Michaelmas Week 7

Thank you to Basil Baccouche for the picture of the Hepworth at night! Please send pictures to mcr-secretary@chu.cam.ac.uk if you want to see your photos featured here on the Gazette!

Notes from College

Please see the latest emails from Richard Partington on the latest government guidance about leaving Cambridge for the winter break.

Conversations with the Master and Professor Dame Janet Thornton Nov 25th at 5PM

Further details and to book are below:


Thanks very much

Churchill College Enterprise Competition

We would like to invite all current Churchill students and alumni interested in developing a business idea to compete in the 2021 Churchill College Enterprise Competition

·       Why should I enter? All those selected for the final will receive expert mentoring from experienced company directors. The winner will receive a cash prize of £1000 to enable them to develop their ideas further and there will also be a £250 prize for the ‘Most Innovative Technology’.

·       What will I have to do?

o   Visit the competition webpage and read the competition rules.

o   Think of an idea for an innovative service or product you would like to develop and submit an outline of your idea with an explanation of how the idea will be implemented and an evaluation of the idea’s potential benefits by the submission deadline of Friday 5 March 2021.

o   If your idea is shortlisted for the final you will be invited to give a presentation to the Enterprise board lasting no longer than 20 minutes on Wednesday 28 April 2021.

·       How can I find out more? For more information visit: www.chu.cam.ac.uk/student-hub/enterprise-competition-2021

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact Annabel Busher in the Alumni & Development office: development@chu.cam.ac.uk

The competition is sponsored by the Federation of Shenzhen Commerce (FSC) with supporting sponsorship from CyberHive and ideaSpace.

COVID Guidance for All Students

As always please be regularly checking the College Coronavirus page https://www.chu.cam.ac.uk/news/coronavirus-guidance-for-all/ for information regarding the Churchill College response to Coronavirus.

MCR Events

Bystander Intervention Course Feedback

You all will have received a notice last week from Rebecca Sawalmeh about completing the Active Bystander Intervention Course on Moodle.  Please note that this is a required course for all MCR members.  Once you have completed the course we would like to ask for your feedback on it by filling out this form

Additionally, I would like to draw your attention to the trigger warning at the start of the course which we have added which states:This course features videos on sexual assault, racism, misogyny, and and other hate crimes.  Included with each video is a transcript, if you would prefer to read the scene script rather than watch the videos.  If you feel you’re unable to complete the course because of these images/descriptions please do not hesitate to contact the Postgraduate Office at postgrad@chu.cam.ac.uk

If you have any questions or concerns that you think will not be addressed by filling out the feedback form please feel free to contact either myself or postgrad@chu.cam.ac.uk.  Thank you to everyone who has completed the course already.

MCR Booking Now Available!

To book out the MCR for your household as a study space fill in the form at the bottom of the page here http://mcr.chu.cam.ac.uk/calendar/mcr-booking/

Mental Health Mondays

In a new initiative, each Monday the MCR Welfare Team will be encouraging you to take some time to think about your Mental Health. Each week we will be giving details of resources or services which you might find useful. This week we are focusing on services provided by the MCR, Churchill College and the University of Cambridge.MCR Welfare ChatsThe welfare team are now available for 1-on-1 chats, either virtually (via video or phone) or for socially distanced walks. These are available for any members of the MCR and their non-students partners who may want to talk things through with someone removed from their situation or just want a friendly chat.

If you would like a meeting, please select an available session from this Google Sheet by changing the colour from green to red:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mK3pri3J_yUWKuLG2W7yUmGBq8HcmRHm0FP8RCQ_4fo/edit?usp=sharing

This process is to ensure that signing up for a session is anonymous. Please then also contact the relevant member of the welfare team to let them know how you would like to meet:

Sam Turner – Men’s Welfare – mcr-menswelfare@chu.cam.ac.uk

Elre Oldewage – Women’s Welfare – mcr-womenswelfare@chu.cam.ac.uk

Jack Hughes (he/him) – LGBT+ Welfare – mcr-lgbt@chu.cam.ac.uk

Amila Jayasinghe – Families’ Welfare – mcr-families@chu.cam.ac.uk

Rebecca Heath – Disability Welfare – mcr-access@chu.cam.ac.uk

Please note that you are welcome to contact any member of the welfare team about anything you may wish to talk about, even if not directly connected to their role.If you are unable to make any of the times listed (or if all slots are filled), please contact a member of the welfare team and we will arrange another time for you.

