Minutes of Churchill College MCR Termly General Meeting – Lent 2016


Date: 26th January 2016, 7:30pm
Location: Sandy Ashmore Room



  1. Present: Yuhua, Charlie, Fabian, Alisha, Elsa, Sonke, Rachel, Flaviu, Luana, Giorgio, Anwar, Max, Matthew, Sam, Holly, Megan, Edward, Bowen, Sami, Lucy, Charlie, Tamas, Vivek, Douglas, Christian, Philip, Clara
  2. Apologies: KC



Confirmation of minutes – Michaelmas 2015 TGM

  1. The minutes from the Michael 2015 TGM were confirmed.



Summary of MCR Activities (Sonke)

MCR events in the past term have included:

  1. MCR formals
  2. Event request link on the MCR calendar
  3. LGBT+ position vote
  4. Committee training with Moller Centre
  5. Wolfson Foyer display tour


Report on MCR Finances (Christian)

  1. MCR finance look healthy – no big expenditures since last TGM
  2. £10,000 (public £6000, private £4000)
    1. The private account is used for Guest Night, freshers’ week etc – more flexible with the money
    2. The public account is funding from the College and we need to demonstrate the usage to College e.g. gardening
    3. Saved £2000 over the year so that we have more to spend for the coming year for MCR events.
    4. Vivek: what kind of expenses were the most effective?
      1. Christian: spends on equipments, and have more sponsored events
      2. Fabian: MCR refurbishment
    5. Giorgio: this year we’ve spent some money that usually comes out from the private account from the bar account. Need to sum up both the private and bar accounts to examine the whole picture of MCR finance. This has been the case for the past four years – depends on which account is more healthy.
    6. Vivek: bar account is healthier than the previous year although there have been better years previously.
    7. Christian: bar treasurers and new treasurer should meet to discuss how expenditures should be balanced between the two accounts
  3. Update MCR finance info on the website
  4. Lucy: MCR trip to London – possible subsidies from the MCR?
    1. Luana: advertising the trip as subsidised might attract more people


Vote to add MCR LGBT+ position

  1. Make the LGBT+ position more flexible between JCR/MCR (used to be only JCR)
  2. This needs to make changes to the Churchill Student Federation to allow MCR members to step forward and take up the MCR LGBT+ position if there is one
  3. If there are members stepping forward from both JCR/MCR, hold separate elections. However, if only one member from JCR or MCR comes up, there should be joint elections that are coordinated between JCR and MCR in terms of when the elections take place.
  4. This has been approved by College Council and JCR is amending their documents accordingly:
    1. yes: 29
    2. no: 0
    3. abstain: 0


Hustings (or welcomes if uncontested)


  1. Clara Tang – speech:
    1. Women’s welfare last year – fresher’s week, parenting scheme, house committee
    2. helped organise swaps with the external social sec
    3. Enjoy being on the committee and the Churchill MCR has been an important part of my life
    4. Goals: keep the MCR to be fun and awesome, look more into welfare, hold events that would fit the diverse interests of MCR members, liaise with college to improving housing availability for 2nd year and 3rd year PhD students
  2. Questions:
    1. Fabian: Will we organise Bops as the other hills colleges do in addition to the Guest Night?
      1. Rachel open to ideas for the next Guest Night, but also need to take into account the profitability of such events
      2. Clara: hire Churchill bands in future events
      3. Sonke: could turn a midterm MCR formal into something similar?
      4. Giorgio: we used to run Bops with New Hall or Murray Edwards occasionally. Could do something like that in the future as well.
    2. Sonke: plans to liaise more strongly with the other hills colleges?
      1. Clara: hills college football team?
    3. Sonke: how much time do you have for the President role?
      1. Clara: however much it takes. I will be doing the President role and my PhD
    4. Max: Will you be willing to delegate work to other people if you didn’t have enough time?
      1. Clara: Yes. I will also bring in Giorgio and Jordan as Ale and Quail officers. They will be able to provide very useful insights.
    5. Sonke: what do you think is the current relationship status between college and MCR?
      1. Clara: it seems fine.
      2. Sonke: we are fortunate to have a student-oriented college. We rarely run into problems.
    6. Vivek: how do you get people to volunteer to organise activities and to get more involved?
      1. Clara: I really want to boost morale in the community. We should be better friends with each other.


