Minutes of Churchill College MCR TGM – Lent 2018

Minutes for Churchill College MCR TGM

Date: 14nd May, 7:30pm

Location: Sandy Ashmore Room

Confirmation of minutes – Lent 2018

  1. The minutes from Lent 2018 TGM were agreed.

Matters arising from the minutes

  1. None.

Questions to the Committee

Committee Reports


We went to house committee and discussed the MCR and more specifically the cleanliness of the MCR. There will be a meeting with Rosemary in the next few weeks to come up with clear guidelines. The guidelines will then be put up in sensible places in the MCR so that everyone will know what the rules are. This will hopefully mean that housekeeping will be happy. We are also trying to move the cleaning day of the MCR from Monday morning to another day so that bar staff can check in on the bar more easier and ensure it is in a suitable state.  We also discussed the Circuit laundry system however nothing can currently be done about it because we are in contract with circuit. College is looking into alternatives for when the contract is over but for now if the laundry is not drying properly take a photo and email it directly to Circuit at a reasonable time of day and during the week. They should then refund you and if not then contact Shelly. If people have questions about GDPR then contact the archives – also check out the archives if you have time.


We had the CCRFC committee and have been given money for the next year so can keep planning events. We have also made some investments in the MCR equipment, including, but not limited to, yoga mats, a coffee machine, blankets and games. We have also started planning guest night in the absence of an internal social sec. The theme is <redacted>  Tickets will be released soon so keep an eye out on facebook and your Cambridge emails.


We should be joining the Churchill alumni network. We are automatically part of the Cambridge University alumni network but not the Churchill Alumni network. You can sign up now so please do!


The CoE went really well. We had a range of talks and posters and a good turn out. We have decided to change the way we give prizes for the winners. Instead of having a specific prizes, we will have a bunch of prizes which the winners can choose from. We have also decided to move the day of the CoE to the Sunday since it is currently on the Saturday and this is the same day as the MA congregation. This means that 3rd or 4th year PhD students who did their undergrad at cambridge cant attend and neither can the master. Moving it to Sunday will allow them to attend.

Bar Secretary:

We are getting a card machine, which will make payments easier people to pay. We have a new washing machine so bar staff have been briefed to read the instruction in order to keep it from breaking. The bar also needs to be kept clean so we have a cleaning schedule. We are also getting a tray for glasses which are left outside the bar once the bar is closed. If the bar is still open please return glasses to the bar and then the bar staff will clean it. We need to keep the bar clean because otherwise it will be a college managed space. Once this occurs we will have to apply for any events we want to host which will make it harder to host events and therefore we will probably end up hosting less events. We are also talking to Rosemary to get a rack to put dinner trays on, so until this happens if you eat in the MCR please return trays to hall. Also guest night is looming so please sign up for a bar shift.

Bar Treasurer:

Finances are okay – we are good for guest night.




The environmental officer has been replaced with the green officer and we need to vote on this. We won Platinum in the Green Impact challenge


We are getting coffee for the machine. Pods will be kept in the MCR room. Please clean up after yourself and write on the coffee payment sheet or put money in the pot. If the pods create mess we will be getting rid of them. We are talking to college about getting card access for electronics to stop JCR from using our equipment.

External Social Secretary:

Lots of swap have been organised and we are still organising more.

Internal Social Secretary:


Families’ Officer:

We bought lots of toys for the families  


Wellfare Tea

First Year Rep:



Yoga is going well. We are thinking about a stress relief day with potentially puppies to help dealing with exam stress. We also have more welfare.

Matters for Discussion



The aerial in Whittingham Lodge lead is being cut by <redacted> so there will be no more TV license issues.