanted

See the advert here !


Polygeia Global Health Consulting

Are you interested in gaining experience in running a national volunteer-led global health think tank?

Polygeia is now recruiting for a number of central committee and branch committee positions. We are based across London, Cambridge and Oxford. However, if you are not based in these regions, please have a look at our central committee applications.

We are looking for undergrads, postgrads, postdocs and graduates from any discipline with an enthusiasm for global health to join us!

We are currently accepting applications until the 1st of December.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please email internaldirector@polygeia.com.

We look forward to having you on board!

The ‘Brilliant’ Club Tutoring Positions Available

This is a joint message from The Brilliant Club and The University of Cambridge about the opportunity for you to work as a PhD tutor in 2019-20.

This is an opportunity we greatly encourage you to find out more about, you can do so by joining one of The Brilliant Club’s short information webinars which will be taking place at regular intervals over the coming months – register interest here.

Through working as a tutor on The Scholars Programme, you will:

•          Join a community of over 1200 researchers working to make access to university fair   for school pupils from underrepresented backgrounds

•          Develop teaching experience through small group tutorial delivery

•          Receive high-quality training and support

•          Enhance your employability skills

•          Disseminate your research to a unique, non-expert audience in the local community

•          Be paid £500 per placement

Further information about what the charity offers both pupils who take part in the programme and you as PhD tutors, can be found on The Brilliant Club’s website where you can apply to take part too.

There will be an Assessment Centre at the University of Cambridge on 12th December so please make sure you apply at least two weeks beforehand.

Should you wish to apply now, you can do so here.

Around the University

Cambridge Admission Office Session Leader Recruitment

 Cambridge Admissions Office wants to let you know that recruitment for Session Leaders to our Postgraduate Outreach Scheme is open from Monday 14th October until noon on Friday 29th November.

Session Leaders are deployed across the University to design, plan and deliver engaging academic session to young people aged 11-18. This opportunity is open to all PhD students with at least 2 years left to study and is a great opportunity for post-graduates to gain teaching experience and work across college’s, departments and in recruitment and outreach for the Cambridge Admissions Office.

Trinity May Ball Workers Application

Trinity May Ball 2020 Workers Applications are now live, and I was wondering if you might be able to advertise to your students.

Trinity May Ball 2020 Workers Applications

Link: https://mgmt.trinityball.co.uk/student-worker-staff-applications/positions

Time: Applications for the first round of interviews will be selected on November 15th

Contact: personnel@trinityball.co.uk

Trinity May Ball is one of the most impressive Cambridge Balls, and is now recruiting for 2020! Our workers are the backbone of this large-scale operation, and we are looking for charismatic and motivated people to join our team and create an exciting atmosphere for guests and workers alike! All workers are paid for their hours, receive breaks to see the ball, enjoy hot food, and have a chance at 2021 tickets. Applications take five minutes!

Experience is not necessary, but all roles do require diligence and the desire to work as part of a team. Good applicants will be invited to interview, and impressive applicants will be invited to interview for leadership and managerial roles.

The Circular Economy: More Than a Buzzword?

5th December, 17:30 – 19:30, St. John’s College Old Divinity School

Many of us want to contribute towards a greener society: we want to recycle more, use less plastic and toss less food into our bins. This push towards sustainability is increasingly linked to the concept of circular economy, a vision of a world in which we efficiently use, reuse and regenerate materials instead of throwing them away. But what exactly does circular economy really mean?

Join Prof. Khaled Soufani of the Circular Economy Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School as he delves into the concept of circular economy, what it means for you, and what the university is doing to turn it into reality. The lecture will be followed by an exhibition featuring interactive demos and information on research being conducted in the Cambridge Creative Circular Plastics Centre to combat plastic waste and encourage circularity and sustainability.

Register for tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-circular-economy-more-than-a-buzzword-tickets-79228306999

Hope to see many of you there!

Churchill Enterprise Pitch to Win

You are invited to enter the Churchill Enterprise ‘Pitch to Win’
competition open to current Churchill students and alumni

· WHY SHOULD I ENTER? The ability to pitch an idea for a new venture, a
project or anything else, is a key transferable skill of value to any
career path. This competition is a chance for Churchillians to prepare
and practice their pitching skills in front of a friendly and supportive
community, receive feedback, and have the chance to win one of several
£100 prizes on offer. There will also be the chance to network and
enjoy some free beer, soft drinks and pizza after the event.


  o Visit the competition webpage and read the competition rules [2]

  o Think of an idea for a new venture or project or anything else that
you can summarise in no more than 20 words

  o Complete the short online entry form [3]

  o Pitch your idea in under five minutes at the live event on the
evening of Thursday 30 January

  o Enjoy the monetary prize that you might win!

· HOW CAN I FIND OUT MORE? For more information and to submit an
application by Wednesday 22 January visit:

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Annabel Busher
in the Alumni & Development office: development@chu.cam.ac.uk

Participants needed for brain stimulation study (£35)!

The Adaptive Brain Lab are currently recruiting participants for a two-part study investigating how we learn to see in challenging visual environments. Participants should be aged between 18-34 and have normal or corrected-to-normal vision (contact lenses only). In the first part of the study (150 minutes), you will be asked to do a computer-based task while we record your brain activity with EEG. We will also apply very brief periods brain stimulation (TMS) for ~15 minutes during this session. The second session runs for ~50 minutes and is a computer-based task only. For both sessions, we would offer £35. Please note this study runs with first sessions at either 10am or 2pm Mon-Thursday. If you are interested in taking part or would like more information, please get in touch with Lizzie at psycabgr@hermes.cam.ac.uk, quoting “GPTMS” as the subject line.