Minutes of Churchill College MCR TGM – Michaelmas 2016

Date: 25th October 2016
Location: Sandy Ashmore Room



  1. Present:
    1. Committee: Megan McGregor, Sam Ainsworth, Edward Lilley, Luana Bulat, Alisha Kasam, Anwar Jaber, Max Veit, Liam Gaziano, Kaspars Karlson, Tiago Azevedo, Elsa Matthus, Janosz Dewberry, Fabian Micallef, Jack Hodkinson, Clara Tang, Charlie Readman, KC, Rachel Spicer, Tamas Kispeter
  2. Apologies: Bowen & Meng


Confirmation of minutes – Easter 2016 TGM

  1. The minutes from the Easter 2016 TGM were confirmed.


Matters arising from the minutes

  1. None


Questions to the Committee

Committee Reports


  1. CT attended college council; nothing very exciting – Churchill has admitted 125 new graduates this year
  2. Director of the archive committee is going on sabbatical – so if people want to go on a tour of the archives, we need to organise that before he goes away. Clara will ask the archive centre to organise said tour

Treasurer – BD

We have some money – we still have the CCRFC allocation to come. If you have an suggestion for what to spend it on, please let Bowen know.

Secretary – MM

Nothing to report

Academic – LT

  1. Thanks to Jack & Janosz for covering for Michaelmas term.

Bar Secretary – MV

  1. Two events coming up: Cocktail masterclass, and spirits tasting

Bar Treasurer – CR

  1. We have bar money!

Computing – SA

  1. We have a marketplace on the website – buy and sell stuff on there, rather than putting on the FB page
  2. Booking system for the TV being implemented today – you can send in a form requesting TV booking system. We’ve had a couple of complaints about the TV so this is a remedy to that.
  3. No buying things on the Amazon Fire TV box. Sam has set up additional parental controls but obviously this is unacceptable.

Environmental – JH

  1. Don’t smoke outside the bikesheds!

Equipment – LB

  1. New light bulbs & new copy of FIFA (it is a digital copy so it can’t be nicked).

External Social Secretary – KC

  1. We have swaps coming up:
    -St Edmund’s
    Hopefully we can manage it so that everyone gets to go to a swap once – if you have contacts at a college you want to go to, let KC know.

Internal Social Secretary – RS

  1. Hallowe’en party on Saturday
  2. Guest night in December – you can dress up, there’s a band, churchill casino etc. The theme is TECHNICOLOUR

Family’s Officer – FB

  1. The new families have organised a kids party for Hallowe’en.
  2. Looking into organising another family formal – we would ideally want the food earlier.

LGBT+ Officer – TK

  1. Ongoing events – there are weekly events for the Tuesday Glitterbomb nights.
  2. Harry the JCR counterpart has started doing “Minority Movie Nights”. Examples of films that have been shown are “Pride”. This is in the Wolfson lecture theatre.

First Year Rep

Not here – there will be a Christmas formal in conjunction with a Christmas party (on Tuesday 13th December)


Welfare Officers – FM, AJ, TK

Alisha & Fabian wanted to give an overview of the welfare resources available.

  1. Introduced each welfare officer
  2. Other welfare resources – Porter’s, Rebecca (for less urgent issues), College Tutor (esp. For academic or financial issues), college nurse, college counsellor
  3. Welfare officers can give you personal attack alarms; college also has an account with Camcab, for cases of emergency. (Holly asked how this was accessed).
  4. Wider university: There is the university professional counselling service. CUSU also have a counselling service, if you want something a bit more annonymous
  5. Contraception: These are free on the NHS; you can also get the morning after pill. STI tests at the GP, or at dedicated sexual health clinic (Lime Tree Clinic). Free home test kits from dontpassiton.com(.co.uk?)
  6. Fabian: At some point we are going to set up the Language Mentoring programme for people who want to help with English

Matters for Discussion

Amendments to the Rules & Procedures

  1. Whereas, there is currently no MCR member looking after the student-run MCR gardens (behind 70 Storey’s Way and the Greenhouse) and notes that gardening, promoting sustainability, and reducing the carbon emissions from transport and refrigerated food storage are very much in line with the role of the Environment Officer; and it is therefore resolved that the Churchill College Middle Common Room (supports/is against) the following be amended to section 209: Environment Officer.  
    Section 209: Environment Officer

    The Environment Officer shall be responsible for promoting environmental issues within the MCR, and looking after the MCR gardens behind 70 Storey’s Way and the Greenhouse, and running the College recycling scheme along with the Environment Officer in the Junior Common Room. She/he shall liaise with the CUSU Environment Officer.
    Vote for amending rules and procs:

    For: 21



    Passes the 2/3rds majority threshold

  2. Hence the essential duties of the Environmental Officer shall be:

    1. Promote environmental issues within the MCR.
    2. Contact group members for gardening activities via the chu-veggie-growers mailing list;


    3. Work with existing members during the Fresher’s Week to recruit new members;


    4. Organise a meeting with all group members to decide what to plant in Jan/Feb; communicating the plan with the College Head Gardener Mr John Moore; buying seeds according to the plan;


    5. During the planting season, organise weekly/bi-weekly gardening activities;


    6.  During the planting season, assign the watering tasks (twice a week or everyday depending on the weather) to group members;


    7.  After the planting seasons, remove annual plants and preparing the beds with new soil for the next year.


    8. Run the College recycling scheme along with the Environment Officer in the JCR.


    9. Liaise with the CUSU Environment Officer.
  3. Whereas, there is currently no member of the committee designated to organise the Summer BBQ at the end of Easter Term and given the light workload of the First Year Representative; it is therefore resolved that the Churchill College Middle Common Room (supports/is against) the following be amended to section 213: First Year Representative.  
    Section 213: First Year Representative

    The First Year Representative shall represent the views of those in their first year of membership of the MCR.  She/he shall also organise the Christmas party at the end of the Michaelmas Term and the Summer BBQ at the end of Easter Term.
    Vote on amending R&Ps:

    For: 23



    The vote passes to 2/3rds majority threshold.


