Minutes of Churchill College MCR Extraordinary General Meeting – Lent 2016


Date: 7th March 2016, 7:30pm
Location: Sandy Ashmore Room



  1. Present: Sam, Edward, Sam, Tamas, Bowen, Alisha, Clara, Rachel, Douglas, Holly, Charlie, Philip

Confirmation of minutes – Lent 2016 TGM

  1. The minutes from the Lent 2016 TGM were confirmed.

Matters arising from the minutes

  1. None

Questions to the Committee

  1. None

Matters for Discussion

Motion to add additional member to the MCR Committee

  1.  A vote was held:
    1.  For – 12
    2. Against – 0
    3. Abstain – 0
  2. Therefore, the committee resolves to add Douglas, Alisha and Holly to the committee in the respective roles outline in the motion

Any Other Business