Minutes of the MCR Termly General Meeting – Easter 2019

Minutes for Churchill College MCR TGM

Date: 10th June, 7:30pm

Location: Sandy Ashmore Room



Present: 14 MCR Members

Apologies: Jack Hughes, Marco Caballero, Savvas Gkantonas, Ahmad Zuheir bin Zaidon, Ben Ashbridge, Miguel El Guendy, Matt Leming, Ashleigh Jugan

Not present: Erik Bergqvist

Agreement of Minutes:

The EGM Minutes from March 14th were agreed by all members.

Matters Arising from the Minutes:

There were no outstanding matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting.

Committee Updates


The President reminded the committee about planning the Freshers events over the summer.  The months before Freshers week would be spent planning the events for the incoming MCR members.  In addition, the college meeting dates for the 2019-2020 year are in the Google Drive which is available to the Committee.


The MCR budget is in a good state, and the Treasurer reminded members that there is a large budget available for spending money on the Freshers weeks.  Because of this, there will likely be less available money for smaller purchases in the time leading up to Freshers, outside of Guest Night expenditures.  The reimbursements made for the start of the 2019 term are up to date, and the Treasurer should be contacted if this is incorrect.


The Secretary raised the issue of the effectiveness of the Gazette emails each week, however the general consensus from the committee was that the emails were effective and reached the wider community. There was a suggestion to send more individual emails such as the LGBT+ and ChuTalk emails which have been sent recently.  The Secretary reminded the Committee to please send them an email rather than a Facebook message in order to have an event put in either the Gazette or an email for consistency.


Academic officers had no business to report, but noted that the ChuTalks were going well.

Bar Secretary:

An email was sent today by the Bar Secretary about signing up for the Guest Night Rota and some people have responded to this email.  A menu for Guest Night has been created and the cocktail selections will be purchased in the coming weeks.

Bar Treasurer:

The Bar Treasurer had nothing to report.

Computing :

The Computing Officer had nothing to report.


The Green Officers had nothing to report.


A new electronics equipment door was purchased for the room adjacent to the MCR with the Playstation.  It is equipped with a salto lock with access to all MCR members whoa re able to access the MCR room but does not require a lock out.  This means that people need to remember to tap their card when leaving to close the door. Instructions will be affixed to the coffee maker and Karaoke machines in the MCR later this week.  A motion was made to agree on a date for an MCR cleanout.

External Social Secretary:

Both external social secretaries were reminded to contact the internal social secretaries to inform them of the number of Guest Night tickets reserved for this upcoming Guest Night.

Internal Social Secretary:

The End-of-Term Ceilidh will be occurring Friday June 14th at 19:30 in the hall, and is 4GBP for tickets which can be booked from the Internal Social Secretaries.  There was an extended discussion on the details of the upcoming Guest Night to be held on June 22nd which will be Cowboys and Aliens themed. The alcohol policy at this Guest Night will be that alcohol will be provided for the formal dinner and outside alcohol will not be permitted in the hall during the formal dining.  The smoking area will be moved to the fellows garden area rather than the normal smoking area.  The internal social secretaries reminded the MCR that they are still looking for band members to play during Guest Night, and a suggestion was made to have an Open Mic Event at Guest Night if no bands were available due to being booked at other Garden Parties.

Families’ Officer:

The Families’ Officer had nothing to report.

LGBT+ Officer:

The LGBT+ Officer provided t-shirts which were well received to all members of the LGBT+ community who requested them. These shirts were funded by the MCR.  A trip to Cambridge Pride was made on June 6th, and while the weather was rainy, the event was a success. Another trip to London pride is in the organisational stages now, and further emails will be sent in the future.  In regards to sending emails about STI testing, the LGBT+ officer noted that no emails had been sent recently and therefore would be sending one in the coming days. Finally, there was a discussion about how to inform the greater MCR Community about how an ally should be supportive during Pride Month, especially in regards to who should attend events such as Pride Parades.  

First Year Representative:

The First Year Representative was reminded to send an email about the MCR BBQ on Monday June 17th including the details of when and where the BBQ would be held.  It was suggested that more vegetarian options be purchased, and the Internal Social Secretary offered to drive to the grocery store on the day of the event in the case of a lack of food.


The Publicity Officer had nothing to report.


The welfare officer noted that the Yoga instructor would not be available for summer and therefore the MCR was looking for a new yoga instructor.  In addition there was a discussion about several organisational issues regarding members of the JCR, as they do not pay for yoga but still attend the sessions and therefore were required to purchase mats to accommodate the JCR members attending the class.

Matters for Discussion:

A motion was made to hold an MCR Clean Out on June 27th at 19:30 with pizza organised by the Equipment Officer.  The results of the vote were as follows:

For: 10

Against: 4

Abstain: 0


The President reminded members of the committee who would be leaving in Michaelmas to hand-over their positions to a relevant PhD committee member before the end of summer.  In addition a general comment on the high quality of Pub Quizzes was made.