Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting — October 17th 2019

Minutes for Churchill College MCR TGM

Date: 17th October, 7:00pm

Location: Sandy Ashmore Room



Present: 19 MCR Members

Apologies: Marco Caballero, Ashleigh Jugan, Savvas Gkatonas

Not present: Ben Ashbridge

Agreement of Minutes:

The EGM Minutes from June 10th were agreed by all members.

Matters Arising from the Minutes:

There were no outstanding matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting.

Committee Updates


The president mentioned that the Conference on Everything was mentioned and there was a discussion about moving the debate. A committee member brought up the fact that this would clash with the MA dinner. The president agreed this was an issue, and would send it to the college council


The treasurer acknowledged that the budget was in good standing. The CCRFC money will be sent in the coming weeks.


The secretary had no business to report.


The academic officer had set up all of the ChuTalks for this term, and has begun preparing for the conference on everything in the coming year.

Bar Secretary:

The Bar Secretary sent out the bar rota today and sent all names of people we trained to the porters and so now they know who those people are.

Bar Treasurer:

The Bar Treasurer had nothing to add

Computing :

The Computing Officer had nothing to report.


The green officers are unable to attend the next sustainability committee meeting, and have sent their apologies.


The equipment officer had nothing to report.

External Social Secretary:

The external social secretary was not present.

Internal Social Secretary:

The internal social secretaries do not exist.

Families’ Officer:

The families officer has gotten everything set for the families event this saturday and will send out an email shortly.

Men’s Welfare

The men’s welfare representative was not present.


The women’s welfare officer was not present.

LGBT+ Officer:

The LGBT+ officer reported a successful first event of term.

First Year Representative:

The first year representative had nothing to report.


The Publicity Officer had nothing to report.

Matters for Discussion:

Ashleigh vote for

For: 17

Against: 0

Abstain: 0

Vote to induct Jack Hughes as LGBT+ Officer

For: 16

Against: 0

Abstain: 0

Churchill Student Federation

The president sent out the new Churchill Student Federation (CSF) which constitutes of executives of the JCR and MCR and as of now has become redundant. It used to have a joint LGBT+ officer, however now each common room has their own LGBT+ officer. As such, a paper was brought to the college council to rework the federation to include a spring ball once every two years, and the Winston Paper.

For: 19

Against: 0

Abstain: 0

Hustings was announced and will be held next week on Thursday at 7:30PM in the MCR. The positions open are as follows:

1.    Academic Officer – Organises weekly CHUtalks, also organise conference on everything. its a good role, you get to meet the fellows.

2.    Internal Social Secretary (2 positions) – big job is running guest night. design a theme, coordinate with college, organise bars,

3.    Bar Secretary – give a hand with freshers and guest night, organize rotas for in term time and for events, and hosting bar events and bar training.

4.    Computing Officer – Role is in maintaining website, doing anything technical in the MCR, doing things like running the housing algorithm, email addresses, etc. Its a role that has to do with long term maintenance of the tech in the MCR, supporting the rest of the committee since you don’t have your own event to run.

5.    Green Officer – This officer is in charge of the MCR greenhouse and veggie beds. sits on college committees, green and housing, participates in green impact challenge, and in general works on making college more green.

6.    Equipment Officer – When organised this is a low commitment role, however with less organisation it becomes cumbersome. Jobs include keeping a tally of items in the MCR, coffee machine maintenance, and general MCR cleanliness.

7.    Communications and Publicity Officer – This new role is designed to promote the MCR and it’s events publically.

8.    First Year Representative – The main events are the XMas party and Summer BBQ, as well as an optional Super Bowl Party!

if you are on the committee there are things you need to do. i.e. attend guest night, help it running, and the other big thing is freshers week because this is a big committment.