  1. Megan McGregor – speech
    1. First year PhD but fifth year at Churchill
    2. previously involved in the Music Society & President of Orchestra on the hill (lots of team building and organising)
    3. I’ve benefited from the JCR/MCR committee and I’d like to contribute
    4. Goal: support other roles in the committee. provide friendly first point of contact for related issues.
  2. Questions:
    1. Sam: What’s the most difficult email you’ve sent to people and how you dealt with it?
      1. Megan: Had to coordinate with other presidents and carefully phrase the emails to get them on my side
    2. Vivek: what’s the best distribution method to get the information delivered to people?
      1. Megan: information explode for people’s emails. Term card and facebook group is really useful. We should encourage people to get on the website.
    3. Giorgio: communications with families?
      1. Flaviu: people should be able to receive Gazettes. Separate facebook group to advertise special events.
      2. Sonke: use partner’s list for potential communications?
      3. Luana: one big problem is that families can’t go to formals because of kids. Flaviu has organised babysitting schemes. Similar should be considered for other events.
    4. Yuhua: How do you feel about having to commit a time each week for the Gazette and how are you going to filter information from all sorts of sources?
      1. Megan: Happy with weekly commitment, and filter out spams so that the members will get the most useful information.


  1. Bowen Ding – Speech:
    1. 2nd year PhD in Engineering. Also a Churchillian from undergraduate.
    2. Equipment officer from Michaelmas – will be willing to continue the responsibility when someone steps forward if I got elected
    3. Used to be a member for the table tennis club – chased college funding for 2-3 months and got £800 to buy new tables and equipment
    4. used to work in HK in an investment bank for a year – sufficient accounting skills
    5. To improve current finance status:
      1. Allocate funds for magazine subscriptions if there is demand
      2. Expense claims – guarantee refund in one month since application
      3. Update record online to make MCR finance transparent and report in AGM and TGM in a more accessible way
  2. Questions:
    1. Fabian: how much independence does the treasurer have with the money?
      1. Bowen: Treasurer should be able to approve expenditure under £50 retrospectively. But when it goes above £100 need advance application. Happy to draft provisional guidelines.
      2. Christian: Bowen is a very competent and responsible person for the Treasurer position and I have confidence for him to be able to improve things that we have discussed.

Women’s Welfare

  1. Anwar Jaber – PhD in Architecture
    1. It is my new year resolution to be more involved in MCR community
    2. Happy to serve as women’s welfare officer

Men’s Welfare

  1. Fabian Micallef
    1. Suggesting bops for the benfits of “my fellow man”
    2. It’s a great opportunity to organise events such as poker nights

Family’s Welfare

  1. Flaviu Bulat
    1. I’ll continue to serve the families and get the families more involved with college activities.
    2. Giorgio: may be possible for other members of the MCR to help with babysitting
    3. Matthew: could split the families in two and have them reciprocate the favour between themselves
    4. Fabian: could subsidise babysitting
      1. Flaviu: but can’t pay students. For proper babysitters need background checks etc.
      2. Giorgio: can pay by free drinks at the bar etc.

Internal Social Secretary

  1. Rachel Spicer:
    1. Open to ideas and suggestions for future Guest Nights

External Social Secretary

  1. Raghabendra KC

Bar Treasurer

  1. Zhiyuan Ou & Charlie Readman:
    1. Zhiyuan – I’ve only been here for a week and people are really friendly. I think working with the bar sounds really cool. I’m willing to learn about how things work.
    2. Charlie – I love this place and would like to learn more about bar stuff.
    3. Fabian: can people from the outside be able to pay by card at all?
      1. Sami: we don’t have the right license to take cards. It’s not a commercial bar at all and we are too small to afford the charge.
      2. Liaise with the bar downstairs
      3. Elsa: should encourage people to mingle and buy drinks for each other
      4. Clara: MCR tab

LGBT+ Officer

  1. Tamas Kispeter
    1. 5th year in college
    2. was the LGBT+ a few years ago and would like to run again
    3. would like to organise lots of events for the LGBT+ community especially in Churchill
    4. Elsa: will LGBT+ events welcome non-LGBT+ members?
      1. Tamas: should have both inclusive and exclusive events to be welcoming and also to provide necessary privacy. Will specify when advertising events.
      2. MCR/JCR communications through email or SNS to keep events consistent


Any Other Business

  1. Max: I will be out of college from late March to May and possibly early June. Would appreciate if someone can cover the role while I’m gone.
    1. Douglas is interested
  2. Fabian: MCR refurbishment should be revisited
    1. Sonke: College is very supportive of MCR refurbishment but can’t do building work
    2. Giorgio: TV needs to work!
      1. Bowen has already contact college but we are in the queue
      2. need to keep pushing the college to fix the TV and install the ports for the Play Station and Rouke stick etc.
      3. College has put this as low priority but we need to find ways to convince them to get it done
      4. Petition: Equipment officer should push it. Lucy to draft a petition for people to sign at an MCR event.
      5. Vivek: use ChuTalk and other alumni relations to leverage
    3. Charlie happy to join
  3. Edward: some minor repair work needs to be done for the piano. Contact equipment officer.
  4. Elsa: one week face-to-face handover.
  5. Tamas: will the bar be able to serve JCR LGBT+ members?
    1. Bar: we are not allowed to serve JCR members at all.
    2. Vivek: best if the budget can be from the MCR private account.
  6. Luana: thank the old committee!


Next TGM: date TBA, but will be for the Easter term.