First Year Fridays!

Obviously lockdown is a challenging time for everyone. The First Year Officer, Bethany, has designed a program where first years can go on one-to-one walks with other people! Hopefully these walks will help you meet people from outside of your household bubble! Contact Bethany at mcr-firstyearrep@chu.cam.ac.uk with questions!

-you can also sign up (as an individual) if you are a partner of a student
-although this is targeted at first years, other MCR members are welcome to join as well!


Yoga Virtual at 6PM on Wednesdays

For more information about joining yoga contact Elre (etv21).

CHUTalk with Javiera Marfan on “Contemporary approaches to policy implementation: opportunities and challenges for policymaking” Nov 26th 7PM

Hear from Javiera Marfan on “Contemporary approaches to policy implementation: opportunities and challenges for policymaking”. Join the Zoom meeting at https://zoom.us/j/7427784037?pwd=bkhTQWJRRDRUZFROT3BKN3dobWFDQT09

Meeting ID: 742 778 4037 

Passcode: 000111 

Murder Mystery at Churchill Sunday Nov 29th 7:30PM

Rebecca Heath and Bethany Catchpole are inviting you all to a night of murder, mystery, and fun…join us virtually to solve the mystery.  Details to be confirmed.


Product Design Training Camp and Internship Opportunities

We’re Hercules Cambridge, a student-led design society and we’re recruiting for multiple company-led product design projects. Some of our success stories in the past: https://www.herculescambridge.org.uk/work

We provide workshops run by students with in-depth experience in relevant fields, as well as projects collaborating with companies, which give people access to opportunities to refine their skills and build up their portfolios/CV.

We’ve got two events that we’re really excited about this term:

1.  We’re running a brainstorming training on 25th November. It’s a 90 min session from 8-9.30pm, where we show you how to effectively come up with promising design concepts in a short period of time. We’ll talk you through participating in two of the world’s most prestigious design competitions: the iF Talent Award and the James Dyson Award.

Those who come up with the two most interesting ideas will also be offered a place on our SCRUM teams, where we’ll work together to polish these concepts over the holidays to submit them. An example of a past entry might be: https://www.jamesdysonaward.org/2020/project/portaprint/ Our SCRUM teams benefit from mentorship from engineering department professors and sessions with past competition winners.

2. We also have a project that people can apply to in collaboration with VOX Supply Partner, the aim is to transform a mass-market display unit into something more sustainable in line with UN sustainable development goals. Over three months, you will get to collaborate with the technical director and his team, as well as with students from multidisciplinary backgrounds. The project provides mentorship to refine your skills and a summer internship offer at the end of it for outstanding individuals. The deadline to apply is on 27th November.

To check these out, simply go on our platform and log-in with Raven. Then go to the “EVENTS” (for the brainstorming session) or “MISSIONS” planets (for VOX’s project) and pick out the relevant stars!

Cambridge University Science Policy Exchange

We are hosting a Science and Policy Forum with the theme of “a
sustainable future”.

We think that this would be extremely applicable for all our students –
so it would be great if you could circulate it around to your colleges!

The link for the details is below:


If they have any questions, please let me know! (or visit our website:

Eden McCallum Consulting

Founded by two senior female consultants in 2000, Eden McCallum has
redefined management consulting.  We are now recruiting for our analyst
intake for September 2021 and I would be grateful if you were able to
forward the attached details, in your capacity as MCR president, to the
students within your college. The attached provides a brief description
of the analyst role but further information can be found via our website
below.  (Please note that we accept applications from all disciplines
but unable to accept applications from MBA students.)


Eden McCallum career panel event:

I would also like to add that we are hosting an informative event for
students via Zoom on Thursday 26th November from 16:00-17:30 UK.  This
is an opportunity to speak with members from our Leadership Team,
Managers from our Analyst Programme, and with members from our Analyst
and Associate Consultant group.  They will provide insights into
consulting as a career choice, life on a client project, work / life
balance, our internal initiatives (sustainability and NGO work), our
dynamic and exceptional training programme, our mentorship and buddy
schemes – and any other information students may be interested in!