Hustings/Welcoming New Committee Members

The following people are welcomed as new committee members:

  1. Computing Officer – Sam Ainsworth
  2. Bar Secretary – Holly Preece & Max Veit
  3. First Year Rep – Liam Gaziano
  4. Equipment Officer – Meng Zhang
  5. Academic Officer – Jack Hodkinson & Janosz Dewberry

Hustings then took place for the position of environment officer:

  1. Kaspars Karlsons & Tiago Azevedo
    1. Kaspars: We strongly believe that we bring qualities that will make us successful in this roll. Tiago has done volunteering in Africa, and has been responsible for running clubs, societies in Portugal. Kaspars has been involved in a number of clean-ups of the environment (inc. Baltic Sea coast), and has been heavily involved with gardening back home.
    2. Tiago: We think there is a lack of environmental awareness – on the Churchill college website, there are lots of clubs/societies promoted that we could add the gardening society to. We think small things do make a difference – we’ve noticed recycling bins are not well distributed and pay close attention to the small details. The University of Cambridge has funds for many projects that we would like to use.
    3. Kaspars: There are also competitions taking place e.g. “Cambridge Switch-Off”, that we would like Churchill to win.
  2. Jitao Wang
    • I’m studying Environmental Policy. I’d like to introduced my three goals are environmental officer:
      -Improve student engagement – we witness the environmental changes everyday, so I’d like to encourage students to be more involved in the challenges (Switch-Off, Carbon challenge etc)
      -Enhance environmental literacy – with improved environmental literacy with motivate people to be more involved, for examples by calculating everyone’s carbon footprint. The environment officer could collaborate with academic officer to get those who are doing environmental research to give talks. (Or maybe ask external speakers)
      -The university has many excellent resources which I feel we should use.
    • I did my undergrad in geography and I’m now student Environmental Policy – I have experience from my undergrad degree of environmental campaigns, and I hope to make the students more compassionate about the environment and to engage and act to make a change.

Questions to the candidates were as follows:

  1. Sam: who or what is your favourite tree and why?
    1. Kaspars: Cherry Tree – Sweet cherry trees take a long time to give fruit.
    2. Tiago: Maybe apple or pear (I’ve never really though about it)
    3. Jitao: Grapes?
  2. Tamas: Some people live out of college – what will you do as Environment officer for those people?
    1. Jitao – We should inform people that this is an issue that matters, and of the changes that they can make at home. I would also like to encourage them to come to college and participate in events here
    2. Kaspars – They are still on the mailing lists, and when we expand the gardening society we could still involve those people in that.
  3. Holly: Do you think that forming a closer coalition with the university wide Environmental officer would be beneficial and how would you try to bridge that gap?
    1. Kaspars: It would definitely be beneficial – one of responsibilities would be to do that, so we could get an idea of what is happening university wide.
    2. Jitao: There is lots of university wide funding that we would get to take advantage of – the university carbon challenge provides funding and it would be beneficial to us.
    3. Kaspars: There is this “Energy & Environment Sector” that’s it important to get involved with
    4. Holly: But how would actually bridge the gap?
    5. Jitao: Just get in touch!
    6. Kaspars: Ditto!
  4. Fabian: So we are now formalising the care of garden – so can you do that? It takes time and responsibily – what do you intend to do to get more people involved with the garden?
    1. Kaspars: Make it more visible to start with (e.g. on the website). Tiago & I have a lot of gardening experience. I spent like 30% of this summer helping out in the garden.
    2. Tiago: Of course we will contact Bing and get her advice.
    3. Jitao: We could promote using food waste and make compost for the garden.
    4. Fabian: Groundskeepng does that with leaves etc, so I would recommend getting in touch with them.
  5. Jack: Gardening aside, I was initially not in favour of adding gardening to the role. I got disenchanted in this role, because I thought the emails and the posters were very impersonal. What are you going to do beside talks and emails?
    1. Kaspars: We mentioned in our manifesto, organise some “green talks” – invite those who are related through their work to reducing environmental impact, from the university or further afield.
    2. Jitao: I think it’s a challenge to force people to come to these events – this is why I want to first focus on making people more environmentally literate, to build an understanding so that more people will come to events.
  6. Rachel: If you want to get people more environmentally engaged, and emails don’t work, how are you going to achieve that?
    1. Tiago: What we can do is start here , with people like us
    2. Kaspars: We will keep in contact with the university for bigger lobbying, but we should start here.
    3. Jitao: Influencing institutions vs local action is a difficult choice; obviously we need to enhance student engagement, which goes back to Rachel’s original question.
  7. Sam: What is the main thing you want to do this year in less than 5 words?
    1. Tiago: Small things make a big difference
    2. Jitao: Environmental Literacy, engagement & collaboration

Any Other Business

  1. Fabian: Maintenance took the sign for the bar and will start putting it up soonish.
  2. Holly: Went to library committee – they are missing a lot of DVDs, so if you have them, give them back!