Minutes of the Termly General Meeting and Hustings – January 22nd 2020

Minutes for Churchill College MCR TGM

Date: 22nd January, 7:30pm

Location: Sandy Ashmore Room



Present: 18 Members Attending


Not present: Richard

Agreement of Minutes:

The EGM Minutes from October 17th were agreed by all members.

Matters Arising from the Minutes:

Committee Updates


Had a meeting with Tom Bowdon Head of Estates about the issues occuring with the new build.


Finance Committee Meeting, not much to report, mostly about Capital Management.

If you’re thinking of a large purchase that you are thinking of (a pool table was suggested) then ask the MCR Treasurer. There is a chance college is thinking of what we can do with the space so there may be an opportunity for this.


Had a college council meeting and learned how to be Trustees of the College

Bar Secretary:

No reports (according to Michael)

Academic Officer:

The Conference on Everything is happening, please sign up for Chu Talks.

Computing Officer:

No Reports from Quinn (according to Jannat).

Equipment Officer:

First Year Representatives:

Organising a Superbowl Party that is next weekend on Sunday the 3rd.

Green Officer:

There is a committee meeting next week which green will go to.

Community and Publications:

Talking with communications office to do video profiles about people in college. Profile the fact that families and couples are well supported here. Including people’s accomplishments in the

Internal Social Sec:

Theme for the next Guest Night is Back to the 80s. Retro-evening and everything is going along well.

Matters for Discussion:

Hustings – Uncontested Opinions

Bar Treasurer:

Sam and Richard

Q: How will you work together?

A: We both have a vested interest in this place and endeavour to keep it running.

Q: What will be stocked?

A: Standard spirits, if people want drinks in, they can ask us and we will say yes or no depending. If something isn’t moving we can chuck that out of the order and move to something else.

Families Officer:


Thinking of some social events for families or kids, to continue the traditions that are happening this year.

Q: Do you know how the community room can be used? Can we stop paying for the TV license there?

A: The cuppers use it and people with kids might use that, but I don’t see that room as very pleasant so that maybe this is something we could look at. We can definitely stop paying for the TV license.


Jack LGBTQ Rep

Jack was previously the interim LGBT rep and has put on a couple movie nights coming up soon. Trying to start up a gender recognition fund, for transgender people to purchase items that would help them feel more comfortable.

Q: How will you generate that fund?

A: Talk to Robinson and Clare because they have set that up now?

Woman’s Welfare:


Doing a postgrad degree is challenging, and some of these reasons are academic and some are personal. My goal as your women’s welfare officer is to help you get through that degree.

Men’s Welfare:

Sam Turner

One issue is that people lose a “family” connection that they may have had in undergrad, and one of my goals is to organise more board game nights or events that will create a family for them here.

Q: In terms of Welfare Tea, would it be possible to have a little more promotion of things like that. They can be on the term card but it would be nice to have a reminder of the events that are on.

A: Yes

Q: Do we have enough/too many/ not enough events?

A: I think some drop-in events, or documentaries would be fun events to host.

External Social Secretary :

Maryellen and Jack

Jack – we’re running for this role in order to get more interaction with the colleges. We’re both pretty good at planning social events.

MaryEllen – previously was social chair for her sorority and was good at arranging events

Q: Can families come to swaps?
A: Yes, we have an option to bring a partner to swaps.


Executive Positions:


Nick Barber

Providing support and sussing out the details of events. I would like to find a way to spend a bit more money.

Q: Can we brew our own beer?

A: One of my primary tasks is to allocate the yearly funding accordingly, except if the alcohol is to support an academic event, e.g. the ChuTalks. Therefore I partition that money towards academic events.

This conversation continued with a suggestion from Tom O’Brien that he is a certified brewer and could potentially legally supervise this however the final conclusion was that this option seamed unlikely.

Q: What happens in April when we have money that we haven’t spent?

A: It doesn’t go away, but it reduces the amount of money that we have left.

*A suggestion was made to replace the karaoke machine for guest night. This machine is ours and Sean and Julia bought that last year.

*An additional suggestion was made to purchase, yet another, game of Catan.

Elre mentioned that Nick was quite generous about giving money.

*at this point Richard arrived, and therefore we moved to ask Richard a few questions revolving around Richards timeliness and his knowledge of Guinness*

General Secretary:


Q: Is there a structure by which things go out to all the Social People, all the welfare people etc. Having a structure of communicating with people directly would be helpful.

A: I would like to make communication between committee members more effective.



I have fought for you on Rents, Guest Night, every time College comes at me I give it 110%.

Q: What are the challenges for this year.

A: Possibly the social spaces, and maybe freshers week which will be happening in my final year.