Spaces are limited so in order to register, please RSVP as soon as you
can with the following information to:

        * First and last name
        * College name, discipline and year of expected graduation
        * If you have access/ability to access Zoom meeting rooms
        * Any questions that you would like the panel to address during the

We will contact you with regards to meeting login details, spaces

I thank you for your time in advance and please do contact me should you
have any further queries.

Churchill College Science Society

I’m Sam (second-year NatSci) and, along with some other JCR students, I’m setting up a science society for Churchill to organise and run talks/seminars/other events for anybody that wants to come along and find out about research by fellows and students in College and the University.

But before we start organising events, we need to have a full committee and we still have some positions vacant (including Vice-President!). If you’re at all interested in joining the committee, please send me an email (sjh282) or send me a message on Facebook (Sam Holland) and I can give you some more info and answer any questions.

Also if you have any ideas for events/would like to give a talk about your research at any point in the future, let me know as well!

Around the University

Cambridge Journal of Political Affairs

The Cambridge Journal of Political Affairs is recruiting for its editorial board! We are excited to announce the opening of applications to the editorial board for the second issue of the CJPA. There are a wide range of roles available suitable for both 1st, 2nd and 3rd years. Applications close on the 30th of November. Read more at https://www.cambridgepoliticalaffairs.co.uk/join-the-team and apply here: https://forms.gle/jqD4LHAM3wTZUYMY8. Candidates will be accepted on a rolling basis.

We would be more than happy to provide further details, should you or your college members have any questions regarding the journal. For more information regarding applications, and to stay updated:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/camjpa/ 

Website: https://www.cambridgepoliticalaffairs.co.uk/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/42373404

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cjpolaffairs/

CDI 2020/21 Committee Applications

Do you want to oversee a student-led, community-centred development organisation while still at university? 

Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI) is a student-led development NGO that works in collaboration with Kite Dar es Salaam, a parallel organisation made up of students from universities in Dar es Salaam.

CDI’s projects run throughout the year, during which time our student committee and volunteers – both in the UK and in Tanzania – work to sustainably evaluate and develop community-led projects

Every year a new committee runs the Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI). This provides an unparalleled opportunity for students to oversee an entire organisation and manage a team of volunteers while coordinating and implementing hands-on, community-led development projects. As a member of the CDI executive committee, you will have the opportunity to grow as a young leader and practitioner in sustainable development, and act as a catalyst for impactful, community-led change.   

The positions available are:

  • Deputy Director
  • SWaSH Project Director
  • Student Innovation Researchers 

Applications are opening at 12:00 GMT on Monday, 9th November and close at 23:59 GMT on Friday, 20th November

For more information about the positions available, specifics about how to apply, and more information about our work, please visit our website or Facebook page:



Research Participants Needed

I am looking for English speakers for my PhD research which investigates
English varieties around the world.

Participants must be
•       born and raised in the UK
•       between 18 and 30 years old
•       monolingual in English
•       currently studying at a university in the UK

The PhD study involves narrating a story based on a short animated film
as well as other computer-based linguistic tasks. The whole session is
expected to last around 1 hour. It will be carried out one-on-one with
the researcher via Zoom. Upon completing ALL the tasks, you shall be
reimbursed a £10 Amazon e-voucher for your time. Interested to take part
in the study? Contact Samantha Sie at slws2@cam.ac.uk.Attachments area

Student’s Views on Visitor Policies

I write to you in the context of a research project that looks at students’ views about their College’s visitors policies. The rules appear to vary quite a bit, and we’re interested in how students’ views about the rules are related to the extent to which they follow them. This information could inform how the Colleges and the University implement such rules in the future.

The work is part of a larger initiative to use behavioural science and psychology to support the COVID-19 response in the University sector.

My research team, based in the Department of Psychology, put together brief survey:


It only takes about 5 minutes to complete. As MCR and JCR Presidents and Welfare Officers, would you be willing to circulate the survey to undergraduate and postgraduate students at Churchill?

We’d greatly appreciate at your help! Ideally we would like to get many responses as possible straight away, before any new lockdown rules come into effect.

I would of course be glad to answer any questions about the research. With many thanks in advance,

Dr. Simone Schnall